Discussing LEGO Technic with Sariel’s Bricks & Pets

Hello I'm Ricky here and today I'm doing A Lego Technic discussion with the Legendary serial hi guys It's a pleasure to be here thank you What kind of sets do your hamsters like To play with the most or climb on the Most I mean we watch our Channel and we Subscribe to it to prevent hamsters from Getting bored Yeah that's true I think that's that's The favorite one Oh Yeah it's very nice It's one of the Friends sets I believe And he's got a hamster with a treadmill In it yeah um that reminds me uh have You thought about creating a hamster Wheel out of Lego Technic I kind of did A couple of years ago I have built Something called Roman thread wheel Crime and it was a hamster-sized tread Wheel with a winch attached to a crane So it was modeled after Roman cranes Which used human-powered tread wheels And it was it was quite a long ago I Think maybe as much as 10 years so you Won't find it unless you also look Specifically for it but it it worked Except that the hamsters so they were a Bit lazy you know well if you do get Around to the idea of building a hamster Wheel out of out of technique I'm very Curious to see uh what it'll look like I Guess I would like to ask you uh what do

You consider to be the the Golden Age of Lego Technic for me personally I would Say it's like 2007 up until 2012. I I Think the sets were gold in in that time Period Yeah the Perfections you're all right uh The introduction of the power functions Was an amazing thing to happen to Lego Technic and the possibilities that came With it were unprecedented Uh so that's that's uh surely a good Point you have there uh but personally Um I have a lot of nostalgia for the 90s That's that's like the space shuttle Which I believe you have because I've Seen it on the shelf behind you in one Of your videos And I also love the 8421 which is behind You as well And these are not necessarily the the Best sets in terms of value or Playability but I loved how many new Things Lego has tried back then I mean Sets like like the space shuttle with The fiber optics that was something Unique the micro Motors uh the control Center one and two these are sets that You can't really Uh there are no no uh no continuation no Successors you know you don't have Anything like control center number Three I mean Mindstorms has some capabilities Of the control center but it's not

Exactly the same thing Personally I'm still looking for a good Idea to get to to buy the control center Tool set and build the T-Rex that you Can control remotely it's an amazing set Um yeah I hope to get my hands on it Someday as well it's really expensive on Bricklink Um but in Legoland I I saw a life-size Version of that dinosaur the Technic T-Rex maybe you have something similar Like that in Poland We don't have Legoland implant I've been To the Danish Legoland in billions and They didn't have any tear access they They had some pretty upscaled Star Wars That's like the the life-size uh X-Wing Was there back when I was there so that Was probably the biggest one piece Kind of set I want to continue the topic On the 841 Um I remember you know like 10 years ago There was a technic blog hosted by the Designers on on their website and you Made a few posts on there Um and you talked about your uh sort of Favorite Technic set and back then you Did say that it was the 841 but has your Opinion changed since then is it you Know another set now that you know all These different sets came out uh it's a Good good point and a good good research On your part because that was quite a Long time ago uh Lego was kind enough to

Invite me and I believe Eric Albert also known as blackbirds in The community and Fernando from Technic Bricks block which is no longer I'm Afraid updated these days which is Very huge loss for us uh but yeah there Were three of us we were allowed to post Notes on the official Lego book and uh Well I I think I have two copies of the Id421 actually if I remember correctly Of course all of them have been taken to Pieces Sadly but For me it's a very important set I think It's really pretty much the best set of The decade it came out in and but I may Be biased because I'm I just love mobile Clients right Um but to answer our question if there Is any such that I like better now there Have been a couple of sets that are more Advanced there is of course the mobile Crane make too but I I think it didn't Make that much of an impression it Wasn't so innovative And uh It's really hard to say I have some Favorites of course but uh I think the Best sets are I hope still ahead of us There are rumors about some giant leaper Uh crane set incoming this year probably So I'm looking forward to that Yeah um speaking of Lieber things Um in 2019 when that excavator came out

