19 Gadgets That Should Be BANNED

I usually find useful gadgets so you can Buy them but today's set is different These are the devices that are illegal To own or buy let me know which one is Forbidden in your country in the Comments below Lost the key in case you don't live in New York City where such tools are Considered to be burglars tools this Multi-pick will be your helping hand so Everything you need is included in the Package several needles a couple of Wrenches the electric pick gun and a Whole bunch of accessories cables Batteries and so on and of course this Thing requires a lot of practice to do Everything properly once you've mastered That skill forgotten keys are no longer A problem for you I just hope this Gadget will be in good hands by the way It costs almost three hundred dollars That's what I call a fully customizable Phone well all that's possible if you're A bit less clumsy a bit smarter than me And don't live either in the USA or Germany where reverse engineering or So-called hacking tools are banned oh And it'll cost you about ninety dollars If you pre-order it on Indiegogo y phone Was designed to be disassembled easily Modified and fully adapted to the user's Needs so yeah this stuff guy isn't for Passive users don't like one of the Internal components replace them with

Your own ones when you're done you can Make calls via Wi-Fi create your own Apps control your smart devices in your Living room and even make the back of The phone flash with those rgbs Here's another device for the Geeks just Like the Y phone it's forbidden in the USA and Germany because it's easy to Reverse engineer The Flipper zero Hacking Gadget is an open source Multi-tool Gadget that lets you research And Pen test radio protocols Access Control Systems hardware and so on just Like the Y phone it's fully customizable See that dolphin he loves to hack and Interact with digital systems in real Life so you can use this thing to open Doors barriers and even try to get your Card data five button joystick and 1.4 Inch monochrome LCD display make the Controls easier than ever now you can Hack anywhere and everywhere with Flipper zero and that sounds terrifying This thing will cost you about a hundred And seventy dollars Are you into stylish and unusual knives Despite its beauty this one should be Banned since you can severely injure Others with it the first thing you'll Notice is this beautifully curved Triple Edge Blade the holes in the middle Reduce the weight and make the knife More balanced in addition it features a Textured handle that provides solid grip

All that makes this tool a truly deadly Weapon you can actually unscrew the cap And access a fairly Large Hollow Compartment everything you put in there Medicines or poisons will be safe and Dry the knife comes with a nice sheath Made of anodized aluminum this weapon Will cost you 83 dollars It's high time to think about Self-defense whether you're attacked by A human or an animal this stick will Save your life it's not just a pepper Spray the device spits the pepper powder At a speed of 170 miles per hour across A six foot wide path at least 50 feet Long so even if you miss it the powder Will do its job it's easy to take with You easy to use and easy to reload there Is one but though due to its features This stick shot is forbidden in many Cities and states like California New York Colorado and New Jersey but if it's Legal for you to keep it it'll cost you Around a hundred dollars Don't live anywhere in the UK where it's Illegal to carry a lethal or non-lethal Self-defense weapon this Nifty One-finger knuckle duster weighs only Two ounces but it's really Mighty and Sturdy in case you'll have to use that Tool it can seriously injure others and It costs about a hundred and eighty Dollars This is not just a ring this is a stun

Gun ring that's a must for self-defense But is also forbidden in the UK its size And shape allow you to hold it in your Hand comfortably and discreetly and the Operation is extremely simple you need To squeeze it to start the electric Discharge that's where this thing Becomes dangerous but the activation Switch will prevent accidental shocks And a red glowing light on the side will Indicate that the device is on the Ring's rechargeable the cable is Included in the package so you can rely On it anytime you need this tool will Cost about twenty dollars Here's another tool to spice up your Potential attacker if you don't live in The UK or some states or cities of the USA where brass knuckles or stun guns Are forbidden it's also easy to use push The button to start the electric Discharge there's also a glass breaker And a flashlight in case you need to Perform some actions in the dark all you Need to do is charge it from time to Time in case you're lucky to own this Thing it'll cost you thirty five dollars This thing's for tough guys and it's Highly illegal to possess in many Countries and states that's a huge and Shiny knuckle guard combined with a Built-in dagger thanks to the smooth Automatic mechanism the blade pops out Immediately when you push the button and

