Renate Hornung

Renate Hornung was born in a small village in the south of Germany. As a child, Renate was a happy, very dreamy little girl who spent many hours sharing her fantasies with her much-loved cats.

In 1970 she married her husband Martin. They have a 33-year-old son named Ingo. Renate worked with Martin for many years as a dental technician. One day she read an article in a magazine that opened up a new and beautiful world for her. In 1984, Renate began making quite simple dolls and worked very hard to improve, learning with each one.

Until recently, Renate was best known for her children dolls full of character and expression. The children are extremely realistic and full of life. They are almost always certain to make one smile, many having that toothy grin she sculpts so perfectly. In 2002 she was asked to sculpt her first baby. At first, they were a new challenge because of the anatomy being so different from the others. She began looking for books and photographs of babies, studying their every detail. She is now very pleased with her results but is convinced she can always improve and that one never completes their training.

Renate sculpts in Cernit, preferring it because it looks so realistic and much like human skin. The bodies of her babies are made from fabric and are filled with glass and synthetic granulate so their weight is like a real baby. Her babies measure 18 to 20 inches in length with fully sculpted arms and legs. She uses top quality hand blown crystal glass eyes. The hair is mohair giving a soft look like a real baby. The faces are beautiful with the smoothest finish imaginable. The hands and feet are expertly sculpted and well proportioned. Creating babies has brought Renate much happiness. She gives her all and maybe even drifts back to that dreamy world full of ideas from her childhood as she sculpts each new baby.

Renate is an extremely talented sculptor. Her workmanship is superior. I am very pleased and proud to carry Renate’s work.

Dolls by Renate Hornung

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