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[Music] Welcome back to part two of the world's Largest robot exhibition show held in The United States and this time we Include why China's so eager to go to Space specifically the Moon new robots As well as the results of the most Surprising scientific research in recent Years All Tech news wrapped up in Today's one video let's get started The world's largest robot exhibition Took place in the United States and We've already told you about it in the Last video you can find that link right Here in the description but it's Impossible to include all of the things We saw in just one video so let's start With part two [Music] At CES 2023 not all new robots were Presented in the common area some Journalists were invited to private Areas for demonstrations and that's how The new Enchanted tools robot called Moroccai was presented the robot has an Interesting design concept and its high Interactivity level its animated face is Attractive rather than intimidating Which is also a step forward in the Advancement of robots the robot also has A moving torso head and arms and it can Follow you if you take it by the hand Marokai reacts to external stimuli Without losing its balance thanks to a

Ball-shaped lower part this design makes The robot's motions smoother but Requires level floors for it to move the Company describes Morocco's main purpose As helping elderly and lonely people Overall it's a service robot and it may Be the nicest service robot we've seen Yet what do you think Foreign CES visitors were not allowed to see the Super cute Morocco but they witnessed The final race and a new world record For Speed when it comes to autonomous Cars at the annual autonomous challenge Competition the winner is the Indie Autonomous challenge poly move team from Polytechnico di Milano at the University Of Alabama they also set the speed Record at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway The polymove car got up to 180 miles per Hour or 290 kilometers per hour it's a New world record for autonomous cars Polymove competed against nine other Teams from 17 other universities in six Countries and in the final race after a Dozen Laps on the track with ever Increasing speed the Rival car by Tom Autonomous Motorsports team veered off The road in the last lap losing its grip On a turn Peugeot presented a futuristic concept With a great design as well the EV Inception Electro car functions on the Stla large platform which is a larger

Version of the stellantes electric Vehicle modular platforms the car can Run 800 kilometers on a single charge And in addition five minutes of charging Can increase its range by 150 kilometers And the cable is not required the car Can be charged by induction the concept Incorporates a lot of interesting ideas For example Peugeot intends to use NASA Visor glaze for the car's windows and a Tech bar that runs across the outside of The door to show messages to approaching Pedestrians the classic steering wheel Has been replaced with a rectangular one Called hypersquare in the center you can Find a tablet style infotainment and in Each corner of the wheel there's a Circular Notch that users can program to Control certain functions so they can Tweak them without taking their hands Off the wheel pajoto says the Inception Will be a source of inspiration for Future electric cars and including the Most compact models the first cars with These designs will hit the market in 2025. Ram has unveiled a concept of an Electric pickup truck the 1500 Revolution Bev which can follow its Owner like a faithful dog the vehicle Functions on the stla frame platform With two electric motors the air Suspension has three modes including Off-road and aerodynamic detailed

Specifications have not yet been Released but the car will have SAE 3 Plus autonomy class and fast charging Capacity of up to 350 kilowatts which Can increase the vehicle's range by a Hundred miles in just 10 minutes for Passenger's Comfort there will also be a Spacious cabin two touchscreen displays On the center console and a large Panoramic roof in addition the pickup Will be equipped with a built-in movie Projector a voice assistant that will Respond to voice commands both inside And outside the vehicle a shadow mode Which will allow the car to Automatically follow the driver walking Ahead at a safe distance Foreign Stuff there's always something crazy Going on at CES this year was the Unusual Cooler Master PC cases the Assortment of oddities included a Cooler Master shark X model in the shape of a Shark jumping out of the water inside You could place a mini ITX motherboard And other components of appropriate size The company plans to release the Ready-made assemblies based on the Demonstration towards the end of the Year and also the sneaker x a hybrid Between a sneaker and an Iron Man shoe Was presented at CES this design will Come in retail as prefabricated Assemblies as well