There was so much hype around it Lego Did all these different commercials and You even you were invited to the Libre Construction site to actually control The real thing I just wanted to ask you Um I guess how did it feel to have like That much power just at your fingertips That it was scary to be to be honest uh Well it was quite an adventure and it Was very kind of Lego to to have me There uh because they could have done it All by themselves I mean the idea was Theirs they just uh wanted to have me as A guest so that was very nice And the whole Adventure because we had To go to Australia to film The the Excavator it was amazing and it was a Bit scary even though we were standing Quite uh far from the excavator or Actually the the safe distance from the Operating excavator is considered to be 100 meters because it's so big that the Operator may not be able to see you if You come any closer So it's an amazing machine and I I have Been sitting in the operators cup and to Operate one of these is something really Wolves can describe it really You have to be there yeah um it sounds Like a very amazing experience it was Yeah definitely you have a lot of Nostalgia for the 90 sets as you Mentioned such as the space shuttle just Just wondering uh which sort of system

Of building uh is in your preference the Stud list the the ones that they use now Or studded technique Well for me because I'm kind of out I'm Actually turning 40 tomorrow so it's uh It's a day before my uh before I get Really old you know But for me I I grew with only stat that Like it was only Um started bricks no no beings back when I was a kid and it was only as an adult That I have come across the the Startless pieces the beams and and such Uh so it was kind of a difficult Transition for me but uh from the Functional point of view I definitely Prefer the status builds because you can Fit so much more stuff in there and you Don't have to worry about which side Your stats are facing and whatnot and Well my preferred way of building things Is to have the technique inside and System outside so we only have stats on The outside on the exterior on the on The body details but the entire inside Is is established I think it's a it's a Superior system although there are some Cases where it's preferable to use stats Like for example we know that Technic Bricks are more rigid than than beams so If you want something long that stays You know rigid and doesn't Flex It's better to build with technique Bricks than beams and of course if you

Want to use system pieces like more and More Technic sets though it's also good To have stats somewhere Yeah I mean in general I agree because Uh you know studless has allowed Technic Sets to incorporate very Um dense mechanisms in tight spaces Although when you're like imagine a Technic set that has all the different Gearboxes and mechanisms inside but it Uses the studded system so when you Surround it it's like a system set Yeah yeah that's very true uh now I want To know your your thoughts on the uh Powered up system in general uh do you Think it has delivered or is it severely Lacking in some cases over uh Power Functions well I think Um the thing that worries me is that the Powered up system is has replaced the Power functions I would have understood The the change that Lego has made Because uh they have made a lot of Changes compared to power functions if These two systems were still available Together but they are not and uh sorry If my kids are heard in the background No no worries all right and The problem for us Builders I think is Most of all the lack of any kind of Backwards compatibility because we have All these motors wire slides and now we Can't use them because it's a completely New system also you can't really use it

Without a remote you have to use a smart Device you have to control your stuff With a touch screen I think it's a it's A very huge change that is not welcomed By everyone of course there are cool Possibilities such as ability to program Your stuff and the the motors that can Stop at any you know any degree that you Want them to stop Uh well like like you used to do in the In the mind stores you can do that with Power functions with pretty much any Motor now which is pretty cool Uh but overall the the chance I think There is a lot of majority probably of Builders who have experience going back Several years I think they are going to Stick to power functions probably with Something like s-brick for easier Control but I I don't see many people Transitioning to to power functions uh Already because uh again it's a huge Chance I think it's kind of a step Backwards especially when it comes to Play playability and to to the general Pay experience because with the power Functions set you just turn it on and You are good to go but with the powered Up you know how it goes you turn your Device on there is an update then there Is a firmware update for your Hub or or Sometimes even for your Motors and then You have to download something and then You have to enable some permissions and

So it goes and it goes and it's just to Make a motor move it's quite a quite a Lot of work yeah I I can certainly uh Understand that the new system in some Ways sort of removed that plug and play Experience I have thought about you know How Lego would go about adding a Physical controller if they ever tried It to the powered up system Um in general I I when I've thought About it I think that there is a major Problem when it comes to adding a Physical controller because nowadays A Lot of the sets like the Libre excavator The cat d11 you know they don't just use Sort of the movements where you control A stick and then the motor goes so Whenever you activate the stick they Move in more sophisticated ways like by 90 degree steps or in the case of the Libre excavator multiple motors activate At a time for the complex arms since the Actuators are overlapping and you know Because of that I think we even when we Get a physical controller Um if we ever do get that I think that We need to somehow also introduce the Capability like from the not from Pybrids but you know official capability To reprogram either your controller or Hub so that Um they can work you know in and keep Those sophisticated movements for each Set yeah yeah well I remember talking to

