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These babies are available for adoption.


Baby Tahnia

Baby Tavia

Baby Deandra

Baby Aaron


Baby Alyssa  (Sold)

Baby Willow  (Sold)

Baby Regan (Sold)


The babies below have already found good homes.

Baby Nivea (Sold)

 Baby Corrinne(Sold)  Baby Ambreal (Sold)    Baby Amina (Sold)

Baby Macey(Sold)

Baby Lyric (Sold)

BabyCammie OOAK  (Sold)

Baby Tessa (Sold)

Baby Kenzie (Sold)  

Baby Olivia (Sold) Baby Mylee(Sold)  Baby Lei Lei (Sold)

Baby Chandra   (Sold)

 Baby Niasha (Sold)

Baby Jasmin (Sold)

Baby Emmie (Sold)

McKenzie Grace (Sold)

Baby Amberlee (Sold)  Baby Emery   (Sold) Baby Marlee  (Sold)

Baby Mei Mei (Sold)

Baby Kae Lee (Sold)

Kimora&Maiah (Sold)

Baby  Nena (Sold)

Baby Shanta (Sold)

Baby Taylor (Sold)

Baby Ayeesha (Sold)

Baby Denae (Sold)

sandsayana1aa.JPG (8385 bytes) sandskesah1aa.JPG (9161 bytes) sandsmyesha1aa.JPG (9296 bytes)

 Baby Ayana (Sold)

   Baby Kesah (Sold)

Baby Myesha (Sold

Baby Alexander (Sold)
sandsnoelle1aa.JPG (9484 bytes)

Baby Zoe (Sold)

   Baby Noelle (Sold) Baby Miranda (Sold)

Baby Shania (Sold)

sandstarynn1aa.JPG (10184 bytes) sandsasha1aa.JPG (8501 bytes) sandsnichelle1aa.JPG (8160 bytes) sandsshaela1aa.JPG (8995 bytes)
   Baby Tarynn (Sold)

  Baby Asha (Sold)

 Baby Nichelle (Sold)

 Baby Shaela (Sold)
sandsskye1aa.JPG (8489 bytes) sandswillowc1aa.JPG (9063 bytes) sandsalyssa1aa.JPG (8418 bytes) sandsellac1aa.JPG (8410 bytes)
Baby Skye (Sold) Baby Willow (Sold) Baby Alyssa   (Sold) Baby Ella (Sold)
sandsshawn1aa.JPG (8360 bytes) sandskendra1aa.JPG (12469 bytes) sandsna'jah1aa.JPG (9693 bytes)

Baby Shawn (Sold)

Baby Keyauna(Sold)

Baby Kendra(Sold)

Baby Na'jah (Sold)

sandsmelina1aa.JPG (9399 bytes) sandssarena1aa.JPG (9252 bytes)

sandstawnee1aa.JPG (8410 bytes)

Baby Melina (Sold) Baby Sarena (Sold) Baby Savannah(Sold) Baby Gia (Sold)
sandstasha1aa.JPG (7718 bytes)
Baby Chloe(Sold)

Baby Fantasia(Sold)


 Baby Tasha (Sold)

Baby Keeley (Sold)

Baby Carlee(Sold)

Baby Jamea  (Sold)


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