3 cool gadgets for everyday life

Three cool gadgets for everyday life These intelligent assmart gloves will Keep your hands warm and cozy by evenly Distributing heat up to 65 degrees Celsius and maintaining the temperature You've chosen they turn on automatically And are resistant to any kind of Bullying it's a multi-tool with about a Dozen functions when you need it may Double as a knife a bottle opener a Quarter bed driver and even a center Channel that can be used as an O2 wing Nut wrench Let's Take a Shot yep these Glasses look like 12 gauge shotgun shell Casings each glass holds two ounces Smells like shooting grab the bottle Opener in the package and push the Trigger

Hi, I'm Loona!

With Loona App, you can have an exciting game of bullfighting with her using the official red cloth props. Whoo! Watch out, she's not kidding!

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