I bought every MacBook Ever.

I've bought every single MacBook ever my Bank account hates me my parents are Thoroughly unimpressed but you're about To see for the first time ever how Apple Has managed to turn the Mac from a Laughing stock to for a lot of people What is the most desirable computer on The planet and it started in 1989. this Was a time when the entire concept of a Laptop was still a new one and so what We actually have here is more accurately A computer that happens to be portable Just about but make no mistake the Macintosh portable was impressive Because it was powered by Motorola's First ever widely produced processor the Motorola 68 000 that's 16 megahertz Which was a full-on desktop class chip Now made workable on the go I can't believe this thing was once a Laptop it's like carrying your entire Suitcase when you go on holiday Wait it actually is the luggage Unbelievable press this down to repair It up I was trying to have a nice little Cozy comfortable typing experience but My goodness I mean to be fair to them The keyboard feels fantastic Super satisfying oh yeah completely Forgot early computers use trackballs Instead of track pads to control your Pointer see if this thing even turns on Wow oh also check this out though it is Shockingly repairable to take the back

Off and change the parts you want to Change right literally that's the Battery I'll give up all this for a Machine that's 35 years old kind of like It aesthetically it holds it far better Than I was expecting but then the Crown Jewel here is this display it's a super Expensive type of screen called an Active Matrix panel which basically Means that every single Pixel is Attached to its own transistor which Actively uses power to maintain that Pixel's current on or off State it's Very battery intensive but the benefit Is that it can deliver extreme Responsiveness and sharpness versus the Passive Matrix displays that other Computers are using but uh there was a Price to pay for Tech like this in fact Eighteen thousand dollars in today's Money which is why it's not exactly Surprising but Apple only sold these in The tens of thousands so two years later Apple took another stab at it they Launched a whole lineup of laptops The PowerBook 100 140 and 170. and you might Notice something about this 100 in Particular it actually looks like a Laptop Apple realized from their Macintosh possible that they didn't Exactly have the most experience Building compact machines so this time Around they actually hired in Sony to do The manufacturing which is weird to

Think about because there is no way in Hell that Apple would ask Sony for help Now okay that was so much easier than The last one this is such a massive jump From the Macintosh portable and this is Such a cool feature it has built-in Retractable stands on the side and you Can see this is where the idea of Putting the trackball in the center of The chassis was actually introduced more Importantly let's see what you can do With it wow welcome to Macintosh it says Home machiners is quite Majestic gentle Whirring to it I actually really don't Mind controlling it with a trackball Either it's surprisingly precise there's Just quite a lot of screen ghosting As You move around a little bit less fun to Type on for sure oh well this is cool Look you've got dials to manually mess With contrast and brightness that's Ironically so much faster than it is to Do now click on the Apple system Software 7.0.1 they used to call the bin the Waste basket oh wait and when you close An app it does a little poo of existence Now this generation wasn't some sort of Next Level power jump but the fact that They managed to cram in the same Processor and two to four times the ram Into a body a fraction of the size that Was the achievement not to mention that By making the machine so much more

Efficiently they could cut the price From What Was Eighteen thousand dollars In today's money to just five thousand Dollars within just the first generation Of power books Apple was selling in the Hundreds of thousands and the hype was Starting to build so what Apple really Had to do was to capitalize on that Excitement they had to take what people Really liked about the power book double Down on it which is what led us to the Power book 500. it is hard to articulate Just how much of a leap this thing is Feels so much more Pro actually the Hinge just held up surprisingly well Over the years they've done a cool job Making the keyboard edgeless See what it looks like on the inside Everyone is at a different boot up sound So far this is where they got rid of the Trackball and pulled them like the balls No I can't say that got a trackpad here A tiny one at that look at this load up Screen unbelievable you can see all the Circuitry behind Apple wouldn't dare put That in now keyboard's a little springy Oh Huh did that just Die on us R.I.P welcome to Apple tell me How can I help you today my PowerBook 500 is dead I need to speak with a person hang on Just a second while I transfer you how Can I help you my laptop is dead