Marcus cosmon several times and he Stated several times that they don't Have any plans to to introduce a Physical controller because they can't Really figure uh truly you know a Universal way to to do this something That would fit in a set uh but it Worries me that they rely on on the Smart devices so much on mobile Applications because we know from an Experience that the the support for the Mobile applications is you know it's It's here today but it's it may be gone Tomorrow right as some of the points Attempt if you get a Lego train set from The 60s the hardware still works you Turn it on and I'm feeling quarks but 10 20 years from now who's going to say That you can still run a powered Up Application on your smart device or Whatever it is we are going to use them Maybe chips in your brain I don't know Um Yeah you do raise a very fair point Um you know let's look at Mindstorm sets I think there are like sort of I guess The best analogy we have to go off today Uh when comparing it to the Control Plus System Um you know these days it's very hard to Program the rcx system you run into a Lot of issues and uh you need if you Don't have an old computer you need to Use an emulator on Windows

Um so it is definitely challenging and That's something that we might have to Face as Technic fans in the future ones There is no more Control Plus system and Once you know they have introduced some Kind of new electronics system yeah Well I guess we are going to see the Mindstorms set with the the app for the Robot inventor set which uh Lego said They are going to support for the next Two years because they are legally Required to do even though the set is uh Going to be retired in like a week Uh because starting January 1st there Will be no longer any way to be to buy Mindstorms at from from Lego directly Uh so I guess we are going to see what Happens to the Mindstorms up after these Two years pass right if they are going To remove it and effectively kill all The other Mindstorm sets or if there is Going to be any sort of continuing Support from the LEGO Group I think That's that's a huge issue especially Considering how expensive my storage Sets are uh this sort of brings me to The topic of uh the future of Lego Technically what do you want to see in The future like in terms of sets maybe Are there some kind of builds like maybe Bigger cranes or something that you want To see Yeah I would definitely like to see Bigger bills because I think there is uh

Some room to grow especially if the if The if the price isn't like crazily high But we we are seeing like 600 700 800 Star Wars sets so why not uh techniques At a similar price range uh what I would Like to see definitely I'd like to see More lighting options because we pretty Much don't have any I mean there is like One official LED from for the powered up Uh system but I think it has only been Used once in the in the lighthouse set And it's pretty limited to be honest Considering all the all the amazing Third-party stuff that you get from the Companies like brick stuff and many Others there are so many lighting Capabilities to to explore that Lego is Completely ignoring again I'm going to Call back to the 90s we had a lot of you Know sound breaks LED bricks it was for Me as a kid it was a huge play factor For for the Lego sets because I could Make them blink I could make them sound And we don't get this that's that kind Of stuff today we have some light bricks But they don't do so much Uh yeah I agree and uh as you mentioned In the past we got things like fiber Optics uh and they were you have this This pretty cool stuff yeah it looks so Good especially when you turn off all The lights in your room and you can just You know uh see them in action uh when It comes to Lego Technic sets uh do you

Prefer Um to have do you value more of the Looks the functions or sort of more or Less equally I uh I'm going to go with the functions Above all because Um well it's it's just a matter of Personal preference I know there are People who only care about looks and Obviously there are there's a lot of People who for example love Lego Buildings which uh I have zero interest In uh but for me it's it's uh it Functions above all and if it looks nice Then it's a bonus right I remember for Example Um the The bucket excavator the v-model it had The ability to uh like separate big Bricks from small bricks and when I when I saw it doing that it wasn't a pretty Model it wasn't looking nice but Functional it was pretty amazing I think I I still remember being you know Amazed By what it couldn't do by by the shoe Functionality of it Um yeah I agree personally Um even though the bucket wheel Excavator did have some flaws uh like uh You know the the bucket wheel wasn't all That strong Um I still really loved that set I Thought you know since it was the first Set to be you know so big in Lego

Technic I thought it was pretty Innovative and I would and it just it Was probably the most excited I was ever For a technic set in that time period Um So you know in 2023 we're we're getting The Bugatti bullied and uh the Monster Jam stuff Um I I guess now my question is uh what Is your favorite wave of Lego Technic That you know there was ever released I think I remember some very nice very Very nice waves from around 2015 2016 That was the time more or less when we Got the backup excavator I don't I don't Recall every set that was there but uh If I think that was more or less also The the Mercedes arrogs track yeah so These were some pretty huge and Innovative Technion tractor as well I think that Was back then yeah so a lot of a lot of Courses I think that was my favorite Time in taking so far we had some Disappointments since then Uh yeah I certainly agree with you there The tractors especially was great Because you know not just the motorized Functions of it but more that impressed Me was its three modes of steering that You could control just the front wheels Both of them or crab steering Um Yes since we since then we've definitely

