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The Wooden Tidlo Train Set: What Is It, Is It Worth Buying?

This is a review of the Tidlo 50 piece wooden train set made by John Crane Toys. It is a lovingly made figure of 8 set that contains all that you need to start playing. This could be thought of as a starter set as it is one of the smaller train sets on the market and has everything required to get a young train driver started.

Why Thomas The Tank Engine Toys Will Never Grow Old

Since 1979, Thomas the Tank Engine has been one of the best British children’s characters with a wide range of toys, books and games to accompany the television series. And over 30 years later, Thomas and Friends show no sign of getting old. So how did it all begin?

Getting Started With Dollhouse Assembly Kits

Not everyone has the time or patience to build their own dollhouses from scratch, but that does not mean they cannot enjoy one at all. Readymade dollhouses are great, but the choices are too few, and getting it shipped or transported can be risky. Fortunately, you have a third option of dollhouse assembly kits to give you the benefits of both readymade and DIY dollhouses.

Fijit Friends Yippits – How Do The Yippits Interact With Fijit Friends?

Discover how Fijit Friends Yippits interact with Fijit friends. Learn all about these new interactive electronic pets that kids can train and play with.

How To Choose The Best Garments And Baby Dolls For Your Kids

When you decide to buy clothes for your children, it may not be easy to get what you need instantly. Sometime, you commit mistake of purchasing an item without bringing your kids. This means that even if you get expensive items, they do not fit well or your kids do not appreciate your choice. This is the reason why you need to let them choose what they want, but with your proper guidance as well.

Dinosaur Head With Dinosaur Models Play Set

Novel dinosaur play sets are quite difficult to source these days.  There are a number of dinosaur themed play sets available, but one that has proved particularly popular with young dinosaur fans is the dinosaur head which has a screw-lid in the base that once undone reveals a set of twelve prehistoric animal models inside. This is a clever dinosaur themed play set with very good models of prehistoric animals inside waiting to be discovered by a young dinosaur fan.

Buying Toys Online – Tips and Advice

There are some great deals online to buy toys for your children. But is buying toys online safe? Follow our tips and advice to make sure you not only get a great deal but also protect yourself from scams.

Penguin Pillow Pet – Most Amusing Toy That My Kid Loves

To say the truth, both I and my hubby are also enjoying the fun along with our kid. Moreover, playing with dream lite pillows penguin has turned into a routine for all three of us before sleep every night.

The Development of Action Figures

Collecting is a kind of professional activity, regardless what you are collecting. Collecting action figures not only needs you to judge the value of a figurine, but also needs you to learn its background.

Hero of Chen Zhen

As a hero character, it is never a stranger name – Chen Zhen. How much do you know about him? Almost everyone believes that it is the one who has saved the dignity of Chinese. Actually, it is just a virtual movie role…

ThinkFun Games

ThinkFun makes games that are addictive and fun for the whole family. Their games are educational as well as entertaining. They can teach everything from cooperation to critical thinking while you play. ThinkFun games are made for people of all ages who want to challenge their mind and sharpen their skills.

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