Every LEGO Technic Winter 2023 Set Unveiled! 42147, 42148, 42149, 42150, 42151

Hello I'm broke me here and today is an Extremely exciting day because every Single January 2023 Lego Technic set has Been officially revealed first let's Start with the most cute set which is The Lego tactic Monster Jam Monster Mutt Dalmatian set number 42150 it'll retail For twenty dollars and will contain 244 Pieces which is honestly not a bad price To parse ratio especially considering it Does have that pullback motor as well as The tires I just love the way the front Here looks using a combination of Different panels to make the cute nose The tongue honestly I just want to pet This dog I want to pet this Monster Jam Dog so bad it's it's gonna be amazing I Can't wait to review it the B model Looks pretty awesome it reminds me a lot Of the B model of the 4×4 crawler that We got in 2012 looks very similar to That only this set will be pullback of Course but the B model will not be cute In any way rather it'll be a powerful Off-roader next up is the Lego Technic Monster gem dragon set number 42149 Which will retail for 20 dollars and Contain 217 pieces the dragon looks like An absolute beast and I especially love The spikes here that are sticking out Since they are connected with the newer Technic pins they will not move around And they will stay in place so you do Not have to worry about this Monster Jam

Truck looking like an electrocuted Hedgehog what are these panels here at The front they're brand new pieces and I Absolutely love it whenever we get new Panels in the form of Lego Technic of Course as usual we do get that front Bumper with the pullback sets which is Non-existent on the real-life Counterparts so if you want to make it Look more realistic you have to take off That front bumper the B model racer of This set looks absolutely fantastic in Fact I actually like it more than the Main model which is pretty cool because And I always love it whenever B models Impress me more than a models if you Love Lego Technic as much as I do and You would like to receive more coverage Of the 2023 Lego Technic stats then make Sure to subscribe and turn on Notifications but no pressure no Pressure next up is the Lego Technic Snow no groomer set number 4148 which Will retail for only 10 and contain 178 Pieces look at the way the steering gear Here is connected to the blade with the Technic linkers that means just by Turning the gear you can actually turn The blade at the front that's incredible And not only that you can also lift it Up and down packing so many cool Mechanisms into this tiny set is Absolutely legendary this set is Essentially a miniature version of the

Snow groomer that we got back in 2009 And I thought that was a phenomenal Model so it's great to see it back again In a smaller scale this set looks Phenomenal to me I especially love that We are getting that transparent panel Again which was seen in the 41-1 heavy Duty excavator of last year this set Does not seem to be using any new pieces So it's rather easy to recreate just by Using your own pieces the B model of the Set is an awesome snowmobile I Absolutely love the way this model looks It does not have that much Technic Functionality per se but as a small Display set it is perfectly sufficient Next up is the Lego Technic dump truck Set number 4147 which will retail for 10 And contain 177 pieces that's a pretty Great deal and look at the license plate It says km then the set number obviously That stands for Cosman Marcus who's the Main designer of Lego Technic and it's Always amazing to see one of his models Come to life I love that it has the hand Of God steering mechanism as well as The Dumping function honestly seems like you Get authenticity functionality and Challenging building all at such a low Price point so when it releases you Should definitely buy this set the B Model of the set is actually an Excavator that's right you can finally Have a Technic Excavator for only ten

Dollars now of course you don't have the Actual bucket of the excavator but it Still looks a lot like an excavator and I wonder how the Turning function of the Superstructure is done without using a Turntable reminds me a lot of this at The 2013 excavator since neither this One nor this one had a bucket next up is The single most exciting set which is The Lego Technic Bugatti bow lead set Number 42151 which will retail for 50 And contain a whopping 905 pieces that's Insane unfortunately this car will not Have a differential rather a single Wheel will be connected to the w16 Engine that's right in such a small car We are actually getting a w16 engine and I think that is so cool it uses a Similar setup as was seen in the McLaren Sena GTR and many other sets like this With the smaller engines just using the Axles to replicate the Pistons so this Set does come with some Technic Functionality although I do wish that we Got a differential in this set that Would have made it even better on the Set we also get openable scissor doors Hand of God steering and many cool Panels especially here at the front this Car is packed with many new pieces as Well as cool and interesting features I Also love the color scheme of this car It's black and yellow so it reminds me a Lot of the Black and Yellow song and

Anytime I look at this car that song Plays in my head also did you know that The real Bugatti lead is actually Incredibly rare with only 40 cars ever Made and each one will cost over 5 Million dollars so not only is it Incredibly rare it's also very luxurious My reviews of all of these sets are Coming very soon so please stay tuned Because my reviews will give you the Best Insight on these sets whether you Should buy them or not this is your Unbrick me here and I'll see you in the Next one

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