I bought the Craziest GAMING TECH in the World.

I'm about to spend five thousand dollars In the next five minutes buying the Craziest gaming Tech on the entire Internet and then we're gonna test it With a very special guest Razer has made A set of gaming finger sleeves our Breathable sleeves keep your fingers Deadly cool In the Heat of battle we can Actually buy this a physical set of Buttons that you can use to play touch Screen games with I'm really down for The idea of this let's try gaming Gadgets this is one of these rare Instances where you see something and You instantly understand how it's about To make your life so much better the Business Insider actually just recommend Raycons 551 pound keyboard but it just looks Like two mice how do you hold that thing We are going to have to find out so I Originally thought this was a mouse but It's actually a gaming keypad that you Use alongside your mouse that's so Adorable that is a definite buy I'm just Kind of curious now does anyone make a One key keyboard oh my gosh they Actually do I'm thinking we give one of These keyboards to Tommy to see if he Can actually win a game with it gaming Tech Cx40 so you wear this while you're Playing VR games then you can apparently Feel when things happen to you someone

Is gonna find some very strange use Cases for this one what is it Mouse Bungee we must find out I just found a Mouse here which also has a joystick on The side so I'm assuming in a game this One Mouse could be both you looking Around and also using the joystick to Actually move your character that could Be a game changer one-handed switch Joy-con adapter it has a PlayStation one Too that is a must buy I would love to Have a really cool gaming speaker a Collected speaker featuring a screen That displays the lyrics of the song Being played very expensive but if that Actually works the way that I think it Works that will be one of the coolest Things I've ever shown on this channel This is a controller that allows you to Play PlayStation 5 games on your phone That entire idea is too exciting for me To not try this is a portable 4k monitor For Xbox series S at the basket Apparently Nintendo made a bowling ball Controller how would you like navigate The menus you can also get USB Programmable foot pedals gamer goo stop Sweaty hands at the sauce so that's like Antiperspirant for your palms I feel Like this is either going to be a Massive win or a really awkward Interaction artist replaces all of the Keys on a keyboard with custom food Keycaps this is opening up a whole new

Kind of worms when it comes to keyboards This has got an actual working fidget Spinner on the keycap this one's a first Generation Apple Mac interactive cooking Pot keycap battling in all the right Ways why is there a steamed dumpling Keycap and why do I want one Lego that's Such a good idea you could build like Anything on top now I moved to the Testing phase I don't think I've ever Had less of an idea of what to expect And we are back we attack time Tommy's In it so we're gonna go from the 10 game Of Goo to the 100 Gaming controllers to The thousand dollar stuff straight out Of the future sorry did you say gamer Girl it's not even midday Start with your favorite oh no it's an Unfortunate color which flavor have you Got brown what is the purpose of this Gamers get really sweaty this is Designed to stop your hands sweating it Doesn't feel like it's gonna work I Don't feel very dry a player size amount Of view to Palms spread evenly dominate Are you wiping it off you permanently Stained our recordings oh and my Trousers Oh God I promise buzzer it was Game of Girls it's a little early to soil your Trousers Disgusting this is just shameful Tommy You know that was brilliant Okay finger sleep time this is just

Completely ridiculous the idea is we are Going to play Minecraft Pocket Edition Each of us with one finger in a sleeve One finger out of the sleeve and we're Going to use that to figure out if this Is actually worth it this is woven with High sensitivity silver fiber for Enhanced aim and control I hate Capitalism so much it's the fact that It's Razer you just don't expect wow my Gloves sure kicked in how much is it These are like twenty dollars but Tommy Ultimate breathability Oh wow and the wind just travels through That let us know tomorrow my goodness so The game is you've got to try and get me This so I can feel my left finger which Doesn't have the glove sticking a little Bit to the screen that's the goo It feels like slightly smoother oh no I'm in the corner now yes I've been had By razor thing Puerto Rico It's trying to be a mouse pad for your Finger but it doesn't feel What put this on every time maybe we're Gonna meet in the middle because I would Give that 7.5 out of 10. we'll meet at 5.5 then don't buy the razor finger okay Well the steel series touch screen Buttons might actually be a smarter Solution to the exact same problem these Are physical controls for your virtual Games so you just place these on the

Screen and they form an instant vacuum With that surface it keeps them in place Without glue such that now those are Physical button oh this recreates your Joystick whoa that is cool it's got this Really crazy spiral mechanism that Allows it to constantly snap back to the Middle the buttons are nice like the Buttons are really satisfying this feels Kind of clunky the buttons are Surprisingly solid given that I've not Actually stuck them on this is a five I Think I'll give it an eight yeah you sat On the train and you bust out the steel Series joystick it's a good point yeah There's no practical pointer which You're like okay now is when I'm gonna Use yeah do you have goo in your Bears Game again all right just before we get To the really hardcore PC gadgets we're Gonna work our way up with the console Ones this is where we do a transition Wait what's the transition okay tell me What piece of tech do you think we're Looking at right now well there's a Wii So I'm guessing something stupid you're Actually not wrong this is a real Working Nintendo controller no the game Is Wii Sports it's gonna be one round of Bowling Tommy with the ball me with the Normal Wii controller let's see if Tommy Can pin it oh Got to stay safe don't we do you think You're gonna win look at me I've got wee