Hides just as quick this double edge Blade is made from high quality Stainless steel and Polished to Perfection the thick brass knuckle is no Less impressive with its large finger Holes this thing will be comfortable to Hold even for a Colossus some of the Models are decorated with an integrated Glass breaker right on the handle if You're lucky to own it get ready to pay About nineteen hundred dollars yup it's Pricing Here's a chance to make owning a car in A big city like Detroit Phoenix and La More convenient so this is a digital License plate that looks and costs more Like an iPad let's check out whether the Price is reasonable okay all you need to Do is connect the r plate to the revive App and it'll automatically register Your car no more need to renew online And add a new sticker to your license Plate this thing will pay tolls or Parking fees for you plus now it's Possible to track the car in report when It's stolen oh yeah and you can Customize the look with pictures and Text if the bumper stickers aren't Enough for you those features sound Great but we're not sure it's worth Paying 900 for the plate plus a monthly Subscription fee oh yeah it's legal to Use across the us as well as across North American borders in Canada and

Mexico only when purchased and Registered in approved States California Michigan and Arizona Another major issue for car owners is Low visibility on rainy and foggy days Here's a power laser light that'll help You become more noticeable but it's Unfortunately or luckily forbidden in The U.S and Germany because you might Blind other drivers on the road the Bright red color makes the light clearly Visible in toughest conditions the power Of this thing is 200 megawatts and if You'd like to have more creative Lighting and you're allowed to install It you should also consider this cool Animated option the rotatable design Makes it easy to switch modes with a Single twist these accessories are Pretty cheap they cost about thirteen Dollars This is life if anything can happen Luckily there's an accessory that also Doubles as a self-defense Gadget so it Looks like an ordinary belt buckle Constructed from solid stainless steel But then you simply remove it from the Hidden belt sleeve and you have a little Knife in your hand the razor sharp blade Is polished to Perfection and ready to Be used when needed just in case you Wondered yes the Buckle is an undercover Bottle opener it's not that expensive It's about thirty dollars but make sure

You don't own it if you live in California otherwise you can spend three Years in prison because it's against the Law to make possess transport or Distribute these knives Something's wrong with your car take That flashlight with three light modes To find out the problem bad news for Those who live in the UK it's illegal For you to own such things no it's not About the high mode that can blind the Potential attacker there's a built-in Stun gun to keep you safe and to injure The others two buttons allow quick Operation which is crucial in Emergencies when you have to protect Your life here's another product from The same manufacturer it'll help you to Keep a 15 foot range to keep you safe The device also immobilizes an attacker For up to 30 seconds allowing you Precious Moments to reach safety when Paired to the companion app it can alert Emergency dispatch when your device is Fired those flashlights will cost you About a hundred and three hundred sixty Dollars There's only one type of butterfly for CS go fans the deadly injuring knives And they'll lead you to severe legal Penalties if you live in many U.S states In the UK and Canada the opening Mechanism of these knives is so smooth You can actually open it with one hand

The reinforced spring lock makes sure The knife won't open accidentally though Featuring stainless steel blades and Zinc alloy handles the knives are razor Sharp sturdy and extremely dangerous as You'd expect thanks to the detachable Handle you're free to change the blade Anytime the package includes a nice Sheath for storage and carrying so if You want to buy it find an extra 17 in Your wallet This one looks serious and that's what You can find yourself in prison for up To 10 years in Australia or just a Serious penalty in the Netherlands Because it looks like a firearm and it's Actually a pepper ball launcher the TAC Sa semi-automatic launcher is the tool For crowd management riot control Scenarios or any situation requiring High intensity engagement it quickly Disperses pava across expansive areas Making it a solid tool for operational Teams there are three modes and it can Fire over 160 pepperball projectiles the Launcher is pretty pricey it's about 950 Dollars here's a way more compact Blaster you can use for self-defense it Fires the pepper spray on an eight foot Distance giving you a chance to escape This tool is way cheaper it costs about Ninety dollars Is that a lightsaber well yeah sort of What they both have in common is the

Deadly laser that smashes everything in Its way that's why it's illegal to own In Australia where laser pointers Stronger than one megawatt which are Classified as prohibited weapons so yeah This 60 watt laser pointer fires up Everything in its way matches paper even Your phone with an enormous 65-foot Range should I say this isn't a toy to Play with if you don't live in Australia And want to buy this thing it'll cost About 860 dollars Meet the coolest phone case ever it's Made of durable plastic to protect your Phone from damage and coated with rubber Skin to offer better grip and tactile Feel there's also a rechargeable battery That prolongs the life and Powers the Integrated stun gun yep and it delivers A powerful shock to anyone who's decided To do you any harm this tool costs about 150 dollars and it may seriously injure Others that's why it's forbidden in many Countries like the UK

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