7 Amazon products that should not exist!

Seven Amazon products that should not Exist starting with the grass flip-flops For people who really want to feel Grounded oh my God it's so itchy Panda Pants such as the name suggests are Underpants for your hands the thumb goes Out the big hole hundreds of uses Supermodels construction Pizza candy That is one brightly colored sweet Oh it's like sweet but then garlic and Cheese next up is the alpha earphones One and two hey these are not bad Actually I just would not want to be Seen alive with them Play-Doh except not Normal Play-Doh it describes them as Having grown upsets so this one is Dad's Sneakers it actually does smell like Brand new shoes lord of the lawn pie is Good trust me it gets worse the Donald Trump pimple popping kit Don't like it the lazy reader glasses Which allow you to read at a 90 degree Angle what I can see is my feet right Now subscribe and I'll try and find even Weirder products

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