Barbie Family Unpacking & Moving to a New House

Is The Polar Express Train Set A Good Buy?

This article will provide a review of the Polar Express Train Set and give you a list and description of the features as well as what you get with your purchase. Most everyone recognizes the name and has read the book or seen the movie. The train set is meant to evoke memories as well as spark the imagination of children.

Let Your Kid Design and Build Their Own Racing Car

Is your child a creative kid with lots of imagination? Do they draw a lot or talk about building things? Well, this toy can be fun and help them release some of that creativity and make their vision come to life. Now they can build and detail their own racing cars and other vehicles. This toy is recommended for ages 8 years old and up.

Walkera V450D01 – What a Great Helicopter

Of the 450 series, the V450D01 offers quality and a great look. The Walkera V450D01 is definitely one heli that is ahead of the pack.

Best Robotic Toys for Christmas 2013: The Top 7 Robots Your Kids Will Love

There are lots of great toys this year, and many of them are robotic, so it is hard to say which ones are best! But here are seven of the top robotic toys your kids will love this year.

Kid Gifts for the Holidays

Get some gift inspiration for the holidays with these gift ideas for kids! Bring a big smile to a child’s face with a great toy that is sure to entertain them and that they will love.

How to Be a Wise Buyer of Remote Controlled Boats?

Different people might have conflicting taste and preference when it comes to choosing the best RC boats for sale that they are going to purchase. For instance, some might prefer those cheap ones as the best option that they can have, most especially to those who are working on a budget.

Ben And Holly Toys – The Little Kingdom Gifts Encourage Role-Playing And Develop Little Imaginations

Ben the Elf and Holly the Fairy Princess are 8 year old best friends in the enchanted magical kingdom they live in with their families, other elves and fairies and insects. Together with their ladybird friend Gaston they have lots of adventures.

Race for Survival T. Rex Racing Car Reviewed

A dinosaur themed racing car aimed at children from three years of age and upwards. A T. rex racing car with a friction motor, just pull the car back and watch it race away. Young children especially loved the bright orange colour and red bumpers on this sturdy toy car.

Buga Toys: New Way to Play and Learn

Oreo, Darc, Mr. Meanster, Raptora, Trickie are some of the Buga Monsters, a new range of toys that are pretty much different than the usual ones that your kids would have. They can be used to play and learn at the same time.

Great Toy Ideas for Boys for Christmas 2013

There are lots of great toys for boys this year. But it can still be difficult to find the perfect Christmas gifts for boys. You have to figure out what is age appropriate and what might be cool. You don’t want to buy something lame. Here are some great Christmas gift ideas for boys to help you buy gifts for those boys on your shopping list.

Laser Gyroscope, a Great New Toy

Sometimes it is very hard to find a toy that will amuse and entertain your children. Contrary to how older generations grew up, playing with toys outside or even building them out of sticks, leaves and other household materials is a thing of the past. Today’s electronics, apps, tablets, etc. have even our youngest ones enmeshed with a screen rather than enjoying the benefits of simple play.

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