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Fisher Price Smart Cycle Review – Marketing Hype Or Ideal Holiday Toy?

Does the Fisher Price Smart Cycle live up to its marketing hype? With the economy in a slump, parents on a tight budget will not be purchasing as many toys for their children as they would like this holiday season. What this means is that as a parent, you will probably be focusing on those toys that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. With so many holiday toy options available this season, you may be asking yourself: Is the Fisher Price Smart Cycle a toy worth considering? Does it live up to its marketing hype?

Mattel Little Mommy Sweet As Me Baby Knows Dolls Toy Review

Did you love to ‘play house’ when you were younger? I know I sure did and so do my children now. All kids love to play pretend and act like adults do and playing house and caring for their dolls is a great way to do this. I remember when I was a child; my friends and I would play for hours with our dolls. Back then dolls were pretty simplest and you had to your use imagination quiet a bit. As parents we would rather have our children focus on learning skills they will need later on in life rather then playing house. Luckily, you can have the best of both worlds!

Pleo Dinosaur Toy Review From Ugobe

Pleo the dinosaur is going to be one of the hottest toys to come out for the Christmas season in recent years. The toy is already creating a ton of buzz as you may have seen the commercials already. Pleo the dinosaur is a robotic dinosaur fashioned in the style of a Camarasaurus dinosaur.

Hasbro Dance Cam – How to Shop For Safe Toys

Christmas is just around the corner and Santa is on his way. (And okay, we know that he says he’s not going to give gifts to your child if he or she has been naughty, but in general, he’s pretty forgiving.) What are you (and/or Santa) going to get your child this year for Christmas?

Melissa and Doug Toys – A Review

Melissa and Doug Toys have been providing wooden toys and plush animals for twenty years. Their toys are safe and durable, having met or exceeded all US Government safety standards.

Imaginext Spike – The Ultra Dinosaur From Fisher-Price Toy Review

Do you have a young child that is absolutely fascinated by dinosaurs? My boys are just fascinated with dinosaurs; actually, it’s fairly common among young children. In fact many kids love to learn all they can about these prehistoric creatures that roamed the earth so many years ago. Actually, some kids may even ask for a dinosaur for a pet, not realizing that these fascinating creatures have been extinct for over a million years. Well, Fisher Price has now made the dream of having a dinosaur as a pet a reality with an Imaginext Spike the Ultra Dinosaur.

Elmo Live Toy Review

Elmo Live is sure to be a hit at your place this Christmas. The latest version has him sitting, standing, waving his arms and telling stories. He will keep little ones entertained for hours.

Laugh & Learn Shop & Learn Walker From Fisher-Price – Toy Review

If you are a mother like I am that you already know that young babies and toddlers are naturally curious. From the moment they are born, they begin to explore the world around them with natural curiosity. As they grow and are able to get around more by crawling and walking, there curiosity continues to grow. Naturally, as parents we want our children to be able to learn and explore their surrounds but we also begin to worry because we do not want them to get hurt. What can you do?

Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur Toy Review

Do you have a young child in your family that is interested in all things dinosaurs? Chances are, yes! Dinosaurs, despite having been extinct for over a million years, continue to mesmerize those old and young alike with their history, enormous size and exciting features.

Kid Tough Waterproof Digital Camera Toy Review

Remember back to your last vacation. Did you use your digital camera? Most likely yes, everyone these days has a digital camera and why not, their fun and exciting. I mean who doesn’t enjoy taking pictures with a digital camera. That’s probably why the kids try every chance they get to take pictures with your digital camera, I know mine do. Any who can blame them but it’s a pretty expensive and delicate piece of equipment for your kids to be playing with.

Hasbro’s U-Dance Toy Review

Do you and your kids love to dance? If so, you are going to want to know about the newest dance trend sweeping the nation. Actually it’s not Dance, Dance Revolution. That was so 2003. No, it’s Hasbro’s U-Dance!

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