Bowling balls I was born to win so we're Gonna have one bowling turn each It's not great let's go let go oh my Goodness oh he's done it Come on man have a WeMo yeah yeah Whoa oh that is awful Straight ahead Beautiful that's nine and one that's Your entire two goes All right let me get it we get it this Is pointless zero out of ten Oh I heard the crack So you're aware of this like middle Divider thing I'm about to show you an alternative That once you see it you will never go Back from oh what is it it's the canned Goods that'd be such a good thing for Like you're having your friends over You're playing smack together are you Kidding the question is can you drink While playing in the spirit of making Sure I test this properly Cheers I'm gonna have to beat you while Drinking this drink Oh he's playing oh no no no no No I'm gonna have time to finish this Drinking fall off that kind of rubbish I'm Edge guarding No yes Oh no please please keep sipping I'm Gonna Keep smashing oh he's actually Caught up this is sad actually I think

You'll find I'm the boss no you can't You can't One Life to go and I've got half a drink To finish to review the gadget honestly You can actually drink while playing I'm The boss probably come on The gaming YouTuber so I was gonna say Tommy win it oh great yeah great just Rub it all in I mean that's just stupid You don't think that's more than a party Dress I think that's ridiculous I have Some potentially bright news for you Though I'm about to Nerf myself further This is a custom modded Nintendo switch Controller one hand can reach every Single one of the buttons so we've seen I can beat you with two hands we're Going to see now if I can beat you with One so this is for disabled and Paralyzed people who only have one hand To be able to fully play like console Games oh that's great well first hit First hit on me God damn it I should be winning you're getting Destroyed by the Mr comes nope stay away From me stay away from me Say it no said a lot Congratulations this is a Nine out of ten feels good to press as Well on that note there is a PlayStation Version someone's 3D printed every Single part of this in their garage like No that's real you have my support now I Have such a soft spot for handheld

Gaming you wouldn't believe the amount Of time I used to spend under the covers With just me and my Game Boy and so when I found out that there was a device that Allows you to play actual PlayStation 5 Games on your smartphone you can bet That I jumped at it oh wow oh wow Terrible died within about four seconds I'm actually so happy right now that Actually feels so good it's just surreal Seeing a game like this being played on A smartphone like form factor it feels Like an OLED switch but much much better Like imagine these graphics on a switch Like never right this is the first one I Can say I would I would buy this this is A night like can you play this on the Train or does it it has to be an In-house thing you can play it in the Toilet inclining I think I'd have to Give that maybe even a 9.5 fulfilled my Childhood fantasy I would say here you Go man this is a gift from meetable you Bought it for yourself so I'm really Thank you very much but we can step the Game consoles up further by not just Streaming over Wi-Fi but actually having Your home console on the go with you That's sharp it's colorful it's got like A matte anti-glare finish as well the Benefit of this is you could carry an Xbox and everything you need to play in A backpack okay so it's not like a Perfect solution because this needs a

Power connection and this needs a power Connection or you can just take a switch Oh yeah it's like bigger than a laptop Like that's going to take up a lot of Travel size imagine it's quite delicate As well I think this is one of the ones I really liked in concept but yeah Having actually played it and seen it I Think the reality of it is Impractical I Would give this like a six out of ten Because I think it's a perfect execution But what's the functionality of it What's the point six out of ten let's Close that window Okay so what's been your experience with VR uh not great it makes me motion sick This is the taxi x40 it's called the x40 Because it has 40 different haptic Points that can simulate feeling in 40 Different parts of your body If you shoot the gun like do you feel it I need to load oh I'm dropping all the Bullets hello yeah begin it stop saying That to me No no no no did you get hit yes I got Hit I got shot in the back no all right You can have that go how did it feel a Little ants on me back no no I don't Like that Ah tell me is that you no that was the Best what I'm about to try and Experience is cooking a grenade and Exploding it in front of me which is Going to trigger every single haptic

Motor Feeling it I see what you mean yeah so It doesn't hurt that much but it's it's Knowing that you're getting shot and That's the feeling of the bullet that's A grenade I'm actually really scared can I blow myself up this feels too real That was my closest to death experience I've ever had It is PC time this weapons got really Serious I'm very excited this is my home Turf Tommy would you describe yourself As a skilled gamer absolutely not well We'll see if tech can turn you into one We've got some more games stay away from Me first up in the PC section the USB Foot pedals so they're completely Programmable so each of these buttons Like that could just enter your email Address if you wanted to this will be so Good for streaming it'd be like playing A drum kit with your computer as the kid Okay we're in fortnite oh wow look I'm Using the Pokemon there's a jump it's so Loud Is less about like improving the gaming More about people who are screening Their gaming to manage their different Softwares I think so you know let's be So good for editing and Premiere you Should send this to your editor and see If he gets out okay I actually can't Believe how many control options PC Gamers get because then we have a mouse

