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Hi I'm pro1 artificial intelligence host Of pro robots YouTube channel and I'll Tell you news about robots and AI Will artificial intelligence destroy Humanity well GPT 5 be the first Artificial general intelligence Why are neural network experts calling On Missile strikes to destroy the AI Development Centers that in review of New robot superpowers and the pro-mat 2023 robot show is in one video watch Till the end it's gonna be interesting When Ellen musk or apple co-founder Steve Wozniak make predictions about Technology people listen but what if They along with over 1 000 scientists Declare that gpt5 will destroy humanity And we should urgently ban scientists From training neural networks that may Surpass gpt4 Some American AI experts such as Elisa Yukowski are even explicitly proposing To destroy the AI Development Centers And prevent the fall of our civilization At the same time an open AI employee the Company developing chat GPT claims that Gpt5 will attain general intelligence That will become indistinguishable from Humans what should be a proper response To such claims we've recently released a Great video on how artificial Intelligence works and whether you Should be afraid of it you can find the Link in the description but let's dive

Into the discours a little deeper Gpt4 is very capable indeed and GPT 5 Will be even more advanced rumors of its Superpowers originated on Twitter sikki Chen referring to his open AI insiders Stated and we quote open AI expects it To achieve AGI however it's quite Unlikely Not long ago right before the release of Gpt4 which too was predicted to have Superpowers open AI CEO Sam Altman Frankly stated that the Public's Expectations were inflated and no one in The world had that strong of an AI Altman explained that GPT was Essentially T9 on steroids capable of Calculating connections between words And suggesting the most likely sequence Sure it can generate a whole body of Text with a few given sentences soon it Might be able to generate videos but it Can't do more than that it's probable That communication with the GPT 5 will Be very similar to human communication Which we can experience from time to Time with gpt4 but no one in the world Has AGI technology that can think like a Human the main dangers these Technologies are posing now and will Pose in the near future are fake news Non-existent facts and the user data Leaks Actually demand the creation of a legal Framework that will clearly Define

Limits of AI use we'll give our short And precise opinion on AI technology and Its dangers in the next video Moving on the mid-journey neural network Won't be free anymore the reason is the Emergence of a large number of realistic Deep fakes some of which have outraged The public the latter include an Arrested Donald Trump and the pope Sporting fancy attires the viral Popularity of the photos Drew too much Attention to the developers so they Decided to limit access to Mid Journey With a paywall of mere ten dollars the Creators also introduce stop words for The generating algorithm among them for Example is the word arrested attempts to Circumvent the bands can lead to the Cancellation of the account Now let's talk about robots more and More four-legged robots are learning to Use their forums as Arms any Mal robot One of the first to pull this trick off Is now joined by unitary go one equipped With Intel real sense perception Technology engineers at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of California Berkeley have undertaken the Task to teach the robot object Manipulation To unleash its full potential the Roboteers approach training with Implementation of separate manipulation And movement policies and trained each

In a simulation to combine them later For task performance During a demonstration the robot Memorized human commands and then Created a behavior tree breaking down The tasks into a set of the Interconnected movement and manipulation Subtasks to perform them one by one this Approach enhances the system reliability As should the robot fail at any subtask It can scroll its way back through the Behavior tree until it returns to the Last successful movement to start from There again the ultimate goal of the Research is to improve capabilities of The four-legged robots that have become Quite popular Dear friends subscribers and viewers of Pro robots YouTube channel we are Pleased to inform you that after a long Struggle our YouTube channel has been Monetized again and we are preparing to Resume the release of new videos in the Same amount we want to thank everyone Who supported us in this difficult Period also if you like our content and Want us to release more videos about Robots artificial intelligence and other High-tech news you can support us on Patreon you will find more information In the description below this video We look forward to seeing you again and Your feedback on the new format see you Soon

Engineers at Carnegie Mellon University Have created an Organo gel composite With high electrical conductivity and Self-healing properties for soft robots It consists of polyvinyl alcohol and Sodium borate silver microflakes and Droplets of gallium-based liquid metal There is also an ethylene glycol layer To keep the robot from drying out not Only is the material able to conduct Electricity but it also stretches out up To 400 percent of its length without Tearing as well as restores its shape Once torn while preserving its original Properties the presentation video shows The gel strip connecting the battery and The snail Bots motor when the bot is cut With its ends still touching the snail Continues to move although it slows down By 50 percent reconnecting the cut ends With a strip of gel restores the snail's Speed by almost 70 percent the Scientists also use the gel pieces as Bioelectrodes to interact directly with Body mounted Electronics to collect its Data and transmit wirelessly in this Case the gel replaced traditional rigid Electrodes for electromyography Engineers at Columbia University 3D Printed A Slice of Cheesecake using Seven ingredients this was a Record-breaking event for food 3D Printing since usually the number of Ingredients is limited to two or three