Had some uh disappointing Technic sets Uh in in general though Um would you consider Lego Technic right Now in its current state to be on the um Sort of on the decline or are they you Know increasing and uh better better Quality uh well I think it's a Complicated question I think that for me Personally I believe that Lego is Lego Technic is trying to find its footing With the powered up system because uh I Think what we are seeing from the sets That are on the market is that the Motorized power function powered up sets Are very expensive and probably time Consuming tool to make and design and uh I I from what I'm seeing Lego isn't Making as many as maybe they used with The powered functional set So with the power function system so I Think they are still trying to figure Out what's what to do with this new System what sets are going to sell also Are not going to sell for me a huge Change nothing in a good way was going From the leap her excavator to the Caterpillar Dozer which I didn't like Because it only had like four motors for Quite a lot quite a number of functions And it did not work effectively it was Huge it looked great but the play Experience was uh pretty my major step Down from from the leap year which has Seven Motors and any functions could

Work at any time you know yeah those are We had to switch fourth and back and Forth and back and it really ruins the The play experience for me Yeah um me personally I think that uh The summer or October waves are either Uh you know staying sort of similar or Even you know getting better over time But the winter waves I find myself Disappointed in because you know Remember in 2016 and 2017 we got things Like the um uh tandem roller helicopter We got the uh sort of air raised jet the The big sets that had you know a gearbox And a motor to control everything but But now you know the flagship set is Just the Bugatti Bowl lead which I I Don't think is all that exciting as a Technic set No but the new panels are pretty Interesting I think the supercarp Leaders are going to appreciate them a Lot and of course it's nowhere as cool As the Supercar behind you I see that You have that one it's uh yeah yeah so It sets the the functionality is amazing I mean it's it's more functional than The Lamborghini cyan or or Bugatti Chiron right yeah Um Well personally for me Um you know in Technic there are lots of Different categories of uh sets they Like to make uh cars super cars

Um off-roaders aircraft Um maybe even watercraft and Construction vehicles for me personally I love the construction vehicles the Most uh my favorite set is the 8043 Motorized excavator from 2010 Um I just love the ability to dig or Push with a bulldozer how about you what Sort of category of sets do you value The most Um Well I was pretty impressed with the David Harris Creator because of the Seven Motors because of the all the Complex movements you could do with that Right it was again it was something even Unprecedented because uh I don't Remember Lego Technic ever going to for For having every single function Motorized in any previous set right Usually you had a you had a mix of Manual functions and motorized but in in Deliver excavator everything was Motorized and that was a huge uh huge Breakthrough from me Um in general what why I would Definitely like to see some nice Off-road that are something better than The Mercedes citros track which I think Was again a bit of a letdown Uh I and I would love to personally Although it's probably never going to Happen I would love to see some Watercraft something that works on water

From Lego technically because we have All these cities such that can float on Water but nothing in technique right Yeah I mean the only the only Tech in Quarter craft is stuff that doesn't Really float and they tell you on the Box it doesn't float don't put it in Water no no Well technically because it's plastic it Floats it's just not going to be stay Stay upright Yeah exactly I like a lot of different Mechanisms in Lego Technic uh one of my Favorites is was seen in the crane truck And in the 8043 motorized excavator Um which is you know the axle the Central axle going through the turntable With a gears and driving Rings Surrounding it so you can have two Different independent motions through The center of a single turntable uh I Guess what mechanism impressed you the Most in Lego Technic well I I remember The double drive for the turntable I Think it was done in the motorized Excavator that you have mentioned Uh using a differential I believe if I Remember correctly so that was Mechanically pretty advanced But recently of course the the rescue Helicopter with the swashblade mechanism That was amazing I think that was an Amazing Quirk from from Marcus Cosman And I guess from you looking on the

Shelves that you have this set somewhere On your end and you probably like it too And yeah um Let me let me just get it Real quick yeah sure there it is right Here all right right so mechanically It's it's a new it's amazing and well I Don't see many alternative uses for this Mechanism but the mechanism itself is Pretty amazing and highly realistic so That's what appeals to me I love that This helicopter is so educational Um maybe one of the the most accurate Sort of helicopters we have ever gotten In uh Lego Technic it just makes me wish That we still got B models for uh Technic sets I feel like they could you Could do some great stuff you know in in An alternative build with this Helicopter yeah Um yeah I wish we had more B models too But I guess it's uh no longer cost Effective for for a Lego company you Know Uh yeah perhaps that is the case uh you Know they do have statistics uh of how Many people download Specific Instructions maybe not in comparison to The number of sales maybe not that many Downloaded the B model instructions so Yeah That could be a reason Um but fortunately lots of different Grade B models exist on rebrickable and Things like that maybe uh Lego could you

