23 Amazing Gadgets You Didn’t Know About

No time to explain the future is here Aren't you into futuristic Tech here are A few useful devices for retro and Sports fans don't miss it thanks to Roborock for sponsoring this video it's Like running and riding a bicycle at the Same time well yeah that's an elliptical Bike that increases your cardio workout In or out that doesn't matter the device Supports up to 250 pounds and it's easy To adjust to your height 8-speed Internally geared Hub that can get you Up steep hills and reach speeds over 20 Miles per hour on flat terrain the best Part is that unlike the ordinary bike Elliptigo is way more gentle to your Knees and hips and includes the upper Muscles into the workout Jumping from one document or page to Another when working or streaming is a Nightmare why don't you get a couple of Additional screens Sidetrack is a 12.5 Inch portable monitor that's easy to Attach magnetically to your laptop oh Boy all the data right in front of you In case you need to show something to Your colleague just swivel the screen or Rotate it which is Handy for meetings Okay bird lovers I found a less dramatic Way to take macro pics of Feathered Friends than sitting behind bushes for Hours what you need is to install that Smart bird feeder and add some food That's it the device notifies you when a

Bird stops by to have a snack it also Takes incredible photos that you've Never been able to take all the shops Are collected within beautiful galleries In this special mobile app it allows you To watch live streams from the feeder While the bird's still there in addition The app recognizes and provides Information about more than six thousand Species is that a squirrel Ring the Alarm Going to a beach party you need a couple Of chairs this one by boat will appear Out of nowhere while not in the strict Sense of the word it's just inflatable So it takes up little space anyway What's more it's super comfortable with EVA foam covered armrests and an Inflatable backrest and bass that's Obvious the chair isn't just for the Beach you can take it to your tailgate Camping trip or Backyard Barbecue until You weigh under 350 pounds there's Nothing to worry about What's the best way to keep your Valuables safe keep them right in front Of everyone nope not that way you better Put everything inside this portable safe It fits two or three wallets or phones Your sunglasses keys and so on so set a Code and lock the safe securely to your Beach chair or any other piece of Furniture and go talk to that chick She's waiting for you in the pool

Let's save some money on the masseur This is a bed lounger that features two Levels of soothing vibration to relieve The back pains and gentle warmth to help You unwind from a stressful day there's Even a handy gooseneck LED reading lamp For those who like to read a little Before going to sleep Gosh sometimes everything gets so Tangled at least there's a chance to Organize your desktop with this under Desk cord management Mount yep you mount It under your desk and fix the cable in Place and when you need it you just grab It without looking and the included cord Clip so keep the rest of the cable out Of your way use several of them to bring Some order to your working space Oops I always knew I'm all thumbs Who's there well maybe I'll spend less Time cleaning and mopping the floors With the robo-rock S7 plus can't wait to Try it let's unbox that thing hey what's Cool the vacuum works right out of the Box and thanks to those two tubes on the Charging dock it cleans itself I'll talk About it a bit later the roborock S7 Plus Robot vacuum cleaner uses Sonic Technology to scrub the floors up to 3 000 times per minute so yeah any kind of Dirt even the toughest one doesn't stand A chance no matter the type of the Surface when the vacuum detects a carpet With an ultrasonic sound the intelligent

Mop automatically lifts up so you can Clean both the floors and the carpets at The same time one more Pro is that Robo Rock vacuum creates the map of your House and identifies your rooms don't Want Sky to be vacuumed set the no-go Zone in the robo-rock app aren't you Impressed okay so when robo-rock is done It'll return to its charging dock now Watch the magic happen all the dust and Chips from the vacuum's dust bin go Straight to the dock this way the vacuum Will clean itself for up to eight weeks Before you need to change the dust bag So click the link in the description and Don't spend your time in vain Going on a road trip this personal Fridge and warmer will keep your food And drinks fresh and safe it goes from Cooling to heating with just a flip of a Switch all you need to do is just set The temperature since it cools down to 32 degrees Fahrenheit and warms up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit you can store Your lunch drinks beer and even soup the Removable shelf adds several points to Storage the device includes a 12 volt Car charger and a standard wall plug Which is not that good your girlfriend Might borrow that thing to keep her Beauty products You can't always get the right amount of Paper towel when your hands are busy or Just dirty so you end up leaving dirty

Fingerprints all over the place this Clever paper towel dispenser will do all The job for you need a towel place your Hand in front of the device using the Built-in sensor the anovia dispenser Instantly presents you with the exact Number of paper towels you need a single Sheet comes out with a simple wave while Holding your hand in place gets you more In addition the innovia dispenser Automatically rolls back any unused Paper towels with this feature you can Be sure that the towels are clean and Dry for your next use Lemonades and Cocktails that you buy in Your local store taste great until you See the ingredients list this Sleek Kitchen gadget from drink mate allows You to make your own sparkling water and Other homemade beverages you can fill it Up either with juice water or even white Wine to make some champagne see those Measurements on the bottle they make it Easier to create various shakes the Gadget uses all standard 60 liter carbon Cartridges so stop drinking your Fanta And try something healthier Spending a couple of days in the woods Or by the salty ocean doesn't mean You're allowed to skip shower and stink Like a skunk don't worry you'll get a Good hot shower with Nemo's Helio Pressure shower that comes in a small Lightweight neatly nested kit and

