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Star Wars Toys for Kids

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away a company called Uncle Milton created a ton of amazingly fun and educational Star Wars toys. The Star Wars line from Uncle Milton includes many science-related toys and kits, along with a few that are purely for entertainment value. While getting a child interested in science and learning is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give, getting a child interested in Star Wars is obviously more important.

Tips on Buying Your First RC Airplane or Helicopter

You’ve seen in them in your local shopping mall. A couple of guys standing next to a kiosk flying these little radio controlled airplanes and helicopters, and they look like they are having so much fun that it makes you want to buy your own!

Biology Science Kits

Biology is the science of living things. More than just dissecting frogs, learning about biology includes exploring and understanding hundreds of the species of plants and animals that inhabit Earth. Biology is a fairly easily accessible science as well, great for kids who want to explore a branch of science.

Earth Science Kits for Kids

Earth science can be one of the most exciting branches of science for children to become involved in, not least because it is observable everywhere in our normal surroundings. With an earth science background every trip to the park can become a scientific adventure. All most children need is a push in the right direction and the spark for science can ignite inside their minds.

Best Remote Control Airplane? Multiplex Easy Star RTF Electric Plane User Reviews – Gifts for Guys

With a 4.5 rating out of 5 on Amazon, whilst the Multiplex RTF Easy Star remote control plane is designed for first time pilots, user reviews suggest it takes a little more skill. Multiplex are argued to make some great products and this quite pricey RC airplane is argued to be one of them. This plane comes as an RTF (Ready To Fly) not ARF (Almost Ready To Fly). This is important if you are purchasing a RC plane as an ARF will need considerable skill.Therefore this plane only takes some basic assembly and requires no skill.

The Remote Control Ferrari F430

If you’re looking for a great remote control sports car then the Ferrari F430 is the one for you! Depending on the exact model that you get, your car will be capable of and consist of many different things including…

Choosing Toys: 7 Safety Tips

Let’s talk about choosing gifts for preschoolers, especially toys that are safe. Every year we read about or know first hand about children that end up in the emergency room or worse because a toy caused an accident. Here are seven safety tips to help you choose toys that are safe.

Butterscotch Pony: A Wonderful Toy for Your Daughter

Girls love to have pets and pony would be something that they enjoy taking care of. Every little girl dreams having a pony and having a wonderful time with it. If you have a little daughter, she may also dream about having her own pony.

Kids As Well As Adults Love NERF Guns – You Will Too!

What fun you and the kids will have with your NEW NERF guns this Christmas. They’re not just for kids anymore.

How To Find the Best Online Deal For Lego City Police Station

Looking to buy the Lego City Police Station play set from an online store? If so, then this article would provide you with everything that you would need to know to make your online shopping a pleasant experience.

Are Nerf Guns Safe?

As Christmas is just around the corner, you may be getting the kids a NERF gun and wondering how safe they are. Here’s a few tips to help out.

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