Know really says special app or you know Do a website feature or something where They showcase the mocks of different Fans you know that have created uh to Complement the Technic stats I think That would be pretty cool Yeah but they did uh they kind of used To do that in in the outsets in the 90s And where on the box you could see some Ideas for alternative builds and then They would get angry calls from the Parents demanding instructions for Something that was on the box but not in The instructions so I think they don't Want to go that way again probably I'm Sure you have played a lot with the Nineable system of Lego uh I I guess uh Sort of what what do you like most about Each system nine volt power functions And powered up Well I lost the micrometer of course we Don't have anything like that in the Powered app or power functions uh Systems I like the compatibility between the 9 Volts and powered power functions which We don't have in in the powered up System I like the extension cables and Being able to stack plugs because that Gave you a lot of flexibility in your Builds and it was especially useful for Bigger models right with the powered up We don't have that that option and Simply deciding where to put the Hub in

Your model uh it has a huge impact on Where you can you know reach with the With the cables or not Uh so I think again we we go to the to The challenge that Lego has made I think They have lost a lot of good stuff that Was Um already A major advantage for the Power power functions system they have Lost that uh trying to kind of I think Replace Mindstorms with the power that Maybe maybe that was the idea In the long run I'm not sure I generally I think that most of us Builders I mean We were expecting something akin to to The s-briggs so you could uh control Your existing Motors Um wirelessly without the infrared which Doesn't work very well and instead we Got something that goes a couple of Steps too far I think Um yeah you do raise uh some very fair Points Um you know it it also it makes it Challenging for the Control Plus system You know even though we do have uh Third-party options specifically from uh PV Productions which lets you put Extension cables on the powered up Cables uh all of those uh extensions uh Cost you know 15 or or more so you know It's very Um uh costly to to just you know buy all Those extension cables which is why I

Think uh we need more uh first party Solutions from The Lego company uh I'm Sure you know it's not expensive to make Just an extension cable you know you Just put some wires together And also another advantage of the power Function system was that because uh it Just used a simple battery box uh there Were third-party Solutions where you Could just connect that sort of small Rectangular nine volt battery Um and you know use that as um a means For motorization that's actually my plan What I want to do with the Bugatti Bowl Lead I want to take that small nine volt Battery and use the power function System to try to motorize it although It's a very dense build so I'm not sure If if I'm able to do that Yeah best of luck yeah it would be nice To have some smaller power supply Options from the component because uh Again there are some third-party Alternative Solutions uh like the cube Bricks which I have chance to play with And they have this very small box that Works as a power supply and and Controller and it's absolutely very very Tiny and very uh very useful it works Very well so it's definitely doable but Lego probably doesn't see the the need To develop something like that I Remember that they said that they have Only developed the rechargeable battery

Which is like the Holy Grail of like Attacking Builders because you know it Frees you from having to buy batteries Again and again or recharging batteries Again and again they haven't developed This for the trains uh products to to Make the trains run longer they have Never expected it to become popular with The Lego Technic people so it shows that Lego doesn't quite recognize what we Need what we want Um yeah and that uh battery box that you Just showed it's like at least a hundred Dollars on bricklings so it's just so Unobtainable now you know I I personally Only have one of those battery boxes so I I kind of you know have to be very Careful when I use it Yeah and and another factor is that These boxes are quite old already and They are going to stop working sooner or Later because the power source are going To uh you know be too old to work yeah Eventually the batteries do degrade over Time I want to ask you a few questions When it comes to designing your own Creations Um in general uh you know when you first Get the idea to you know seeing the Final finished uh model Um how long does the process take well It can take years uh or it can take a Couple of weeks in general As my Creations have become more complex

