6 Most STUPID Social Media Challenges

Six of the stupidest social media Challenges first up is the bird Box Challenge which had people replicating The movie by trying to perform daily Tasks while being blindfolded they were Even trying to drive like this but to be Fair even that probably didn't hurt as Much as the full face wax challenge Which is exactly what it sounds like You're going to lose an eyebrow in like A best case scenario here then we have The sultan ice challenge where users Effectively covered themselves with both Salts and Ice assaults react with the Ice cubes to make them feel even colder Than they already did it means that you Either just get immense pain or in Extreme cases actual frostbite so then We have the Other Extreme the sunburn Art challenge where people will draw Designs on themselves using Sun cream And then purposefully sunburn themselves To reveal them skin cancer social media Likes next up is milk gallon smashing Which is exactly what it sounds like People go into stores they grab gallon Size bottles of milk and they smash them On the shop floor and this has quite Rightly on several occasions got these People arrested for criminal mischief And then we have the pee or pants Challenge created in order to mock other Viral social media challenges but uh Some people still took it seriously

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