Another unusual device at the show was The Wii head by zero distance the video Conferencing Gadget is supposed to help One feel as if their talking partner is In the same room with them the strange Shape suggest creating a 3d effect Without special glasses or headsets Additionally the machine follows the Nods and turns of the talker's head we Head is compatible with standard Computer or smartphone webcams the price Is 1555 for an individual or forty five Hundred dollars for professional use Moving on Romella has introduced a Next Generation Humanoid robot for research and Education the bipedal Bruce with an open Platform uses proprioceptive bear Technology and according to developers Has an amazing never seen before robots Dynamic characteristics 70 centimeters Tall and weighing only 4.8 kilograms Bruce has 16 degrees of freedom a 3 000 Milliamp hour lithium battery allows the Robot to work for about 20 minutes with Continuous Dynamic movements the robot Is dynamic reliable and easy to use it's Compatible with a wide range of Equipment so its capabilities can be Easily expanded and now the project is In its final stages and the robot will Be available to researchers as early as The first quarter of 2023 The Japan startup git AI has gained

Recognition and opened a Swanky new Office in Los Angeles the company is now Filling it with its space robots Remember git AIS developing a Manipulator for autonomous work at the Space station a robotic arm for movement And outside work and a semi-humanoid Robot for research and Base building on The moon speaking of space [Music] NASA believes that China is after the Resource-rich areas of the Moon agency Specialists are confident that China's Success in space and the moon Exploration threatens Washington's Interests the director of NASA Bill Nelson is sure that if China lands on The moon under the guise of scientific Research they will immediately occupy The areas from satellite imagery that Have Rich resources and will not let Americans there Nelson is sure a new Space race has begun let's remind you That NASA itself is planning to land Astronauts on the moon in the next two Years Chinese authorities responded that the U.S is trying to distort the image and Goals of the Chinese space exploration Program meanwhile Chinese scientists Claimed the Moon is Rich with ferric Iron samples of lunar soil were Delivered to Earth during the chain Five's Mission it's assumed that ferric

Iron appeared on the moon as a result of The fall of micro meteorites whose Impact triggered a disproportionate Charge reaction in ferrous iron this Discovery changes scientists previous Ideas about the shape content and Evolution of iron on the moon [Music] By the way at the same time it was Reported that China lost contact with Its Mars Rover and the Martian orbital Station perhaps they found something There or maybe something there found it Or maybe it's because it was made in China anyway the two spacecraft that Make up China's first interplanetary Mission have stopped communicating with The Chinese Mission Control Center the Zurong Mars rover may have been lost After the winter hibernation due to Sandstorms that could provoke the Deficiency of power necessary for it to Wake up but the mission control center Stopped receiving data from the Orbiter As well and the Chinese authorities do Not comment on the situation so all we Can do now is guest down in the comments For its cars with full self-driving beta Features Tesla plans to remove the Driver monitoring right now the driver Switching the car to FSD mode must still Keep their eyes on the road to be ready To take back control to ensure that Everyone follows the rules Tesla

Introduced the driver monitoring feature Which however it's not guaranteed to Work as planned otherwise we wouldn't Have seen pictures of people sleeping in Their cars on the road the head of the Company Elon Musk made an announcement Last week on Twitter steering wheel Pressure sensor signals will be turned Off for FSD beta for future users who Have driven over 16 000 kilometers Regulators immediately sounded the alarm And initiated a safety investigation Into FSD beta already installed on 285 000 cars Foreign Well we don't like ending videos with Bad news but today we have to scientists At the University of Minnesota conducted An unusual study and its results are Depressing researchers analyzed 45 Million scientific articles and nearly 4 Million patents between the years of 1945 and 2010 and they found out that These Works have been gradually becoming Less and less Innovative with time in Other words Science and Technology are Getting fewer breakthroughs the pace of Innovation is slowing down and most Scientific papers are not stimulating Progress in any new scientific Fields Scientists estimate that in total the Revolutionary nature of discoveries has Decreased by almost 92 percent in the Social sciences and up to 100 in the

Physical sciences possible reasons cited Included the probability that Humanity Has discovered and done everything was Relatively easy to do and now it will be Increasingly more and more difficult to Move science forward Foreign S do you think that would be let us know In the comments well that's it for today Subscribe to the pro robot Channel join Us over on Telegram and be prepared Because we've got more and more Interesting things headed your way

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