$10 AirPods vs $200 AirPods!

10 airpods versus 200 airports can you Actually tell the difference they have The nerve to write original high quality On the packaging they've even got a Sticker that just says best but once you Get all of the peels off this feels Surprisingly well built the 200 airpods Do come in a box at least a lot more Packaging than the 10 ones the 200 Earphones have a little bit of writing The case is a very tiny bit bigger and The airpods themselves have a slightly Less noticeable seam connecting the two Parts but aesthetically there's almost Nothing in it and both even charged with The same lightning Port so let's see how The real ones sounds they pair up Instantly just by opening them the sound Is punchier and bassier than I was Expecting but you definitely do miss Some of the finer details in your music I give them like a six out of 10 for the Price no way fake ones come up with the Exact same notification that the real Ones do the iPhone actually thinks these Are 200 earphones these do you feel a Little bit lighter than the real ones The sound is actually better than I Expected it to be these are probably a Five only downside is that one of them Does not connect are they still better Value then

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