BIGGEST vs SMALLEST smartphone!

Biggest smartphone versus smallest Smartphone which one's actually more Practical so this is the biggest Smartphone nothing spectacular in terms Of packaging but what a beast this is The smallest smartphone it's called the Jelly 2E and it's literally the size of A small pedal first up the pocket test This doesn't even feel right but to be Fair it does fit completely inside with Very little overhang it is actually Pulling my trousers down mode as for the Smallest phone slip it in and uh Disappears but what about messaging I do Like the fact that I can easily reach my Thumb across this entire foot I mean You've got absolutely no chance of doing That with the biggest photo the sheer Size of the keys though does make it Much harder to make mistakes I love Rick Astley so much which is uh not the case Here oh surprisingly though when you're Reading web pages the smallest phone Actually fits in almost the same amount Of information as the biggest you just Might need a magnifying glass plus Bigger phone also means more space for a Better camera so this was shot on the Smallest phone this was shot on the Biggest

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