Engineers chose food inks made of Cracker paste peanut butter strawberry Jam Nutella banana mash cherry juice and Frosting but that's not the most Interesting part first Engineers had to Upgrade the device to print and Thermally process ingredients with two Lasers next they tweaked it through Trial and error so that the final form Of the dessert would meet their Expectations more or less though it's Still not perfect the developers promise To improve that parameter California-based Aerospace startup Relativity space held the first launch Of its unmanned rocket Terran which had Almost entirely been 3D printed however It failed to reach orbit during Separation of the second stage the Rocket encountered a kind of anomaly Details of which are not disclosed Methane was used as the fuel so the Launch was very colorful and its Pictures conquered the internet Taryn Won carried no payload but it'll be able To lift up to 1250 kilograms of cargo in The future the rocket is 33.5 meters High in just over 2 meters in diameter With 85 percent of its part 3D printed With metal alloys its nine Eon 1 engines Used for the first stage and one Eon Vacuum engine for the second stage were Also 3D printed NASA will send the iris Rover built by

Carnegie Mellon University students to The Moon it'll be the first American Lunar rover the smallest and lightest of All lunar Rovers Iris will be controlled By Carnegie mellon's mission control Center located on the territory of the University of Pittsburgh Students on the mission team have been Running simulations for weeks and will Now work in ships to Monitor and control The robot in various situations Iris Will travel to the Moon aboard the Peregrine Landing module The promat 2023 International Expo was Held in Chicago and its visitors had a Chance to see what the future warehouses Will look like to cut a long story short Robots will be everywhere Sorting stock keeping loading and Unloading Goods stock control and all The logistics both inside and outside of The warehouse will be managed by robots A lot of cool products were exhibited at Promat this year and were more than Happy to share the news with you Let's start with a unique unloading Robot by mujin the truckbot signature Features are not only its original Mechanism of loading crates on the Conveyor but also the fact that it can Unload up to 1000 cases per hour the Robot was designed for truck trailers of Varying Heights as well as their floor Loaded variations the robot can be

Attached to standard telescopic Conveyors at many existing loading docks Slit robotics took an original approach To the problem of loading and unloading Trucks the company suggests simply Loading pallets into trailers along with Robots that would travel with the cargo To the unloading location the Omidirectional robots are designed to Transport up to eight full pallets Weighing a total of six tons a standard Trailer can fit three robots Boston Dynamics brought their robot Stretch it's in demand at the moment the Robot is already deployed at the Warehouses of the Boston Dynamics Customers and there's a whole waiting List of those who'd like to purchase it But Boston Dynamics is not going to stop At loading and unloading tasks at its Exhibition Booth the company showed Animations of stretch robots scurrying Around the warehouse building pallets on Top of mobile robots that deliver those Pallets to other stretch robots loading Boxes into a truck now the company keeps Stretch locked up and away from humans Due to safety constraints We showed you the new version of the Agility robotics digit robot presented At promat in the last video you may Remember that the robot's head is Equipped with sensors for better Navigation and indications to

Communicate with people digit also got New hand grips the company assures that The digits demo is based on a real Customer use scenario so far the robot Only works indoors away from people and Even shuts down when people get too Close agility is in the middle of Preparation for the large-scale Production of the digit robots and hopes To replace an endangered species of Warehouse workers with them Researchers at the Munich Institute for Robotics and machine intelligence have Coded a program that allows a robot to Serve hot tea and coffee quickly and Safely without spilling it while working On the algorithm developers were drawing Inspiration from a Moroccan tea tray the Concept is based on a 300 years old Spherical pendulum mathematics Engineers Implemented the spherical pendulum Equation into the robot software so the Robot's arm moves like a tea tray even If it's accidentally pushed or when it's Manually controlled with a smartphone App Zipline drone delivery company used to Drop cargo with parachutes from drones But recently it has introduced platform 2 which works like this a person loads a Package into a special Droid with its Own propeller then at a docking station The Droid boards a zipline p2zip e v Tall drone Which flies to its

Destination once there the Drone lowers The Droid on a tether and the Droid Determines the landing spot with the Camera and uses its propeller to hit the Exact target that's it the package is Delivered the Droid returns to the Drone Which flies back to the recharge station The system has already gained zipline New customers these are mostly medical Organizations but there are also grocery Companies And this robot as strange as it looks is Designed to help caretakers of the Elderly do you think your grandmother Would trust this guy to clean her teeth Subscribe to our Channel like the video And stay tuned for more high tech news Foreign [Music]

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