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Transformer Unicron – Gigantic Autobot for Your Beloved Kid

In the cartoon series of Transformers, Unicron is the most gigantic Autobot from the Cybertron planet. It is said to be gigantic since the size is the same as the largest planet in the universe. This character also has a twin brother called Primus.

Why You Must Get the Ultimate Optimus Prime Toy for Your Christmas Gifts

The Ultimate Optimus Prime action figures comes with full battle weapons that are already built into the body of Optimus Prime. So in essence, it actually works just like the one in the Transformers movie. More than that, this action figure also comes with strong fighting capacity. This action figure will give your young niece or relative the full gaming experience that he or she will surely enjoy.

Diecast Model Cars and Trucks

There is a huge variety of RC cars, trucks, boats, helicopter and planes. But some people don’t really need the excitement of sending a 1:8 scale monster truck over a jump at 50mph. Some people just really like cars, and models of them.

The Very Unusual Goblin Shark

The Goblin Shark is extremely rare, and very bizarre in appearance, and thought to survive from prehistoric times. The shark holds timeless fascination for us, because of its strength, and what a fearsome predator it is. This fascination makes us study them, and make movies and toys based on sharks.

Wooden Toy Kitchen – An Experience to Last a Lifetime

Would you consider a wooden toy kitchen an educational toy? I would because we can’t rely on the drive-thru to provide us food for every meal that we eat. We need to learn how to use our kitchens to their maximum potential.

Wooden Toy Kitchen Versus Plastic and Metal Toy Kitchens

A wooden toy kitchen is so much fun for little kids; more fun than an adult may think. There are a lot of choices available today especially those made of plastic. The plastic ones are very common but the wood kitchens have more flexibility and life-like appeal to them.

Traxxas Nitro Cars and Trucks

Traxxas is one of the biggest and most well-known companies in all of RC racing. They have an impressive list of accomplishments that has been ever increasing since the company started in 1986. They were the first company to produce high quality, competitive RC cars that came pre-assembled and ready to run.

Tips To Building Model Trains For Sale

There are model trains for sale that are made just for adults. Some of us think that this item is made for children but you should know that there are sets like that for adults to use. When you are attempting to build a model train set, you should know that there is an incredible amount of little various pieces that you need to put all together.

7 Best Leapster Games of 2011

To our kids, they’re video games. To us, they’re highly effective tools used to make education fun. This year’s top 7 picks by popular demand are…

Nitro or Electric?

One of the most commonly asked questions an individual will have when starting out in the exciting world of radio control planes and cars is: Which is better, gas or electric? This is a highly debated subject amongst radio control enthusiast, as there are many legitimate arguments to be made for both sides.

Nerf Accessories – A Key Component of Any Nerf Battle!

Whether you are simply looking for an action-packed entertainment, or you enjoy the thrill of playing an action hero for a few hours, Nerf guns and accessories have taken the war games into a whole new level. Why confine yourself to playing action video games, when you can actually simulate a full-on battle with your friends outdoors? The adrenaline rush is definitely like no other!

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