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Grow To Pro Basketball

Here is a cool outdoor activity toy for boys or girls while in the preschool to early school years age. It’s a plastic basketball set, having a large stable base, a post, along with a basketball hoop attached to a backboard at the top. The nice thing about this really is that as the kid gets taller, you can easily increase up the backboard to continue to challenge them.

Dancing Mickey – A Charming Toy For Any Young Child

Mickey Mouse has been around longer than most of us. Now as Dance Star Mickey he has been reborn. This is a very popular toy targeting children up to six years old but honestly, all ages that come in contact with him will enjoy! He sings six different songs and has individual moves for all of them.

New Star Wars Interactive R2D2

Celebrate Star Wars 30th Birthday simply by welcoming this specific movie-accurate droid in to your daily life. Once the loyal friend to Queen amidala, this utility droid is programmed to become your loyal gadget as well as buddy. Help him get ready to be able to serve you simply by taking his steering legs in to place and attaching the projector part to his domed top.

Excellent Toy and Teacher – Leapfrog Leapster Explorer

Leapfrog Leapster Explorer is a fun, educational game system that enables children to unknowingly learn while they are having fun. Some of the skills that will be enhanced include science, math, phonics and music among others. The system automatically calibrates itself to the skills of the user thus allowing each child to learn at their own speed. There is an internet program that works with Leapster to add to the experience.

Air Hogs Havoc Heli Toy

If you have youngsters then you have probably experienced times in which they cannot remain excited about something for virtually every extended timeframe. Toys today are much more complex than they were even a few years ago. It looks like you the greatest, finest toy to help keep children involved.

Considering Squinkies For Your Child? Why Not?

If you’ve been to the mall or have been listening to the news, then you undoubtedly have heard that there is something buzzing about the lovable, squishy, squashy, squooshy, collectible toy called the Squinkies. The Squinkies collection have been dubbed the “must have toy” of the Christmas season. The New York Times reports that stores nationwide are selling out of Squinkies. If you’ve been looking for them you know this to be the case.

Dolls and Doll Cradles – Best Gift Idea For Girls

Dolls and doll cradles can be good educational toys for little girls. They can be used to teach the child how to take care of a baby in the future, especially if there is a little baby brother or sister around. The cradle can serve as the doll’s container after playtime – one good technique of getting very young children to learn about cleaning up is to make them think that they are putting the doll to sleep. These cradles can also be valuable for doll collectors of any age – antique ones usually fetch pretty good prices.

Gift Your Child the Tomica Hypercity Mega Station Set

Tomica Hypercity Mega Station Set with its moving components such as the train and the cars, its buildings, rail road track and crossing, its two modes (automatic and manual), and Tomica figure is the perfect gift for your child. Ask him about his favorite type of toy and any boy would mention train and railway set, which is probably why Tomica Hypercity Mega Station Set is such a hit among young boys. This latest set from Tomy is a wonderful combination of nice buildings, cars, trains, train tracks, and rail crossings.

Top Toys for 2-Year-Olds

Let’s face it, most parents splurge a little more for a child’s second Christmas. Ride on toys are hugely popular, as well as play areas like kitchens, train tables and mini playgrounds. Here are Newby Mom’s picks for your 2-year-old!

Top Toys for 1-Year-Olds

The holiday season can be stressful, especially when you are a new mom and want to buy gifts that are meaningful, educational, long-lasting and fun! In these tough economic times, it’s even more important for families to research products before buying. No family wants to invest in a pricey toy only to find their child plays with it once before returning to the pots and pans. Here is a list of toddler toys that will grow with your family!

Ten Reasons to Buy the Squinkies Cupcake Surprise Bake Shop

The Squinkies Cupcake Surprise Bake Shop with its cup cake shaped toy dispenser, bake shop, and variety of squinkies is a wonderful gift for any girl over 4 years of age. If you have been looking for the perfect toy for your little girl, look no further than the Squinkies Cupcake Surprise Bake Shop. There are many reasons why the set is a great gift choice for a girl older than four years.

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