4 Apple Products you Never knew Existed 😳

Top four Apple products you never knew Existed four is the Apple clothing line And this wasn't just a lone t-shirt in 1986 Apple released everything from Trucker hats to umbrellas to what's I Guess the first ever Apple watch three Is the Apple II Graphics tablet it came Decades before the iPad and even before Their very first Mouse and it allowed Users to connect to their computers and Use a stylus to draw digital images for One of the first times ever two is the Macintosh TV which was actually both a Cable ready television and a full-on Desktop computer Apple saw this as an Efficient way to combine two similar Devices in reality it just ended up as Too expensive for people who are just Looking for a TV and too underpowered For people looking for a high-end Computer and then we have the Apple Quick take which in 1994 was actually Considered one of the greatest digital Cameras of all time which is kind of Crazy considering that it had a 0.3 Megapixel resolution and that the entire Storage would fill up after just eight Photos

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