The MacBook Air MacBook Pro which one no It's a power book 520c That's a bit of an older machine I've Tried batteries I've tried power Supplies it's just not booting it Literally died in front of me yeah at This point um there is nothing so Visible with it so it's not under Warranty not at 1994 I want to usually Run one year I think I bought extended Yeah our extended warranty can run it For two years that's that's incredibly Helpful thank you bye Oh [Music] He was surprisingly attentive I thought He was gonna hang up on me what I find Kind of crazy about this is that Apple Designed this computer specifically with Upgradeability in mind they didn't Mount The CPU on the main motherboard but Instead a whole separate daughter board That you can just swap out and I compare That to Apple now I guess when you're The underdog you want to do everything You can to show how pro-consumer you are This was a time when Apple did need to Prove themselves but to be fair I don't Imagine that the vast majority would Even be upgrading considering that this Thing's power was up to three times the 100s and the in the early days of Computers that's really all it was about The Entire Computer race was not about

Having the super differentiated super Advanced softwares that we have now it Was basically just a competition to see Who could get the highest number in Performance Apple did a couple of Refresh versions of these laptops over The next couple years but the next Proper Game Changer came three years After the 500 with The PowerBook G3 in 1997. so at least at this point I had Been born and this might well be the Most excitement that's ever existed for An Apple computer mostly thanks to what Is powered by as their Market power and Their scale start to grow apple is no Longer going to settle for just using an Off-the-shelf Motorola chip and so Decided to form an alliance with them And IBM to produce a series of chips Called powerpc and this machine was its First mainstream debut this was the Fastest laptop in the world and it Wasn't even close we're talking 250 to 500 megahertz chips while also doubling The previous generations Ram up to a Recusive 32 megabytes but something Interesting was also happening within Apple around this time so Steve Jobs the Guy who founded the company and who was Responsible for a lot of its early Success basically got kicked out because Of a massive disagreement with the board Of directors but 1997 was when he Returned a CEO and when he came back he

Wasn't happy with what the company had Done and he started making a lot of Changes very quickly you could even see It happening in real time watching The PowerBook g3s progress with each Provision of them to the point where by The time Apple released the final G3 Power books the top of the line So-called Wall Street g3s at 7 300 Dollars in today's money they looked so Different Unexpectedly weighty this one just Doesn't look like a Macbook the fan of The screen is so expansive and the Bezel's so small it does feel very High-end so still very much the laptop That's trying to do everything kind of Wish modern MacBooks had a bit of Curvature on it makes it way nicer for Your palms There we go that's the modern Apple Sound so they finally stuck with Something you can tell this is the Computer to buy for bragging rights oh This is the old school Apple beach ball For the loading it's such a nice screen In comparison Internet Explorer we're Talking about a time when Safari was Just Going to see the elephants got like a Watch for a loading icon look at that Adobe Photoshop 6.0 actually starts up Faster than the current wonders the Apple logo in the corner is the shiny

Colorful one wow remember iTunes Sounds pretty good I guess the perfect Example to show the transition phase That Apple was in was you've got the old School multi-colored Apple logo on the Inside and then the new white logo on The outside but to properly see Steve Jobs in full force you only need to look At what came next the iBook from 1997 Onwards Steve Jobs was the CEO and he Appointed a man called Johnny Ive as the Design lead for the products and this is Where you notice Apple's designs start To separate from the more generic laptop Designs that other companies were using So the iBook was Apple realizing that Well of course they could make a ton of Money selling top of the line power Books to investment bankers they also Needed to offer something that a teacher Or a student could afford so this Barbie toilet seat of a laptop was just Three thousand dollars it was Apple's Most affordable laptop ever if you take A shot of me on the toilet with this I really wish more laptops were this Experimental every single key is Transparent you can see the mechanism Underneath it very interesting looking Mouse buttons as well oh okay buzzing to Life so this is Mac OS version 10. I'm Not taking it a big leap forward to what We have today you can see the skeletons The the foundations of those features

