6 Undercover AirPods Cases 😎

Six of the coolest cases to disguise Your airpods first up being the Ikea Bad Case imagine carrying this thing around Like a handbag then we've got the car Keys case which if you're trying to stop Your airpods getting stolen it's Probably not a very good idea they Decided to make this a Bentley the Rubber die definitely the cutest case on This list I have one question about it Will it no it won't the car case it's Higher quality than I thought it was Going to be I love the fact that it Comes ready to attach straight onto your Keys I thought the shotgun case was a Joke this is like 20 airport 80 case but It's also kind of amazing because it Feels like you're reloading every single Time you open and close your airpods ah Joe Malone perfume bottle wait does that Say Joe Malone it actually just smells Like a factory

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