3 Next-Level Remote Control Cars!

Three Next Level remote control cars First up is the Air Hogs zero gravity Laser car which swaps out the normal Remote control for an actual handheld Laser the car will use light sensors all Around it to detect that light and drive Towards it but the coolest part of it is That using patented suction technology Stick it on a wall and carry on driving It in exactly the same way oh my God Next up we have the shark stumped car Which is well as being able to perform Tricks can apparently drive on water you Can see why this is a stunt car the Wheels are so responsive Let's go Because every single one of his wheels Also has these little flaps on it they Also double as Rudders to be able to Steer it in the water but we can level It up further wait till you see what This one can do it looks like something From an alien planet you have the more Standard Gamepad but then you also have A motion sensing wristband Whoa because each one of his wheels are Made up of individual rollers the car Can also Drive sideways

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