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Five minutes to get not one not two but Eleven of the rarest limited edition Smartphones on the planet this has taken Me months I've had to hire middlemen Just to be able to Source some of the Rarer ones oh yeah and my car got Blocked three times because my bank was Convinced there was no way that I would Actually do this but here we are so Let's find out if it was worth it it's From the least expensive all the way to The most expensive so kick things off With the Coca-Cola phone two boxes we'll Start with a small one you've got an Insert on top which will open by peeling Off the Cola bottle layout except that's Completely pointless because you still Have to open it from the other side to Peel that didn't work peel Kill oh my goodness okay two sheets of Pretty nice stickers you got a Membership card which does nothing oh This is cool and then a Sim ejector tool Shaped after a Cola bottle cap which is Equally unaccessible and yep I've bent That one in half this is going really Well and then the phone Does feel quite drinkable I feel like They perfectly match the sheen of that To an actual Coke you've got a special Boot up sound on home screen a unique Coca-Cola charging animation even a Coca-Cola shutter sound this is so Ridiculously cheap for a limited edition

Especially considering there's only 6 000 units but I guess the core phone Parts like the screen and the camera are Pretty mediocre so I guess it bounces Out if that's the phone what is in here Ting God's name is this Okay it's like a dude made of coke I Really can't tell if this is actually Cool or if it's just junk what do you Think oh I wonder if this is made so That we can actually open the can [Music] This this is not our table now stepping Things up to 470 we got the Astro Boy Phone it's based off a Japanese anime All about a boy who gets killed and then Is brought back to life as a robot it's Kind of dark but I think it's a cool Plant it's a pretty ordinary sized Package this time around so it will take The outer sleeve off and we've got an Upper box which has both a selection of Sticker packs and a pretty skimpy but Quite strong feeling case got the phone Anything special below that Already let's focus on this okay wow This is Lively it's very heavily Customized theme here very red and black Very gamer oh do you know what the back Of this phone is crazy though the level Of detail is insane for the price I Guess they're showing the fact that on The surface he just looks like a normal Boy but inside this boy is wired up

We've even got the poor guys specs on The side Let's test the charging Animation Oh cool it's his head filling up look at The dial pad who can I call hi Mom how's The car keeping up the head crush is so Comfortable Probably better if you don't sleep on it It's a hundred dollars we're already at A stage where I don't think I've ever Been this excited for a limited edition It's Harry Potter time They're just stunning so the cube slips Are off and underneath we've got a what Is up with me in this packaging today Okay A little sheet of stickers and a Manual plus a leather strap to keep the Earphones tied up this is cool we've got The earphones so these are the Harry Potter redmi buds for Oh the golden snitch man this is quality Weighty stuff right here and then the Earphones themselves safe to say the Unboxing is magical what about the sound Though so the hinge is nice and snappy But not quite as firm as higher in Earbuds the earbuds are very much on the Shiny side oh they've got little uh Magical spell sounds when you put them In really good passive noise Cancellation I feel like I'm in a bubble It's got quite nice sparkly high notes It just doesn't hit super hard on the Deep end it's about the phone I mean

This kind of takes the presentation of a Whole other level it looks like a proper Spell book so take off the magnetic Tab And oh God it's a letter from Hogwarts No my current unboxing track record I'm Gonna destroy this one too oh oh okay Got it so this is like the letter that's Given to witches and wizards to prepare For their first day at school we've got A custom Sim ejector tool of course it Says platform nine and three quarters You can really tell this redmi company Is trying to properly maximize this Opportunity and cram every Harry Potter Easter egg in one go into this at the Bottom there's an insert with 3 four Pages of stickers a case I've actually Got a proper gold Button as well Everything about this phone is custom And I really appreciate that the map oh This is like the Marauders map except It's actually a manual for the phone and Then the phone oh there's something else Underneath it's a normal charger and Cable okay never mind let's unwrap this Bad boy Wow there's so much going on here oh the Cameras are linked like spectacles if You've got the lightning bolt just above Which is kind of like Harry's forehead The text has embossed the logo is glossy This is nice there's so many phones like This where essentially the company only Really wants people from one particular

Region to buy it presumably because That's the only region for which they Actually have bought the licenses For The Brand in this case the phone was Made for China so in order for us to Actually get one here in the UK we had To work with the Chinese resident who Had to order it on our behalf receive it Repackage it up and then resend it Across the world absolutely worth it Though the golden snitch the golden Snitch flies off into Hogwarts this is So cool oh it lets you change your Crest To one of the four houses and you know What it's not just the presentation of The phone that's leveled up this time The actual core spec behind it is also Way improved it's got 120 hertz OLED Display a high-end Snapdragon chip 12 Gigabytes of RAM we've got a very dainty Looking custom font for the clock what About custom ringtone Thank you That's not Harry Potter is it I mean There is absolutely no way that the Company is making significant profit on This the only purpose of this device and Phones like this is to appear in front Of the eyes of a completely new audience This is why you see some really strange Phone collabs that on the face of it Might seem very not typical that's Actually the entire goal just like Actually the Hello Kitty which has