From the very very early machines kind Of like they knew what they wanted to Build and very very slowly got there all The icons are three-dimensional Everything has its own inner and outer Shadow and Reflections it's very Pleasant to look at chess I used to play The old game of chess in my time but I'm Pretty sure the game has just crashed Just scared to face a former England Chess team player this thing was Actually quite a big deal it was also The first mass consumer product to offer Wi-Fi network connectivity which was Then branded by Apple as airport Wireless networking this was a big deal And the way it was demoed to the Audience for the very first time will Probably go down in the history books Listen to the audience as Steve Jobs Shows this off by passing the laptop Through a hula hoop to truly clarify to People that it was yes wire nuts Impressive enough to earn the iBook the Number one spot in the US portable Consumer market for a while after launch Apple did make a number of updates to The iBook over the years but what I Think is even more interesting is what Apple did for pros at this point Apple Very clearly understood that they wanted To make both mid-range machines and Super high-end machines how do you make Something that a pro would be willing to

Spend six thousand dollars in today's Money on well they get out of titanium In a way that someone could just take One look at and instantly know that Whoever's using it is a high flyer this Is The PowerBook G4 and it's the first Time Apple properly experimented with Metal in the body Safe to say it worked all the metal Makes such a difference there's not even Really a hint of it creaking oh and they Finally integrated the mouse buttons Into the trackpad module got a really Nice even border around the screen you Can kind of see it start to resemble the Modern day laptop pretty sure the bezels Here are smaller than they are on some Of the most recent ones and the screen Is pretty sharp too I'm kind of judging That because I can actually tell that The Apple in a corner is an apple never Thought I'd see the day where you can Actually see screws on an Apple laptop I Guess you could say modern day Apple Prioritizes form over everything else Whereas this very much feels functional Even if it's not the prettiest oh yeah And the power PC G4 chipset basically Doubles the performance yet again we're Getting to crazy numbers here and like Apple is doing well now they were making Better computers faster and faster Computers better and the sales were Trickling up as a result but there was

Still a higher ceiling that Apple hadn't Quite cracked yet and this is where the MacBook came from Steve Jobs strolled on The stage in 2006 and basically said We're kind of done with power meaning That one of course Apple laptops will Continue to get more powerful they Didn't want power to be the focus since The PowerBook brand was created while Steve Jobs was out of the company this Was his chance for a fresh start he Wanted the Mac brand that he'd first Established to be the front and center And for it to represent not just power But just the overall quality of the Experience so they released two forms of Laptop in a single year MacBook Pro even the base MacBook is so nice They swapped out the standard charging Cable for max if they added in a webcam That they labeled as the eyesight camera And they swapped out the power PC Processors for Intel Core Duo CPUs Blaming their partner IBM for being Sloppy and not making the chips power Efficient enough although this is kind Of funny because the entire time Apple Was using power PC chips they would just Release teaser after teaser poking fun At how much worse intel was until they Switched to Intel at which point they Changed their tune to this is hard to Believe but this is what the numbers Tell us four to five times faster than

The power book G4 these things are Screamers or in other words if we are Four times more powerful than last gen We're already at 192 times the power of The original oh he's still got over 15 Years left to go till now and none of This is super impressive considering That this is just Seventeen hundred Dollars in today's money we're even more Affordable by far than even the iBook Was this laptop for me brings back so Many memories this is the one we'd have In the school music halls I know this One made out of stick but it still feels Quite high-end It's gen 1 of Max safe nope It's almost like it's trying to resume From a past State Whoa whoa whoa whoa don't put that off Stop recording fans are really kicking Off of us today this wallpaper was Iconic oh you got the dog that now hides Underneath I wonder if this has the same GarageBand we used to use this is Exactly how I remember it I used to Spend so much time just pratting around Making Loops of my own just adding far Too many instruments in and just seeing How it sounded for me this was the first Fun computer I used I need to see what The first MacBook webcam actually looked Like hey the camera's actually Surprisingly It's a bit laggy but it's it's good

