ClicBot Review: Best Educational Robot. Period.

A Review of the Collecta-Procon Liliensternus Dinosaur Model

The Late Triassic of Europe was a very different looking continent than it is today. For a start Europe formed the northern part of the huge super-continent of Pangea. Roaming a coastal area that was to become France and Germany as we know them today was a large, lightweight meat-eating dinosaur called Liliensternus. Collecta, the dinosaur model manufacturer have introduced a replica of this dinosaur into their not-to-scale model range – always a pleasure to see an unusual dinosaur featured in such a range.

Toy Review: Live Butterfly Garden by Insect Lore

Although the Live Butterfly Garden, made by Insect Lore, has been around for a while now, it is still one of the hottest selling toys on the market today. When it comes right down to it, there is no better way to observe Mother Nature than with the Live Butterfly Garden.

How Toy Stores Online Beat the Traditional Toy Store

Toy stores online are having their share of the online market and it is no wonder why people are choosing it over buying through a regular store. These stores provide a plethora of choices, lower prices, free shipping, and other perks.

Toys for Kids: Where Have You Been Shopping Lately?

Shopping toys for kids is often a time consuming task. Thanks to the Internet, people can now shop for toys online conveniently. You just have to find the perfect online store for all your toy shopping needs.

History of Russian Dolls

Russian doll history is an article on how a folk art has developed into a souvenir. Matryoshkas are nesting dolls which are charming and glorious and serve as a perfect gift for a girl. They can also be used to represent themes and are thus used for promotional purposes.

A Review of the Bullyland Museum Line: Dilophosaurus Model

There have been a spate of new models covering early Theropods over the last two years or so. Dilophosaurus seems to be a perennial favourite amongst designers and dinosaur model manufacturers. This could be for several reasons, however, the new Bullyland Museum Line’s Dilophosaurus model stands out from the crowd. The model is well made, creatively painted and best of all, articulated joints have been incorporated. This enables this dinosaur model to be put in a variety of poses as both the neck and the hind limbs are moveable. Great to see this new interpretation of the dinosaur Dilophosaurus from Bullyland of Germany.

A Review of the Collecta/Procon Plateosaurus Dinosaur Model

Plateosaurus was one of the largest dinosaurs known from the Triassic geological period. Dozens and dozens of almost complete skeletons of this herbivorous dinosaur have been found in western Europe. Scientists have suggested that this dinosaur lived in large herds and roamed across the high latitudes of Pangea. The model of Plateosaurus from Collecta is an interesting replica, in that it depicts this dinosaur rearing up as if it is reaching up into the branches of a tree to feed.

Choosing Nitro RC Cars

When it comes to choosing RC cars serious consideration should be done to make sure the best car is chose for the specific task. The cars can be for racing or just for kids play so choosing the right car for the job is very critical.

2011 Star Wars Advent Calendar Review

Christmas is coming, and straight from hyperspace comes the Star Wars Advent Calendar for 2011. Twenty four unique star wars gifts, plus Yoda as Santa, and other galactic accessories provide the best way to put your kid’s Christmas season into hyper-speed.

Get To Know The Six Most Popular Monster High Dolls

Monster High is a line of fashion dolls released in 2010 by Mattel. Since its release, the franchise has gained a large fan base; the dolls are so popular that they are always out of stock! They are popular for their unique characters that are inspired by monster movies.

All You Need To Know About Monster High Dolls

Monster High is a popular line of fashion dolls manufactured by the giant toy company Mattel. The characters of the dolls are inspired by horror fiction and monster movies, which is why they are unique. These dolls are fashionable, cool and maybe just a little bit freaky.

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