Disney Encanto Family Airplane Travel Routine

Schleich Carnotaurus Dinosaur Model Reviewed

Carnotaurus Dinosaur models are a bit like buses, you wait ages for a model to come along and then two arrive in quick succession. First Papo of France introduced their Carnotaurus replica and now Schleich of Germany have added a Carnotaurus to their not-to-scale prehistoric animal model series. This is a review of the Schleich Carnotaurus dinosaur model.

Carnegie Collectibles “Spine Lizard” Reviewed – Dinosaur Model Review

Spinosaurus is widely regarded by palaeontologists as the largest, meat-eating dinosaur known to science. The fossils of this dinosaur have been found in northern Africa. Safari Ltd, a model and figure manufacturer based in Florida (United States) have made a scale model of this dinosaur. This is a review of the Carnegie Collectibles Spinosaurus dinosaur model.

Kotobukiya Star Wars ArtFX and ArtFX+ Statues / Action Figures

A summary of the items available in Kotobukiya’s Star Wars ArtFX statues. These excellent figures are great collectors items inspired by the Star Wars movies. ArtFX Statues come in 2 sizes: 1:7 and 1:10 scale. SRPs are around 40 – 100 GBP.

Collecting Commemorative Playing Cards From Famous Movies

There are many different styles of commemorative paper playing cards available. Some are custom designed for an event or theme. Specific companies or institutions issue some packs as gifts for special individuals. One of the more accessible and popular types of decks are those that celebrate special movie moments that everyone remembers.

Glow Fossil Science Kit Reviewed

Budding young palaeontologists get the chance to build their own glow in the dark Tyrannosaurus rex skull, excavate a replica of fossilised shark’s tooth and to make casts of fossils in this well thought out and cleverly designed glow fossil science kit. This fun science kit is aimed at children from 8 years and upwards, although slightly younger children who are dinosaur fans would enjoy these activities too, although they may require more adult supervision.

Customizing Your RC Cars

RC Cars may very well be the most famous type of RC toys to play. Many people just can’t get enough of them, they even modify the parts to make them even grander. Most of the time, an RC car does not really need improvements.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Glow in the Dark Skeleton Wall Sticker Reviewed

Tyrannosaurus rex, the Late Cretaceous dinosaur famed with its huge teeth and powerful jaws is very popular with young dinosaur fans, both boys and girls and here is a half metre long glow in the dark wall sticker to help make any child’s bedroom their very own Jurassic Park. It can often be quite tricky trying to create a child’s bedroom with a dinosaur theme.

Top Reasons To Give Away Children’s Wooden Toys

There are many reasons to buy the best toys for children in your family. You can either go for tech-savvy ones or go the old-school way.

Happy Days With My Little Pony Parties

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic appeals to the younger generation as well as teenagers and adults. In fact, the male teens and men that follow this series are known as Bronies. The subculture has its own conventions and events that focus on the My Little Pony theme.

The Most Fun Ways to Get Exercise

Most people are not particularly positive when it comes to exercising. Sure they want to get the muscles and the low body fat that come from exercising, but the thought of actually doing the exercise and putting in all that effort is something that we don’t generally get excited about – in much the same way we don’t get excited about eating lots of greens or taking our vitamins in the morning.

Great Ways to Get Your Kids to Burn Calories

When you start to reach middle age, burning calories becomes a constant goal and something that we’re always trying to do more of. As we reach our late twenties and onwards it becomes more and more difficult to keep weight off and avoid developing a bulging stomach making it crucial for us to keep exercising and to avoid eating excessive sweets. Obviously young children should be free from these kinds of considerations and shouldn’t have to worry about things as boring as calories.

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