$30 vs $300 Apple Watch!

30 versus 300 Apple watch the packaging Here is not bad at all we've got the Watch itself comes pre-assembled while You can tell this is not a genuine Apple Watch there's nothing about this that Screams cheap the 300 Apple watch though Is packaged to tear above even the Straps snap into place let you know They're in okay so first impressions the Straps feel alarmingly similar between The two and if anything the 30 one Actually has more size options the 30 Watch has a flat screen 300 is curved And the operating system on the real one Does definitely run at a higher frame Rate the real watch also has this really Satisfying scroll wheel I don't think This one does anything they both have All the sounded features like Calculators and stop watches but for all The more complex stuff the 300 watt can Do everything on its own the 30 watch Needs a phone to be connected as far as The look of having a smart watch this Actually ticks the boat pretty well but If you actually need accurate Measurement of your stats I would go With the real thing

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