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Why Do Children Love Cuponk?

The simple game of Cuponk has revolutionized the world of entertainment by breaking the hold of the electronic media and luring both the young and old alike. Children, especially prove to be a receptive audience to this marvelous game, as they never run short of ideas to play this challenging game.

A Review on Loopz – New Game From Mattel

Loopz not only provides entertainment for hours, but also helps to increase memory. On the whole this new toy from Mattel is going to be sold like hot cakes.

Big Foot the Monster – The Ultimate Play Toy

There are numerous different kinds and types of toys that are available for kids of various ages. Kids no longer are content with having some kind of stuffed toy or any other cheap plastic toys. It has been seen that kids are more attracted towards the kind of toys that respond and do things rather than sit in a corner without doing anything. One such toy that kids around the world are enjoying is Big Foot the Monster. It is one of those toys which can just captivate the minds of the kids. There are numerous features of Big Foot the Monster that make it truly unique and a much-loved toy.

Loopz – Memory Challenging Game

The Loopz is a new skill and memory game from Mattel. This game challenges the memory skills in a highly innovative way. This device has many unique features. This game challenges a person to repeat music and light patterns. It is also possible to create your own music. Loopz plays a variety of light and music patterns and one has to repeat it by waving their hands through the loops that are illuminated. This is a no touch game. Loopz is a mix of music, memory and motion set within fast paced games with high energy levels.

Loopz – Motion and Music

Is your kid interested in games that are tough to play and complicated to comprehend? Then Loopz could just be the perfect gaming experience for him as it is probably the most drastic and tricky game he can ever come across.

R2D2 Robot: The Perfect Xmas Present for Kids and Star Wars Fans

There are many Christmas toys for kids out there, but none of them comes from a Galaxy far, far away! Give your children a real astromech droid this Christmas with this awesome interactive R2D2 robot!

The Timeless Quality of Classic Toys for Kids

The Christmas top toys lists are very different from year to year. Trends change all the time, making the popularity of some toys rise and fall in the blink of an eye each year! There are, however, some toys for kids that have been constantly included in these lists for many years, some of them of them, even for several generations!

Christmas Toys of 2010 – Avoid the Xmas Rush

Just like any other year, various high-profile retailers and on-line shops, have published a list with their expectations for the top ten Christmas toys of 2010! These lists can predict the toys that all children will crave come Christmas with uncanny accuracy! This article, will give you more insight on the top Christmas toys of this year!

Go Go Walking Pup – Even Better Than a Real Dog!

All children want to have pets but most parents don’t want them in their houses, and this is exactly why the Go Go Walking Pup will be one of this year’s best selling toys! Moms and dads choose this toy because although extremely lifelike, it’s not a live puppy making it the perfect solution for kids that keep asking for a dog! The Go Go pup will wag hos tail and bark, just like a real puppy!

Dave The Funky Shoulder Monkey: The Most Sought After Toy of Christmas 2010!

Dave The Funky Shoulder Monkey will surely be this year’s hottest Christmas toy! It may not be the most advanced robotic toy on the market, but it comes with a remote control and can perform all sorts of funny gestures! Many major retailers expect it to be one of the best selling Christmas toys because ‘robot pet’ toys such as this, were very popular last year!

Chatimal – Toy Of The Year?

According to several toy experts, Chatimals are anticipated as being one of the top toys for Christmas 2010. These lovable talking rodents are really taking the world by storm – enticing children and grown-ups alike to hours spent interacting with them. While at first glance, the Chatimal hamster looks just like any plush hamster toy there is one thing that sets them apart – these little guys have the gift of the gab.

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