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3 Exciting Toys for 2 Year Olds

By the second birthday kids are starting to get notorious. Their imagination is well developed and most talk till your ear-drums burst. What toys for 2 year olds will keep them occupied and by themselves? Here’s what I found…

Stop! The Top Toys Of 2010 Are Here

Here are the newest releases on the block. 2 of the top toys of 2010 call for your urgent attention.

3 Happy Toys for 1 Year Olds

When you are shopping around for toys for 1 year olds everything looks nice and bright but you wonder what will be good and what will hold their imagination. Well, try these for starters…

Two Educational Board Games for the Whole Family

Board games can be a lot of fun but when they are educational too, the family plays together and feels enriched. Here are 2 educational board games I recommend…

Toys for Toddlers That Make Them Squeal With Delight!

When you’re buying toys for toddlers you are really shooting in the dark. There’s no way you can know what they like and there no way either they can tell you. But here’s what I buy and now every time they see me they squeal with delight.

3 Toys for Kids That You Cannot Go Wrong With

The worst part about buying toys for kids is the upward-pointed-nose-with-wrinkled-cheeks look that they give you when they lie ‘thank you I love it’. Being a bachelor, I often received that look until I discovered 3 toys for kids you cannot go wrong with…

4 Christmas Toys That Build the Mood

Christmas comes with a very precious mood that’s lilting right from this moment. You can smell Christmas in the air and Christmas toys just have to be right. Here are the best four.

What Makes The Best Remote Control Helicopter?

An article looking at the different features and specifications that make the best remote control helicopter. Things you should know to make the best choice when buying a remote control helicopter.

Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS-50 On Sale

Fans of the Nerf Blaster series is spoilt again with a brand new and most awesome Nerf N-Strike Blaster ever built. The Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS-50 blaster is definitely the very first totally automatic Nerf Clip System blaster, which is dutifully one of the most fascinating and exciting Nerf guns offered to date. It’s not without reason that Toys R Us has referred to it as one of the top 15 Christmas Toys for 2010. Keep reading to find out where you can get this toy at the best price.

Star Wars Lego – May the Force Be With You

Star Wars Lego was first released in 1999. When each new film was close to being released, Lego would bring out sets that were based on the film. It has grown and grown since 1999, now it is not only available as Lego sets, but also in the form of a Lego watch, alarm clock, pen, magnet and even and video games. In 2007 some of the sets had a bonus C3PO – some of these were chrome and a few of them were actually 14k gold. It was pot luck, some lucky buyers got a C3PO 14k gold in their box.

Review of Dance Star Mickey

One of the hottest toys from Fisher Price this year is the Dance Star Mickey. They are moving off the shelves quicker than they can get them on. Dance Star Mickey is easy to take along wherever your child goes as he only weighs 4 ½ pounds. Easy to hold and soft and cuddly, yet durable. Is able to take some knocks and bumps. Your child and friends will love it. Kids of all ages are stopping to look as they go through the stores with their parents. They just can’t get enough of Dance Star Mickey. The kids are just going crazy over Dance Star Mickey.

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