Quality and we're talking about a time Where they still used to call it video Conferencing and then the MacBook Pro Which keeps the same Intel Core Duo but It's more the quality of everything the Metal body the fact that it has a 1440×900 HD display it's actually really Similar looking to the power book I like The LED light on the latch though fun Fact this is actually the last Apple Laptop to have a Lurch Steve Jobs Apparently didn't like them I really Like the silver keyboard it feels very Slick what is eye chat the first Personal video conferencing system that Makes it easy to keep in touch with Friends password Astley 69. this is Throwback ichat can't communicate with The account Rick R.I.P they even made a 17-inch version of the pro which is an Absolute Beast that I really wish they'd Kept it because it used to give you give His top class experience with even more Room for an even bigger battery inside There's no doubt that the 2000s was the Decade where Apple made the biggest Impact on the laptop Market because just Two years after that at the start of 2008 they would release what would Become the best selling laptop in the World this is probably one of the top Three Apple moments of all time Steve Jobs brought a paper envelope with him To the launch of end he put it down on

His stand and revealed to the world MacBook Air a laptop that changed the Entire Paradigm of what to expect from The thinness of a computer only then to Proceed to take the MacBook Air itself Out of this paper envelope just listen To the crowd look at this And then this presentation was basically Round of Applause after round of Applause as he proceeded to show people That this laptop half the size of Anything else still had the entirety of The previous macbook's core features a Powerful Intel Core 2 Duo full size Keyboard and the metal construction that Apple had previously saved exclusively For its luxury lineup I mean it wasn't Cheap by any means but you can totally See how if this was your reference point How desirable this form factor is it's So nice to finally hold a laptop that Isn't a workout this is where they first Introduced the multi-touch trackpad Which I would say made a big difference To how intuitive it was to use Mac OS I Use gestures a lot nowadays you can Totally see how this took people back at The time and at the very same year the Company also released the unibody Macbook so this is a successor to the Plastic MacBook from 2006 and somehow Somehow managed to even beat the MacBook Air in sales unibody or at least what Apple means by unibody is that the

Entire laptop is just two pieces the Entire body is One Piece the screen is a Second there's no plastic supporting Frames and the entire thing is made out Of metal so it naturally conducts heat Out of the laptop plus environmentally Friendly they use this redesign as an Opportunity to get rid of chemicals like Arsenic and mercury and now that the Laptops were so simply structured they All of a sudden became almost completely Recyclable this is sturdy I like it it's Definitely the most solid feeling Macbook so far screen is so bright grown Used to squinting the webcam might Actually be slightly worse though but The laptop is noticeably faster oh Goodness this browser is no longer Supported oh apple.com works fine Well really fine what the hell no one Supports Tech this old you can see why This iteration was the best-selling MacBook in history a lot of people call This the first proper MacBook because it Now has a completely new design that Separates it from The PowerBook lineup The design language that the companies Finally settled on it does also feel Like this is the point where Apple Realized that well yes lots of different Kinds of people buy MacBooks the core Market was creators photo editors 3D Modelers and these people also needed Proper Graphics so Apple started a

Partnership with Nvidia and kitted out The machine with something a little bit More substantial pushing it to two times More powerful than even the 2006 metal It became very clear very quickly with The sales numbers that apple had smashed It with this design which is probably Why they gave it the standard spec Bombs Over the years as they do but that they Didn't change the core concept for a While but they did realize something Else that now that they had the MacBook Air that was catering to the Casual user Who just wanted to type documents they Didn't really need the middle of the Pack book so from 2009 onwards they Decided to just Rebrand this MacBook as The Mac Pro and improve the specs a Little bit as you do the next proper Title change only happened in 2012 when Apple decided that this current MacBook Was not quite enough while it was pretty High-end because the core design was Initially conceived as a mid-range Laptop it just didn't appeal to people At the very top end who wanted something That was just purely Cutting Edge so They launched the world's highest Resolution Notebook on the market MacBook Pro Retina Display now Apple had Had Retina display for two years already At this point on their phones so this Wasn't some sort of unheard of concept But Retton display for a laptop is a

