AIRSHOW CHINA 2022 – Chinese military technology exhibition

The air show China 2022 military Technology exhibition was held in the Guangdong Province of China the latest Achievements of the Chinese military Industry in the air Land and Sea World Presented we have the latest information On the newest fighter jets stealth Drones new types of weapons and Equipment unmanned ships tanks and Robots see all of the latest new Military Tech in today's episode Thank you Guys we know how hard and complicated it Can be to find a well-paid job but some Platforms make this process easier for You and one of them is sponsoring Today's video meet an Online learning platform even if you Don't have any experience in Tech a Technical background or a technical Education careerist will help teach you Everything you need to know and help you Land a well-paid job in one of the Happiest professions in the U.S software Testing also known as QA or quality Assurance careerist graduates are Already working in 700 plus companies in 39 States careerists suggest that you Should start with the basic course Manual QA you don't need a background in Tech to take it as the course material Is simple and uncomplicated anyone can Do it of these three jobs over 30 Percent are remote salaries for

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Demonstrations and were exhibited on the 100 000 square meters indoor exhibition Area the Chinese military expert Wai Dongchu reported to the press that the Exhibition was designed to demonstrate The unity and completeness of the Country's armed forces and Military Industry systems foreign journalists However are confident the real purpose Of the exhibition is not new contracts But sending a clear message to the rest Of the world One of the most interesting Novelties Was a drone that can reportedly travel At Hypersonic speeds it's the all-new Md-22 wide body aircraft developed by The cas Institute of mechanics and the Guangdong Academy of aerodynamic Research or known as Gara it's Considered a platform for testing Hypersonic technology in near space this Is a big leap for China which is already Striving to master Hypersonic technology As quickly as possible the 10 by 45 Meter 1-ton drone can lift three tons of Cargo into the air and that includes Fuel and a 15 reserve for maximum Overload the speed so far is noted at 7 Mach which is approximately equal to Eight and a half thousand kilometers per Hour the maximum range is 8 000 Kilometers according to a banner posted Next to the Drone it will be used for a Number of technical inspections and

Scientific research along with Non-contact space shuttles md-22 can Take off autonomously or be launched as A rocket China North Industries group Corporation Limited abbreviated as narinco group Presented its solutions for the first Time on the current combat system for The Army's combined arms Brigade the Plan reflects the latest comprehensive Development of mechanization information And intelligence systems for the Chinese People's Liberation Army pla for short As well as progress manned and unmanned Combat coordination and air-to-ground Interaction thus the combat group of the New generation Army Brigade consists of A reconnaissance Battalion a tank Battalion a motorized infantry battalion A motorized infantry battalion a drone Division an air defense battle tank Upgraded with an active protection System and the ability to interact with Drones it's one of the best features we Saw also presented was the sh-15 Artillery launcher the ar-3 missile Launch system Skydragon anti-aircraft Missile systems and the HJ series Intelligent ammunition [Music] Also seen on the narinco stand was a Robot dog armed with a qbb-97 handheld Machine gun which can fire 650 rounds Per minute in a prone position to reduce

Recoil of course this is not the first Incarnation of this type of idea we've Already seen ghost robotics with a Creedmoor 6.5 millimeter assault rifle At the U.S military technology show last Year and a grenade launcher armed Robotics Ninja for target shooting at The Army 2022 China also recently Demonstrated a robot dog with a machine Gun that can be dropped into action by a Drone the vehicle was armed with a Chinese-made qbb 97 handheld machine gun So the appearance of a Chinese robot dog With an automatic weapon system at the Exhibition almost makes sense and by the Way what do you think of this concept is It viable in a real Combat condition let Us know in the comments and if you like This go ahead and subscribe while you're Here Another Contender for the title of the Star of the show this year was a Full-size model of the Chinese manned Space station from the Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation it Included the main living quarter and two Additional science modules in a t-shaped Layout visitors are allowed to enter the Space station where they could watch Chinese astronauts eat noodles beef and Rice dumplings Among the exhibits was a prototype of a Robot capable of cleaning up space Debris a model of the robotic platform

That was used to launch into low earth Orbit by a Chinese space startup should Pave the way for China not only for Space debris control but also for Asteroid mining technology the neo1 Developed by origin space technology Company which claims to be China's first Space exploration and x and exploitation Company was launched on a Long March 6 Rocket for testing back in April 2021. The global times reported that the Prototype robot completed an experiment To use a large net to capture space Rubbish and test the technique at Key Stages making the startup the first For-profit company in the world to Complete this type of experiment Incidentally China has its own Space Telescope to monitor debris in orbit Yang Wing 1 was launched back in June 2021 by origin space there was also many New anti-drone systems at the show which Have become more relevant than ever in Addition the zuhai showcased dozens of Small vertical takeoff uavs that could Be used for surveillance or bombings as Well as a host of new wheeled and Tracked unmanned ground Vehicles Equipped for combat military missions Including transport missions The state-owned China Aerospace Science And Industry Corporation or Kasich for Short is the country's largest Manufacturer of missiles and air defense

Systems they unveiled the zr-1500 early Warning system it's capable of detecting Both aircraft and drones including the Hq-17ae short-range active missile Defense as its armament Here's air show featured a Chinese Aerobatic team of six Chengdu j-10 Fighters A big noise was also caused by a large Transportation aircraft the bulky y-20 Kung Peng affectionately nicknamed the Fat one is also the largest military Aircraft ever built in China it actually Entered service with the Chinese Army in 2016 but this year zuhai saw the Introduction of a new variant of the Aircraft For the First Time The yu-20 Refueler which can now hold more than 100 tons of fuel and transfer 50 tons to Another aircraft with in-flight Refueling a new capability for the People's Liberation Army Air Force the Tanker aircraft can be refueled in the Air with several types of Fighters such As the j-20 j16 and j-10c greatly Enhancing the ability of the people's Liberation Army Air Force to conduct Long-range Maneuvers the yy20 has two Refueling stations on the outer wings And another in the tail of the fuselage For hosing and refueling At the static Exposition the state Corporation of the aviation industry of China for the first time presented the