And more focused on on the looks it I Found it Uh much much more time consuming that it Used to be for me like 10 years ago So 10 years ago I could build something In a week or two and now I have to you Know wait weeks to get a specific part In specific color for the exterior from From the Bricklink and Um I think that the completion time has Already grown with the complexity I have Too many projects that have been in Development for years now and I have to Already finish them Uh yeah so it's it's it varies a lot you Know I realized that uh people who watch My stuff they are not happy uh with some Of the projects taking too long so this Is something you have to I have to work On uh but of course I'm busy with the Work the the family and uh building a House that I hope to move on into in a Couple of months Maybe Uh that sounds like a very exciting Project uh you know building your own House Um is the ultimate my own construction You know yeah in general when you build Your own Creations uh do you prefer to Make your own original stuff or do you Prefer to look at models and recreate Sort of vehicles that are seen in real Life I found that I definitely prefer to Recreate something from the real life

Because I don't really have such great Imagination as some other people who Just invent stuff And I also found that it's too tempting To you know to compromise your idea for How something looks uh just to get it to Work easier so if it's your idea you can Make it bigger smaller or whatever you Are not really limited by uh by the Appearance right it's uh I think it's I Find it less challenging you know Because if you compromise the look of Something that's modeled after a real Object is going to show but if it's like A fantasy vehicle then you you can just Say hey I was I was planning to stretch It or or whatever you know it's uh it's Too easy to compromise me personally uh I just try to focus on mechanisms that I Don't really uh build you know complete Vehicles or anything like that I just Kind of focus on uh you know gearboxes Or uh some kind of different uh Drive Trains but but without ever finishing The body uh that's what I like to do Personally yeah it's it's a cool Activity I I also find myself often Enjoying building just the chassis and Then kind of having to abuse the body Sometimes it's like uh you know it's not As cool as the chassis I have a very Cool question for you so Um if you could add any Lego Technic Piece that you wanted to uh what what

Would it be That's a good question uh Mel B maybe Helical gears like the gears that have Teeth you know at angle not not perfect Perpendicular to the to the Gear itself So uh it's the kind of Gears that the Real car Transmissions use to make Shifting uh smoother Um maybe something that would work as a Leaf spring maybe because we don't Really we only have Springs you know in Lego technicians no no leaf springs uh Maybe maybe some very efficient popular For watercraft or for for planes because Again most of the local propellers are Just designed to look well they don't Necessarily work that well personally I Want to see uh some new different types Of differentials in Lego Technic uh like Limited slip differentials maybe a Torsion differential yeah To increase the functionality of Supercars Yeah I would love to see also a larger Rims so that we can I think that's That's uh the size of the Lego is a Limiting factor on how big we can go With our models it's a huge limiting Factor because above certain you know Certain scale you have to kind of custom Build your wheels or you have to use Non-lego use and I would love to see uh The the BMW bike from the Lego gave me Some hope because they have used a new

Bike wheels that were larger than Anyways before them Uh so that kind of gives me hope that Maybe Diego is going to go for for the Bigger Wheels the bigger scale stuff you Know I would love to see that yeah me Too and uh that motorcycle was uh so Amazing Um it added the new uh shock absorbers And lots of different cool pieces it was So amazing Um and uh Lego kept it uh hidden from The general public pretty well uh you Know there was the leak that happened on One of their uh official Instagram Accounts but it was only two hours Earlier before the official reveal so That was a very well kept secret Um when you or to sort of finish off our Discussion uh just my final question When you do reviews of stats like that That have never been shown before and That are you know top secret uh do you Ever find yourself concerned that you Know somebody will uh you know look Through the window and take a picture or Something like that Not really no uh every place I lived There was uh uh either we were living on On a certain floor above the ground so There was no possibility of anybody Looking for the window or like now we Live on the ground level but we have our Own backyard which is which has fences

On all sides so nobody is going to you Know come in and look and in my house Also my Lego room is going to be on the First floor so above ground So again and I have a forest behind my Window so maybe some birds can fly by And look at the new Lego sets yeah Yeah well I I think that birds should be Allowed to an early sneak peek access to Lego sets Um Well I really enjoyed discussing Lego Technical with you um you know I've been A fan of your channel for you know such A long time as I was actively watching You know most of your videos since 2016 And I have come across your channel Since maybe 2014 or even earlier you Know just occasionally watching a video Every now and then and you know it's a Real dream come true to finally you know Speak to you in person and I just want To say thank you for your time Thank you very much for having me it was A pleasure to talk to you Um well I I hope we might have a chance To do something similar again and uh I'll see you later wish pleasure thank You and the best of luck in growing that Very nice collection that you have there Thank you it's a good stuff thanks Bye

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