Little bit different than Retina display For a phone for a smartphone to have a Display for which your eyes can't see Individual pixels you might need a 960 By 480 resolution or so but to have that Same sharpness across a 15-inch laptop It has to be 2880 by 1800 resolution Considering it's a flagship this is a Surprisingly thin laptop maybe as thin As the MacBook Air oh the screen is so Much better it's a night and day Difference the logo lights are up which I really like but is a horrible way System battery apparently it used to Leave a subtle hotspot of light bleeding Into the actual display which funnily Enough this wallpaper might have Actually been picked to hide Apple's made a lot of refinements here The trackpad feels smoother than ever They've integrated the mouse clicks and They feel firm keyboard probably peaked Here to be honest it's better than my Current one let's have a look at Apple's YouTube channel 16.9 million we are Actually not as far off as I thought we Were apple is a company that spends Billions of dollars every year making These trailers and promoting them They're only 3 million subscribers more Than us our entire team is eight people Other probably has 800 people just to Sweep their floors okay this has to be a Challenge editors make this serious 2023

This is the year where we overtake Apple This is the year eight of us and all of You guys we come together and we Overtake the most subscribed tech Company on the planet and a sub to the Channel would be Magnificent That's my audio recorder Also what's quite cool is that by this Point Intel had Diversified its lineup Of chips it wasn't just about the core 2Go anymore they had the Intel core I3 The I5 and i7s and so naturally you Could kick this thing all the way up to The top tier quad core Intel i7 which When combined with the GeForce gt650m Graphics makes it well a big jump Between 10 and 15 times better at modern Tasks than the 2008 MacBook which is Crazy weird we are 3840 times the OG machine right now Apple is on a roll in 2012 the Mac had Been growing every single year in sales But it was at this point that they made Some odd decisions like in 2015 with the MacBook yeah I know completely different Laptop but they've still somehow managed To just call it MacBook the naming Convention makes absolutely zero sense I've touched so many thick ones today I Can't believe how thin this is it's Literally like it's barely there it's Actually so much to like about this Computer it's got a 12 inch proper

Retina Display it's got a keyboard that You know by no means is this like a Typewriter like experience but they've Not done a bad job considering how Little space the keys actually have to Travel and also they've given this Trackpad Force touch or two different Levels of pressure that it can respond To and I have the beefmaster Oh I forgot how heavy this was 1989 2015. incredible you can tell that they Were trying to go for that same envelope Reaction that the air first created if This laptop did well Apple wanted it to Be the success of the air and they Priced it more affordably than just About any Apple laptop before but it Didn't this was too fast too soon to Just drop all the ports down to USBC They lost full-size USB and they lost The magsafe charging plus part of the Reason that the thing is so thin is Because it's completely fabulous but to Achieve that they had to use an ultra Low power Intel Core M chip and actually Noticeably sacrificed performance unlike The air it was just an unnecessary Machine and people still kept buying the Air even when this was out so it wasn't Doing a very good job replacing it and One day Apple just decided to snap it Out of existence and then back to back With this apple punched it again with The MacBook Pro with touch bar they

Pitched it as a revolutionary new input Device incredible Jew it probably could Have been one since it does solve the Problem of normal keyboard Keys being Fixed by digitizing them you make those Keys whatever you want them to be in any Given moment it definitely feels Futuristic compared to where we've come From and given that they combined this With the introduction of a fingerprint Scanner and a 50 larger trackpad I can't Have been the only one who saw this get Announcer thought okay okay You have my attention actually I know I'm not the only one because this is the Laptop that had more online orders than Any other MacBook Pro before and I Remember the outrage when people Realized they had removed every single Port but the usbc's and the headphone Jack it's allowed them to keep it Streamlined but yeah I mean clearly it Was a mistake considering that they Added them all back a couple of years Later the touch bar was such a love-hate Relationship that I have with this Laptop it's very cool and very fun plus You could actually customize it the way That you wanted it which obviously you Can't do with hardwired keys but in my Experience it also introduced a whole Other level of software that could go Wrong there are at least two or three Times where my whole laptop was working

