$5 vs $500 Keyboard

This is a five dollar keyboard all the Way to a 500 keyboard five dollar Keyboard is very light a little bit Rattly the keys are a little bit soft And Squishy it's not bad okay for ten Dollars it's a little more grippy it Feels a little bit more put together you Have to put a lot of force to tap these Keys for 20 the entire thing is backlit It's still a little bit plasticky but I Love how the keys are now spaced apart Makes it a little easier to make sure You're hitting the right key for fifty Dollars we get our first mechanical Keyboard whoa this is pretty nice the Typing experience is way better you also Get a really premium braided cable 100 You're getting treated the entire base Is made of cold to the touch metal and The LEDs are really bright this is very Tactile and responsive your fingers Almost Bounce from key to key I have Never seen a keyboard like this 200 one This thing is all about high performance Ergonomics every single keycap has a Gentle curve so your finger can rest on It you feel incredibly light but also Really controlled this is a heavy boy And it might look simple but these Keys Have an absolutely tiny actuation for it Which means your fingers can fly across It

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