Lorna Miller-Sands

Lorna Miller-Sands was born in Nassau, Bahamas, one of seven children.  Growing up, Lorna was assigned various tasks and jobs at her Mother's hotel.
Consequently, solid work ethics, hard labor and a strong back bone was
instilled at a very young age, qualities that would carry into her adult life.

At the age of 16, Lorna arrived in California to further her formal education.  In 1984, she graduated from California Art and Crafts College.
Lorna began sculpting in 1990.  Her first sculptures were of young children who were full of personality. Collectors loved them because they were different.  They were little people with character, not just a pretty face. In 2000, Lorna sculpted her very first baby and knew immediately that she wanted to keep making babies.  Lorna has perfected them!  You know a Lorna  baby when you see one but each one is so different. Her sculpting skills and her ability to capture many, many facial expressions in clay is phenomenal.  They are so life-like that collectors cannot get enough. Although best known for the realistic skin tones of her black babies, she also sculpts amazing bi-racial and white babies. Somehow Lorna's fun-loving personality shines through in her work.
Lorna will be introducing her first silicone babies in 2004.  There are 3 girls, an awake bi-racial, a sleeping white baby and an awake black baby. Each face will be a limited edition of 30.
Lorna receives her motivation and inspiration from her four children.  They
are indeed Lorna’s driving force.  Lorna is stimulated by requests for special order babies, by the response of the happy collector who has just received one of her one of a kind babies and by compliments and support she has received from her countless collectors and fans throughout the years.

Lorna credits her success to the power of prayer, perseverance, the encouragement of family, friends and collectors. She offers the following
advice to new artists “Always strive to be an original, be a leader, not a
In her spare time Lorna enjoys going to the movies, family outings, and
dining out.

In May 2004, Lorna announced the inception of LMS Designs. LMS Designs is an online shop featuring very affordable, unique, quality collectibles created
by Lorna herself.  LMS Designs will make it’s formal introduction with “Lil
Bitties,” at the Washington DC Doll And Teddy Bear Expo in August 2004.
Lorna is also very pleased to report the newly formed LMS Collectors Club.
Finally, Lorna collectors have an online internet meeting place to come
together and share their love for Lorna and her babies!!!  For additional
information about Lorna, LMS Designs, or to join the LMS Collectors Club,
please visit Lorna’s Website at

This truly is an exciting time for Lorna. Her future appears very bright,
busy and full of surprises.


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