Barbie Doll Packs a Healthy School Lunch Box for Summer Camp

Children’s Wooden Toys – Why They Are The Better Choice

As wood toys became more popular, people started to make more of them, and they were sold at local markets. We are not talking about mass production and toys made from wood became a business in its own right in the eighteenth century; at first in the forested areas of Germany where timber was cheap.

Toy Shops Online

If you have ever gone to a busy toy shop during the holidays looking for the season’s hot toy, then you understand what a difficult and often frustrating place a brick and mortar toy shop can be. People, long lines, screaming children, it’s no wonder that toy shops online have exploded in popularity. With only a few mouse clicks from the comfort of your own home, you can compare prices online, research for information and check out customer reviews before making your purchase.

A Review of the Bullyland Sabre-Tooth Tiger Model

Bullyland have added a model of a Sabre-Toothed Tiger to their range of prehistoric animal replicas entitled “Prehistoric World”. Although it is not accurate to refer to this animal as a “tiger” the model is well painted and it will prove popular with model collectors.

Shopping At a Wholesale Baby Store: A Delightful Experience For All!

The baby stores were commenced with an idea to make your shopping a delightful experience especially for the expecting moms. Being pregnant is a blissful experience which demands a lot of concern followed by well- appointed amenities. Whether it is about purchasing your maternity clothes or it’s about shopping for your little angel a dependable wholesale baby store is a must!

LEGO Heroes

Lego Heroes or better known as Lego Super Heroes is a theme and product range of Lego and introduced in 2011. The product range features both Marvel Comics and DC Comics characters.

New Lego Sets for 2013

Take home the holiday spirit with the Winter Village Market, continuing the popular Lego Winter Village Series. Turn the handle and take a ride on the rocking horse as the carousel spins. Visit the carnival booth, fill up on holiday and fair favorites including a pie, pretzel and croissant at the baker’s stand and chicken and sausage at the grill stand or sweet treats at the candy shop.

Collecta Deluxe Prehistoric Elephant Model Reviewed – Deinotherium

The Collecta 1:20 scale model of the prehistoric elephant known as Deinotherium is a very welcome addition to this company’s “Deluxe” range of scale prehistoric animal models. It is a fine example of the model makers art, carefully and skilfully depicting a Deinotherium, an extinct elephant that first evolved some twenty million years ago.

NECA Freddy’s 1984 Glove Replica Nightmare on Elm Street Review

This is a review of NECA’s fantastic replica of Freddy’s glove from the 1984 movie Nightmare on Elm Street. Over the years there have been a few replicas of the iconic glove which were mostly cheap plastic versions. So is NECA’s any better?

NECA Iron Man 1/4 Scale Action Figure Review

In this article I give a short overview of one of NECA’s most in-demand action figures. Only 7,500 were made and they are selling out fast.

Harry Potter Wands – An Overview of Those Made by The Noble Collection

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter in either book form or the movies, then one of the most popular replicas you may want is an Authentic Harry Potter wand. For many years, The Noble Collection have been producing wands that are exact copies of the wands from the movies. In this article I give you an overview of the range and discuss their look.

Collecta Deluxe Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Model Reviewed

The Collecta Parasaurolophus scale dinosaur model is an excellent replica of a duck-billed dinosaur. This hand-painted dinosaur model is the first Hadrosaur figure to be added to the Collecta Deluxe scale model range. It depicts a modern interpretation of a dinosaur first named and described over ninety years ago.

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