16 Coolest Gadgets You Must See

Okay guys it's time to improve your home Security and take care of your health Properly there are also a couple of Great things for your parties and for The content you're creating let's go Sometimes it's just too cold to get out Of your sleeping bag well you don't have Time to do that now just unzip those Zippers to free some room for your arms And loosen the Cinch at the bottom to Free your legs or you can hike it up to Your waist and wear it like a puffy coat The knapsack also features an adjustable Hood along with comfy Pockets most Importantly the synthetic filling keeps You warm in any weather for up to 50 Degrees Fahrenheit this thing will cost You about a hundred and thirty dollars Before you've jumped to another Gadget Let me assure you that these are more Than just two metal plates with a Lanyard that holds a dozen cards and a Couple of bells this wallet also Features a Bluetooth tracker so finding It's not a problem anymore this way you Can find your phone too there's more Every corner of the wall it is actually A particular tool either screwdriver or Glass breaking tip for emergency Situations the wallet even boasts a Built-in rechargeable flashlight with Several modes its price is about a Hundred dollars Why don't you turn your kitchen into

Hogwarts we mean why don't you let your Cups Just float in the air yes it's all About the magnets that create that wow Effect they're pretty strong to keep the Cub levitating even when there's an Obstacle between the base and the Tableware don't want cups choose a Cocktail or beer glass a coffee mug or a Dessert chalice it's up to you the only Con is the price one cup will cost you About two hundred and twenty dollars Here's your chance to add a little Comfort to your camping experience Vista Hammock allows you to truly relax Anywhere on demand it can hang Absolutely anywhere since the stand is Included weighing only 12 pounds it can Hold up to 330 pounds of weight not only That but it also takes just 30 seconds To assemble from start to finish then When it's time to go everything packs up In an adjustable bag that you can stash In a trunk or closet its current price Is about three hundred dollars This drone's a total Game Changer Skydio2 plus is an autonomous drone Which means even newbies will get Dynamic smooth and creative content and 4K 60 HDR consider it to be your own Film crew the device will track the Object and avoid the obstacles how's That possible that's the power of AI Baby aside from that it lets you design And capture smooth complex camera moves

And it takes only a few Taps when the Keyframes are set you can play it back Forwards or backwards as many times as You want at any speed the settings can Be adjusted using the included Controller Beyond keyframe it also has An incredible wireless range of up to Four miles and a flight time of up to 27 Minutes I think the quality content is Worth the price even though the pro kit Costs more than two thousand dollars you Might get a starter kit that costs less Than a thousand This one's for your nightstand it'll Gently wake you up in the morning turn On your favorite music and use it as a Speaker while you're getting dressed for Work all the settings are easy to adjust With physical buttons moreover the clock Will wirelessly charge your phone and There's a couple of additional ports to Charge your airpods for example the Device will cost you about 85 dollars That lamp will blind me someday this Light bar will prevent that it mounts Right to the top of your monitor or Laptop from 15 to 22 inches featuring Four brightness levels and several color Temperatures it'll make your work more Productive and your eyes less tired it Illuminates only your desk and keyboard While ensuring no reflected glare on the Screen this way it protects your eyes And blocks that harmful blue light the

Light bar charges via USBC and it Doesn't get in the way of your camera Not bad for something that costs around Forty dollars Here's a small and quite simple device That's designed to solve a huge problem House fires are usually caused by our Own recklessness someone leaves the Stove on and the consequences may be Terrible this device can be attached to Any gas or electric stove in order to Provide you with remote access to it With the mobile app you can also check Whether your stove is on and turn it off Immediately moreover you can easily Adjust the temperature from another room So your food won't get overcooked its Current price is about 180 dollars This device might be a helping hand for Those who suffer from cold and from Heavy suitcases because they're Traveling across several climatic zones Yep this is a coat heater you can Install onto every coat jacket and so on After you're done with installing press The button to pick the preferable heat Level this way it'll work for up to five Hours before you need to charge it this Upgrade for your code will cost you About a hundred dollars Seems to me I've already seen that thing Somewhere you're right that ring looks Just like an aura ring we showed you in One of our previous videos but this is

Actually another ring called Rincon and It's twice cheaper if you pre-order it On Indiegogo it's about 150 yep it also Tracks every stage of your sleep counts The number of your steps and the Calories you've burned and of course It'll monitor your heart rate and blood Oxygen saturation but unlike Aura it Also attracts your stress level to Recommend you to slow down a little to Relax and have a nap and what's cool You'll get a free subscription for the App for a lifetime Aura in its turn just Gives you a seven day free trial take Care of yourself Now let's get back to the fun stuff Lasers have always been something we Usually see in movies but not in our Daily routine meet laser cube a compact Gadget that brings to life all your wild Ideas you can use it to project any kind Of images or animations just pair it With your smartphone PC or Mac and start Exploring there's a ton of different Modes use the cube as a music visualizer Play laser harp or cover a whole Building with any projection you want Just be careful and keep it away from Children's reach and find an extra Thousand dollars for a starter kit More multifunctional gadgets more space On your desktop this RGB gaming headset Stand features a built-in Mouse bungee And a two Port USB 3.0 Hub which is easy

To assemble just plug and play the Flexible Mouse cord holder fits any type Of mouse cable and gives Superior Cable Management making your Wired Mouse feel Like a wireless one with two USB 3.0 Ports you can connect devices with up to Five gigabyte data transfer speeds which Is perfect for gaming a perfect solution For your desktop for around fifty Dollars Whether you want to enjoy a romantic Evening relax or create a festive mood You'll create that special atmosphere With this Govi lamp a built-in music Mode will change the colors smoothly to The Beats of the song you can control The lamp with buttons but it can also be Controlled by Voice once you connect it To Alexa or Google assistant and don't Forget about the Govi app to fully Customize it you can get this product For about forty dollars This thing over here looks like a Robotic owl but this thing is actually a Heat activated mosquito repeller so when It starts to heat the repellent mat it Creates a 20-foot protection Zone what's Cool it also includes the ultrasonic Mode its fixed frequency sound waves Repel skunks insects and rats Outdoors Finally there's a built-in power bank to Keep your mobile devices afloat that's a Perfect companion for camping that'll Cost you about a hundred dollars

Here's the latest model of 3D projector Which will certainly catch your guest Attention they'd probably be so curious About this thing they'd spend the whole Evening somewhere nearby these Three-dimensional Holograms can really Take one's breath away it seems that the Image is so real that you can come a Little closer and touch it with your Hands but then you realize that it's Just an optical illusion That's The Power of 3D the projector has plenty of Features you can look through your Photos images and videos you can even Play games by the way this Tech is Widely used for medical purposes already A project called holographic card has Been initiated at the University of Mississippi in order to help the interns To explore further the ins and outs of Cardiology and congenital heart Malformations it's a big step in medical Development and it's not that pricey It's only twelve thousand dollars Some watches are made for showing off This one by atawak was inspired by a King cobra snake that's why the case Resembles the head of the venomous apex Predator but it's the way it shows the Time you need to admire most out of Whack Cobra features a revolving Satellite hour wheel with spinning Minute hands the hour indicators are Displayed on three wheel arms that

Rotate 120 degrees at a time with four Sides per arm to indicate 12 hours on The tip of the rotating Carousel the Hour indicators spin on the hour while The tip simultaneously point to the Minute from 0 to 60 on the retrograde Minute scale located at the bottom of The dial and all that is spiced up with The Japanese mechanism there's only one Con the price about two thousand dollars Thank you

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