Latest model of the wing loong series Drone the wingling 3. this is a very Large turboprop unmanned aerial vehicle Weighing six tons for the 40-hour power Reserve to ensure the blockade or attack Of targets this is almost three times More than the American General atomics MQ-9 Reaper which is similar to the wl3 At the exhibition there was a radar for Observing space targets the slc-18 of China Electronics Technology Group Corps Which attracted quite a bit attention Standing at 10 meters tall it can Closely monitor reconnaissance Satellites in low orbit Another Aerospace giant China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp demonstrated Its CH and FH series drones At Sea the Chinese State shipbuilding Corporation presented a wide selection Of Warships available for export from a 60-meter missile boat called swordfish To a one thousand and two thousand ton Class Corvettes and then to a 4 000 ton Class frigate and finally a 6 000 ton Destroyer Another relatively new local favorite This year is the z20 Divine eagle attack Helicopter which entered service in 2019 And is produced by Harbin aircraft Industry Group a subsidiary of China Aviation industry Corporation Also in the list for the top coolest Drones that the exhibition were the

Latest version of the wing loon 1e drone Which first took to the air back in January of 2022. it has a higher load Capacity than previous models The fh-97a Drone which looks like a Modern fighter jet developed by the Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation is a faithful wingman type Drone that accompanies manned aircraft And provides reconnaissance and fire Support and the latest in a quick Selection is the C Thunderbolt an Unmanned surface-to-air or USB for use At Sea manufactured by the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation C Thunderbolt has a length Of 22 meters and can be controlled by a Person or move completely autonomously At the air show the new Air and Ship-based ballistic missiles were also Presented which can threaten the ships Of Taiwan and the U.S Navy so the hk6 Bomber of shine aircraft Corporation Arrived at the exhibition with two large Missiles on the wing pylons although They have not yet been identified they Strongly resemble the new short-range Ballistic missiles of the second Generation which could have been created By the Chinese Aerospace and scientific Corporation or the Chinese Aerospace Scientific and Industrial Corporation The hk-6 can carry up to four missiles With an estimated air launch range of

More than 480 kilometers and the ability To develop low Hypersonic speeds they Will pose a greater threat than the Currently used Kasich anti-ship cruise Missiles with a range of 250 miles and a Supersonic speed of yj-12 the threat to The ships of China's potential Adversaries has also increased due to Two more new anti-ship ballistic Missiles discovered by ubiquitous Journalists the casc yj-21 a two-stage Missile whose launch in 2021 was seen From a Chinese Cruiser and the first Shown Kasich cm-103 which resembles Early versions of the American Surface-to-air missile Raytheon sm-6 the Corresponding range of these missiles Has not yet been disclosed but the Future ballistic version of the sm-6 for The U.S army may have a range of about 2 000 kilometers Another high-profile debut is the wj-700 An updated high-speed long-range drone It's claimed to be more flexible and Intelligent and includes new features Such as self-destruction autonomous Entry and exit one button takeoff and Autonomous returning and Landing which Significantly improves system Reliability reduces the complexity of Flight crew control and ground crew Maintenance intensity the upgraded Wj-700 can be equipped with several Advanced missiles Airborne photoelectric

Equipment SAR radar electric detection Radar and other early warnings as well As surveillance and security equipment In addition to several types of Reconnaissance payloads the wj-700 can Carry Glide bombs air-to-ground missiles Anti-radar missiles anti-ship missiles And other Airborne weapons to engage Long-range ground targets In addition to the wj-700 the Skyhawk Nicknamed the Chinese X-47B by internet Users has reappeared it's a Reconnaissance platform with a high Ceiling High stealth High autonomy and Its multi-purpose it's mainly used for Long-range tactical reconnaissance Missions in close combat or infiltration Missions and high threat Battlefield Environments as well as providing Effective all-around reconnaissance for Command decision making and fire strikes The Undisputed star of the exhibition is The fifth generation j-20 stealth Fighter which has greater Maneuverability flight range and low Visibility than the fourth generation Fighters of Japan Taiwan and as the Chinese media says the United States an Interesting fact American experts Justifying the 2009 cessation of Production of the most combat-ready American fifth generation Fighter the F-22a Lockheed Martin emphasized that China according to forecast will not

Have 5th generation aircraft by 2020. China also developed an electronic Attack version of the j16 known as the J16d this type debuted last year at the Air show in 2021 and appeared again at The exhibition this year an interesting Fact Andreas repressed the author of Several books about the military Aviation industry of China and the People's Liberation Army Air Force Studied the construction numbers of the Aircraft presented at the exhibition and Theoretically calculated their number According to his version China is armed With at least 200 inconspicuous j-20 Fighters and more than 240 multi-purpose J16 attack aircraft at the same time a Total of four serial batches of j-20 and 11 batches of j-16 were produced the Expert also noted that the detailed Images of the surface show how much the Chinese aircraft industry has advanced In terms of production tolerances and Quality control it's also important to Note that if earlier Chinese Fighters Were equipped with Russian engines then This year the latest National Development was presented at the Exhibition the Chinese aircraft Corporation showed the w us-10a engine With a two-dimensional thrust vector Control system which is also used in the F-22a to give super maneuverability and What achievements about the Chinese

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