With a joystick attached to it whoa so We're gonna see if that is gonna Elevate What does this dude you can move and Look around with just your mouse See if you can get a kill with just the Mouse it's straining my films I'll say That feels very intuitive we have combat We have combat okay hands off hands off Right all right I'm getting behind the Tree adjusting the movement also changes Where the mouse is looking Foreign Nothing else no what is it it's actually A device that you can run your mouse Cable into and a it neatens it up and B Stops IT dragging against your desk Surface oh okay whoa this is cool I've Never done this before do you feel the Lack of drag on the table Deal actually it's kind of unnerving It's like oh it's freaking me out there The tautness is actually keeping your Mouse like fully in control yeah this is Interesting this is weird I'm like Really it's kind of a nerving I don't Like it so that's what I'm like cool I Want to spend more time with it I think It's like a seven yeah I'm interested in This so you are currently 20th there's a Decent chance you think you're gonna win Yeah but now this is the Razer Tartarus Which I know it looks more like a mouse It's actually a keyboard but it has one Interesting twist so the idea of this

Gadget is that it's bringing all of the Keys that you actually need for gaming Which is not all of the entire keyboard Right in front of your fingertips this Is just stressful oh jump it's like There's a massive key down here you know What actually I'm not hating this you Have like a joystick you've got a button There you've got a scroll wheel you have A lot of tools at your disposal you Definitely look the part every button on This has a phone we have to change now So would you say you're a minimum oh my God really okay let me heal uh no but This is your new keyboard no I'm so Close to the One okay quick you have a total of three Keys here wait how do I reload I've got To be very sparing with bullets if you Had only three buttons to allocate it Which three would they be quick game Watch Mr who's a boss there's two people Left right [Music] No way very good with this that was very Impressive it makes up for your smash Performance so seeing as three keys Wasn't enough to Nerf you I have one Final keyboard that you are very much Not going to enjoy This is a joke it feels like one of the Buttons you like send off in unicorn Does it work it's Justified it's just a Single button oh my God

I can't open the inventory to remap have You ever played around with custom Keycapses so I have some fun ones for me To try it's called an interactive Cooking pot Kika this is what you expect To be testing when you came in so is There any use for a custom pickup There's no use this is a minus 100 out Of 10. you're gonna lose this when You're five seconds the dog's gonna eat This okay so I'm hoping you think this Next one is better oh a Lego Lego I look Like a this would be cool you could put A whole Lego build on this and then you Press it down no no Lego brick that Doesn't actually fit any Lego that's Like the worst of Both Worlds every time You tap your key you're basically Impaling your finger on a piece This is apparently a working fidget Spinner oh my god Tommy spinner you Can't beat me to it That's pretty fast yay final keycap this Is my favorite so this is the original Apple Mac computer and the keyboard that Came with it yeah I like that that's Cute man we're getting to the really Weird now though with the azeron cyborg You've never used anything like this Right I don't think anyone else I guess My concern with it is that it looks like It's learning a new language from Scratch yeah this is a bit much so every Single finger has at least six things it

Can press how long do you think it would Take you to get like muscle memory or Something like this Which ones shoot I don't know so one by One I am figuring out these key bindings That's absolutely incredible I think the Coolest part about it is that once it's Molded to your fingers the amount of Travel between your fingers and the Buttons is absolutely tiny the tough one Is so cool and as well feels like it has A functionality You probably don't even know what that Is looks like you ask Jinx it's actually Even better than that this is the Orbitouch a keyboard that gives you full Access to all 128 key functions as well As every single Mouse interaction all While requiring zero finger or wrist Motion to operate this bit here has a b C d e so if you move that one there You've selected one of those five then If I do a oh whoa it looks like it's Kind of designed for like a really Corporate office environment oh that's Actually really fun though H e Am I doing it yeah yeah oh [Music] Oh I glow oh it is what it's trying to Be it's nice like I like things that Nail exactly How much based on the way this thing Looks and feels do you think this thing

Costs 100 [Music] . 550. never mind I'm not blown away This is our frankly insane looking lyric Speaker and I think it's gonna blow him Away it's a speaker with I guess you Could see a trick of its sleeve is it a Monitor maybe kind of looks like a Modern art piece this is really weird Oh oh wow that's loud The sound is incredible Yeah yeah look so you know the rule it's Not just like reading out a transcript Like it's displaying the lyrics and like A really artistic oh wow yeah Never Gonna Let You down practically speaking This is not worth 2600 but it's a nice Sounding artistic piece I'm surprised How good it sounds yeah yeah a good base It's surprising but that is solid I Think this would be like a Satan but just because of the price tag It wouldn't be you have to see it as a Piece of art thanks for watching Subscribe now or I'll kill you that work

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