3. Build Your First Robots

Carnegie Collectibles Diplodocus Dinosaur Model Reviewed

Safari Ltd of the United States have introduced a new model of the long-necked dinosaur Diplodocus into their dinosaur model range. Part of the Carnegie Collectibles series, this dinosaur model has been approved by the palaeontologists at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. It is a very fine model, measuring a little over sixty centimetres in length, one that will prove to be popular with dinosaur model collectors.

A Review of the Collecta Achelousaurus Dinosaur Model

There are a lot of models of horned dinosaurs (Ceratopsians) for dinosaur fans and serious collectors of dinosaur models to get excited about. However, it is always a pleasure to see a replica of a more unusual dinosaur get made. Collecta have created a model of the horned dinosaur from Montana known as Achelousaurus and this colourful model will delight dinosaur fans and palaeontologists alike.

When to Use Jumbo Playing Cards

While there are large, over-sized cards available that can be used as props for magicians, as toys for kids or for home decoration, jumbo playing cards are so called not because of their overall size, but for the size of their faces and indexes. A card’s index is the symbol that appears in opposing corners on the face of the card. Index labels allow the card to be identified when held in a fanned position in a person’s hand. A jumbo index features large-print symbols or numbers on the card’s index.

Pedal Cars or Battery Operated?

When looking into buying a ride-on toy you may ask yourself which is better. Is it a pedal car or a battery operated ride-on toy? In this article I will present the pros and cons of both toys in order for the consumer to pick the one that is right for their little one.

RC Helicopters: Are They Just Toys for Kids?

If you love helicopters you’re certainly going to enjoy playing with them. There are plenty of different models which both kids as well as adults enjoy!

The ABC’s of Radio Controlled Toys

Radio controlled toys have been around for decades and remain one of the biggest selling toy categories among children of all ages. After all, who can resist a car, truck, plane or boat that you control yourself? It puts the power and the decision-making in the user’s hands, which makes play time more exciting. But before you buy an RC toy, you need to take a few things into consideration.

How to Make Your Wooden Sandpit Last

Wooden sandpits make a substantial contribution to play equipment utilised in back gardens these days. They are functional in many ways, providing hours of fun as well as decoration in the garden at the same time. It is therefore no coincidence that parents would be interested in ways of preserving their wooden sandpits and keep them in good order, whilst keeping them safe for their offspring to enjoy during pleasant days. It is important to know where to position your wooden sandpit, how to preserve play equipment and how to restore wooden play equipment when the time arises.

The RC Helicopter Ensures Preservation Of Lives

There are many inventions that have been made to take care of the lives of fellow men. Such inventions have looked into the lives of people to risk dangers of health up to and including their own lives in order to do a job. One such job is those in the field of geography. When one is called upon to study a potentially volcanic area he may feel as though his life is threatened.

Jenga – Best Game Ever!

Ranked as number four on a list of the top 10 toys for 7 year old boys, Jenga is a classic game — not only for the kids who love it, but for their families too…

Perplexus Epic – So Challenging

I’ve found the best toys for 7 year old boys are challenging, inventive, somewhat scientific, and educational — all attributes that are present in the Perplexus Epic; a diverse ball of intricate mazes and puzzles. It includes 125 obstacles, a silvered BB-pellet to navigate through the twists and turns within the ball, and flipping sphere for weaving around barriers. The most frustrating thing about this game would be when you’re almost to the finish line and the BB bounces out of bounds — leading you to the beginning again.

Reasons Why You Should Invest In a RC Helicopter

There are times when the military will be forced to run an operation on an area they are not familiar with. Instead of looking at the maps for assistance you can use the RC helicopter which you can fly across the terrain. The bird’s view will tell you what the area looks like and help you plan for your operation. You will know what hiccups you most likely will face and also the danger spots along the way.

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