Fine but it's just I couldn't adjust any Of my settings because the touch bar Bugged out oh and I love the fact that The trackpad is so ridiculously huge It's also using a much newer quad core Intel i7 and a much newer Radeon 450 Graphics it's still nothing on the Extreme end yet but just by being newer We're still 60 faster than the last set But yeah the touch bar just didn't Really Vibe with people Apple's not Usually wanted to introduce features and Then kill them off so quickly but the Truth of it is a lot of pro users want To be able to physically smack their Keys while they're typing at 3 000 words Per second and this just doesn't feel The same and B while this could be a Genuine feature ads it's one extra thing That apple and other developers need to Code for and who's going to to make Their app slightly better for such a Tiny fraction of the total laptop Market You won't believe what Apple's response Was their next big Flagship Pro MacBook To make up for this mistake and push the Boundaries out in the right direction The MacBook Pro 16 inch I kid you not the last Model was 15.4 they've already had 17 in the past But no what makes this one special is The fact that it's 16.2 inches I'm half Joking obviously I did want to see Something a little more experimental and

Exciting but I think this was Apple Realizing that in the Pro user space People don't want gimmicks people want All the core features and they want them To all work really well this was a Pretty well reviewed laptop at this Point people have got used to the quirks Like the touch bar and the lack of ports But this was quite a substantial upgrade In other ways like the fact that it has A proper six speaker sound system Although the webcam was still 720p which Is poor in 2019. over the years the Cheapest laptop apple offers has just Become more and more affordable with you Now being able to get one for like 999 But the 16-inch Pro feels like where Apple drew a very clear line to Definitively separate the pro laptops in Price with this thing starting at 2 800 In today's money and going all the way Up to 7200 when maxed out but what they Did do for that was to make absolutely Sure to nail the fundamentals so you Could kit this thing all the way up to 64 gigabytes of RAM the 8 terabytes of Fast SSD storage and now not just a quad Core Intel Core i7 but the brand new top Of the line octa-core Intel I9 the Graphics were still mere but as a Package we're now looking at a further 40 speed up now a solid and reliable as These laptops were it's definitely Starting to feel like the entire laptop

Market had matured and that all the High-end laptops no matter which company You got them from were basically the Same in terms of the performance the Parts use the battery life until Apple Launch M1 the company held an event in 2020 where they officially explained That they were about to start moving Away from Intel and transitioning to Apple need M series chips chips that Were not necessarily beefier than their Intel counterparts but smarter they use Neural networks they can solve problems Efficiently and because they're Originated from mobile chip architecture Where power constraints are a real Problem in the laptop world the battery Life claims were off the charts and they Started this transition with a Mac Mini A MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro all Powered by M1 but this was never meant To be the real Pro MacBook that actually Came one year later the M1 Max and this Announcement event really was something I remember watching it like okay okay Seems cool and then they showed the Charts at least according to Apple they Said what Max chip was not like 20 Faster than last year's Intel chips but Like many times more powerful not to Mention 13 times faster when it comes to Graphics although that is compared to The integrated Graphics within Intel's Chip as opposed to the dedicated

Graphics that Apple used to put into Some of their laptops what's interesting Is that if you run an actual Benchmark It'll tell you that M1 Max is no more Powerful than the last gen but it feels Way faster this is the laptop that I Still use every single day because Everything just happens so quickly and Anytime I want to add a bit of music to Our videos or do a little pass of sound Effects this laptop is so optimized for Apple's own apps that for me with Final Cut Pro it just flies like I would Struggle to get it to lag whereas Literally the Intel laptop that I use Just one generation prior it would slow Down the fans would go haywire and it Would just get really really hot like I Actually potentially burn myself on it Oh and also the webcam is finally 1080p At least I still don't love the fact That it's a notch display in the world Of hole punch cameras I really don't see Why it needs to be but at least the rest Of the screen is very much bezel-less They call the screen xdr now which Stands for extreme dynamic range oh and They've updated this again recently with The M2 Max MacBook which has even longer Battery life newer updated ports and Internet speeds and the M2 Max itself is A full-on 30 improvement over the M1 Max It's not a huge exterior redesign it's Only really when we go back to looking

At where we started but the real Differences start to emerge from 7.2 Kilograms to 2.16 from 256 000 total Pixels to 7.7 million and most Impressively a total power jump of okay Last minute guess is in Approximately 11 000 times to see the last time I emptied My entire bank account buying every Single Xbox ever that's here

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