Provides five to seven minutes of steady And satisfying water pressure why is it Different first of all you don't have to Look for a tree to hang it as it works Just fine in its horizontal position Second it features a resilient bladder That absorbs the sun's rays and this way Gradually heats the water inside Moreover there's a hands-free nozzle Sleeve you can use to free both hands to Wash your head or some dishes Hey Milo how many more times should I Throw the ball so you finally get tired Give a good boy as many throws as he Wants with the hyper pet Cannon this Ball launcher shoots balls up to a Hundred feet there are two sizes to Choose from that depends on the size of Your dog okay so load the gun with a Ball and pull back the ram the farther You do that the more powerful shots You'll get fire that happy face is the Greatest reward A good lamp with a good light is never a Bad thing the first thing you notice About this lamp is that it's foldable And agile so you can set the right angle Depending on your activity with no Effort same goes to the light it's easy To adjust the brightness and the color Temperature to make your eyes feel Comfortable whether you're working Reading or just chilling in your bed Before going to sleep the built-in

Sensor turns the lamp on when you're Moving nearby it didn't turn on ask Alexa to do that a built-in clock is a Cherry on top These wall sconces by Govi will turn Your house into a stunning Party Place Okay first install them then do some Magic in the Govi home app pick the mode Choose the preset scenes or create your Own ones it's up to you and yes this Thing also features a segmented control So your possibilities are endless in Case you can't turn off the lights Yourself after a wild party early in the Morning a timer is your magic wand Which flags like to choose heavy and Large but bright or small and portable But dim this x0 night flashlight is a Combo of the best characteristics so First it's easy to keep in your pocket But the key feature is its brightness of Course you'd never think such a small Thing may be that blinding as any Self-respecting flashlight this one Boasts several brightness levels Reaching impressive 1100 lumens a Magnetic tail to free your hands when Working in the garage and waterproof Design just charge it from time to time This one's for your desktop to amaze Everyone around you aside from the Futuristic look the fountain pen just Balances in the air at a 60 degree angle As you've already guessed the secret is

The magnetic field made of aircraft Grade aluminum the pen is comfy to hold And the stainless steel nip spreads the Ink evenly on paper the cartridge is Easy to refill with any kind of ink with A single pull just in case you're not Into fountain pens there's a ballpoint Version with no less impressive riding Qualities oh and you can turn the pin Into a kinetic toy with a simple twist Oh you do some exercises when your body Gets numb after sitting in front of the Monitor but what about your eyes let's Give them some massage put this eye Massager on and feel the compression Bags stimulate the acupuncture points Relieve eye fatigue and stimulate the Blood flow now your eyes feel much Better Some things require precise timing a hit Workout another project or just a new Pasta recipe this capsule gravity Pomodoro Timer might be helpful to Handle all those tasks using the device Is easy just flip it to activate a 25 Minute timer need an extra minute set The timer and adjust the volume so you Can hear the alarm that the time's over And when it's time to play a little the Watch turns into a stopwatch oh you've Noticed one of your mobile devices is About to chill a little use capsule Gravity as a power bank in case you need To charge more than one device use this

Retro Macintosh that can juice up to Three devices The Matrix inspired LED Display shows the real-time charging Power but who needs that when you can Watch that famous Matrix digital ring This case is a tribute to the iconic Ferrari majulo perfect for your iPhone 13 and 14. coming in a limited batch of 99 pieces per model each case is fully Customizable and comes with an engraved Serial number among the limited batch Five of which are exclusive Redline Silver cases with hand-drawn details by Italian Artisans the sales are about to Open in a few days but I believe the Case will cost more than your iPhone Even in the Google Maps age Globes still Remain a cool interior accessory Especially this one because it can float In the air this levitating effect is Achieved by a complex magnetic system The installation is simple and requires A few seconds just do your best to put The globe over the base you can also use The built-in LED light and turn the Globe into a cool night lamp Sometimes you just can't touch your Devices well now it's possible to Control them with a gesture bixie tracks Your natural intuitive hand gestures Processing the movement into a Meaningful action that's sent wirelessly To the device being controlled the Device Works via Bluetooth low energy

Protocol and the bixi app connects Big C To other devices based on Wi-Fi or other Protocols so you can control multiple Actions of two apps or devices at the Same time for example you can be on your Bike with Dixie on music and GoPro Profiles and control both your songs and Your GoPro with only gestures or you can Look through the photos and then dim the Lights Here's your number one rule when working Out stay hydrated but it's kind of Tricky to spot when dehydration kicks in Not anymore this Sweat Fitness tracker Measures your fluid sodium losses and Sweat rate while you exercise and it Sends you a detailed report right to Your smartphone along with personalized Recommendations like how and when you Need to hydrate what to eat after the Training and so on just apply the patch With the tracker before training and You're ready to work hard

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