David Bowie Win.C Studio 1/6 Scale Figure Unboxing & Review

GeoTrax Christmas In Toy Town – What You Must Know Before Buying One

GeoTrax Christmas in Toy Town is another nice release from Fisher Price, a famous toy manufacturer, to welcome Christmas holiday season. While GeoTrax toys are not among the most popular kids’ toys, it has many fanatic fans. What about this latest edition of GeoTrax toys? Find out more in the full article.

Razor Ground Force Drifter – Drift Your Kids Away From The Console Games

Have you get bored of seeing your kids spend hours in front of the TV, playing PS3, PC or XBox 360? Have you got no other way to capture your kids’ attention away from those console games? Well, you should try the all new Ground Force Drifter from Razor. It’s freaking awesome and will get your kids off the couch onto the action. Read the article for details.

Custom Plush Toys – Joining Relevant Industry Trade Shows

Industry trade shows can either be your best friend or worst enemy as an inventor of custom plush toys. A common misconception is you should take advantage of these trade shows and join as many as you can. It’s true to some extent. After all, it’s a good place for your plush stuffed toys to be in. You need all the exposure that you can get and trade fairs can give that to you. But a lot of people make the mistake of not planning accordingly.

Bruder Garbage Truck Toys

Bruder is a toy truck brand that has been around for years and has been quietly making a name for itself. They make each and every vehicle in their toy lines with quality plastic that is resistant to fading. They don’t use glue or screws so there is nothing to come loose over time.

Dance Star Mickey Review

Bet you didn’t know Mickey could dance disco, Latin techno, and moonwalk. Fisher-Price Dance Star Mickey can, and it’s sure to make your day. It’s hard to hate Mickey.

Action Figures for Kids and for Those Kids At Heart

Action figures were mainly associated with kids, they were mostly perceived by kids as heroes because of the activities they do in various movies. Currently things have changed and know even adults are collecting most of these action figures. But there is real difference in the type of action figures preferred by adults compared to children and this entirely depends on the preference.

BigFoot Toys – Kids New Best Friend

Fisher Price did something extraordinary this Christmas by launching its biggest toy ever, the Fisher-Price Imaginext BigFoot the Monster. The gigantic size is not the only interesting aspect of this toy. The embedded technologies and features allow this BigFoot Monster to do some eye-catching actions for kids. Read the full article for details.

Purchasing Learning Toys for Children With Voucher Codes

With Christmas on the fast approach it can be very difficult to know what to get children for their Christmas presents. We all wish for them not only to enjoy their presents but for the present to help them with their learning. I’ve written the following article to help you decide what to purchase for small children you know. I hope you find the following article informative and useful.

LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 – An Ingenious Game Idea From LEGO

Who doesn’t know or never heard about LEGO? It’s one of the most associated brand names when we’re talking about kids toys. It has recently launched an ingenious game named Mindstorms NXT 2.0. Read the full article for details.

3 Reasons Why The Razor Rip Rider 360 Is The Toy To Beat!

The Razor Rip Rider 360 won the hefty title of best toy in the magazine Parent and Parents in 2009, and it’s just a good a buy in 2010 as it was then – here are 3 reasons why you and your child will love it…

The Magic of Flying Toys

Toys are considered to be the best friends that the kids love to spend their time with. They make them create a world of their own and they started developing on their imagination senses and abilities. They talk to them, fondle them and like to spend most of their time with them. It is also sometimes often seen that some specific ones makes the kids generate the idea of doing something big in the future.

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