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Imaginext Mega T-Rex – This Fisher Price Dinosaur Is ROARing Good Fun!

There is a new T-Rex on the block and this new beast is getting a good amount of attention. The Imaginext Mega T-Rex is the latest Fisher Price Dinosaur for kids. Let’s check this creature out and take a closer look at the working and features of this popular toy.

Strider PREbike Balance Running Bike – If Your Toddler Can Walk, They Can Learn How To Ride

If they can walk they can ride. Here is a great way to get your child started with learning to ride a bike. The Strider PREbike Balance Running Bike gives kids the feel of riding a bike while harnessing the skills for a pedal bike. But how does it work? Also, how durable is it for you child to use and abuse and lastly, is it safe?

Imaginext Super Friends Batcave – Hidden Features and Secrets in the New Fisher Price Batman Cave

Almost every child loves to play with Batman and all his cool gadgets. With the new Fisher Price Batman Cave there is even more fun to be had. So let see what this toy has that is making it increasingly popular since it became available. Will kids tire quickly with the imaginext batman cave or does this toy have all the cool features kids will love to play with for hours?

Razor Cruiser Scooter – The Best Razor Scooter Is a Cadillac for Kids

Scooters are fun to ride and even more fun to buy for that special child on your list. But which one should you get and why? The Razor Cruiser Scooter is becoming a very popular choice for parents but before you decide to buy let’s find out more about this cool looking cruiser scooter.

Abbey Bominable Monster High Doll – Cool Abbey Is the Hottest of the Monster High Dolls

A new doll in the Monster High collection is the Monster High Abbey Bominable Doll. Highly popular and sought after this newest doll is on every ones must have list. Let’s see what Abbey has that makes her so cool, popular and fun to play with along with her pet wooly mammoth, Shivver.

Magnets Kits and Sets for Kids

Magnets, how do they work? Children have an odd fascination with magnets. Perhaps it is the idea of an invisible force, something that clearly exists but cannot be seen.

Transformers Toys

KRE-O Transformers building blocks are the hot new toy from Hasbro set to take the Christmas rush by storm. You can build the transformers in either robot or vehicle mode.

Choosing the Right Toy for the Right Age Group

Due to the many plastic, throwaway toys that are now available in the market, toys have got a bad reputation, with an idea now that giving children toys is not good.Due to the many plastic, throwaway toys that are now available in the market, toys have got a bad reputation, with an idea now that giving children toys is not good. True, certain types of toys are no good, do nothing towards developing the child and generally become boring or are broken very quickly.

Children’s Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts are memorable and traditional. They are special in many ways and kids especially look forward to Christmas presents.

The Best of Educational Toys for Kids

If you are a parent of young children, you are well aware that early education should be part of every child’s healthy growth. Educational toys are some of the most handy and best educational material you can find for kids. From their infancy, kids must be given toys to play with to pave the way for the development of the brain, visual awareness, motor skills and sensory stimulation.

Star Wars Interactive R2-D2 – Friendly Astromech Droid for Your Fun Times

Everyone who is familiar with Star Wars must know the R2-D2 Astromech Droid. This companion of Queen Padme Amidala of Naboo appeared in all six installments of Star Wars films. To celebrate Star Wars 30th Anniversary in 2007, the Star Wars universe especially brings you the Interactive R2-D2 Astromech Droid. Young children and even adults will find the robot fun to be played with!

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