Relatively modest packaging compared to What we come from but notice those Hidden kitties on the surface we'll come Back to those so near the top is a case Kind of weird looking I feel like it Just looks kind of blurry this is not For me we've got the phone and then Underneath that's a pretty standard Table and charger so what makes this so Special well I have to say I think this Is actually my favorite core phone Design that I've seen so far it's Extremely smooth all the way around Because the screen curves the back Curves it's basically like holding a Really rounded Pebble I love the little Red accents on the button the camera Rings the text and the Finish is almost Like a hairy texture to it it's like Stroking a cat at least it's not as Dirty as Milo oh this is very happy Really nice and crisp screen there's not Too much else in the way of theming I Was kind of hoping for a cat filter in The camera it's quite a selfie focused Phone look at this you've got one times 0.8 times and the 0.6 times two that's a Wide selfie but I have not shown you the Coolest thing yet the main thing that Makes this special is the fact that this Is photochromic glass which can respond To UV light and change color I hope this Works I'm going to do a concentrated Beam of UV light on this one poor little

Kitty at the top and it's gone red I Don't think they're expecting you to Carry around a UV torch but it means That if you're using it in direct Sunlight you'll notice the change I can't believe I've hired the fanciest Venue I could possibly find and I'm sat Here playing with my Hello Kitty phone Hey if you're enjoying this video then a Sub to the channel would be Per perfect Right now we're heading straight to Flagship territory with the Sony Xperia One mark IV gaming Edition sorry I was Just trying to do a cool intro so this Is a pretty ordinary flagship phone by Most accounts it doesn't come with any Crass branding or unique colors if That's shockingly Bland what makes this A special gaming addition though is what It comes with the Xperia screen this is Where the phones get serious We don't really have any uh lights to Change in here or TVs Oh no there's a TV there to be fair keep Going keep going keep going okay perfect That's meant to be blue anyways this was Not actually available anywhere but Japan so I was Google translating the Entire thing and only like 30 sure that It was actually going to turn up so this Is a relief so the experience stream is Effectively a case that completely Blocks the phone's cameras because

Gamers don't take photos apparently but It does make it feel like a Kind of like a first gen PSP it's meaty That's probably the right word if we Power the phone on there is actually a Full-on fan at the back the air is Actually spilling onto my fingers though That's quite nice but to be honest the More surprising thing is this has a Full-on ethernet that feels very Overkill but what I'm actually quite Excited about is also HDMI alright so Let's try and plug it into this Ridiculous TV HDMI in feels so weird to Do that to a phone oh we're on it's very Very Snappy and responsive let's open a Game [Applause] So that's what the fan sounds like how Does a fan so small make so much noise It does feel very cinematic to have the Video and the audio coming out of a big Screen like this but is it useful I Guess one perk is if I'm playing a Mobile game and I want my friends to Watch what I'm doing this is one way of Doing that the phone does also have a Couple of other really cool features for Gaming like a really bright 4K screen And a software feature called Low gamma Razer to kind of bring up the darker Areas and allow you to properly see Enemies trying to hide in them at twelve Hundred dollars then it's actually one

Of the more accessible limited editions Out there Samsung's exclusive online s23 Variants okay so nice chunky box you get A free pair of Galaxy buds two on top That's about 150 worth of earphones just The normal black ones though nothing Custom there manuals uh that's actually Just an ad oh another peel tag Okay I didn't screw that one up and this Is interesting a pretty colorful version Of the normal s23 Ultra box it's got two Very short but very satisfying tags on The back and then inside wow that is red Okay there's no two ways about it this Easily looks better than the default Photo I do wish the red was a little bit More vibrant but it's nice to have some Color and then it transitions into matte Black sides this isn't like a branded Collab but it is quite interesting how Samsung saves what they must know are The best color options for exclusively Their website I guess when you're buying The phone off Samsung Direct that's Where they make the highest margin so This is their way of nudging people Towards that oh yeah one thing they do Do though is the wallpaper on this phone Is a slightly warmer shade than the Wallpaper on the other Galaxy s23 Ultras It's the little victories okay we're Into what I would call The Uber tier now Don't ask me how I got this thing it's Almost impossible but in front of you

Right now is the Vincent Van Gotham holy Cow look at the artwork this is his most Famous painting The Starry Night brought Into three dimensions I am mesmerized Right now so if you open the box up what Does it say the sight of the Stars makes Me dream I think I'm gonna cry this is a Proper luxury experience I mean charger Oh cranky I have more built for this and Then there's two separate cables have we Ever seen this before why would there be Two cables and then a second charger What is going on there's a case this Feels good it's very smooth and look at The size of the camera module there's a Standard Sim ejector below that and then The device Holy cow this is the most incredible Smartphone display I've ever seen it Goes right up to the corners you can't See the front camera at all it's Invisible the colors are intense I guess It makes a lot of sense on this phone Since it's all about art I don't think I've ever seen a front camera that well Disguised but the quality is going to Suck oh God that's actually even worse Than I expected oh you can actually see The The Matrix of the display then you Look at the screen and you just want to Forgive it and the back has a very very Fine almost like vinyl texture I think It would have had to have been laser Etched this is so cool so it's got a

Special switch on the top corner and the Second you toggle it it opens a camera Actually yeah wait this is the largest Camera module I think I've ever seen on A phone how good is it oh well it can Take a cracking photo of my hand photos Are incredible but it's really when You're taking video that you tend to Notice the the difference between Companies who spend a lot of time Optimizing and the companies you don't It's Transformers time this is the Optimus Prime phone and as it turns out It arrived to me at the exact same time This which was actually a massive Coincidence they don't come together but I think it'd be dumb of me to not show Them off together so the phone first Comes in a beast of a box I love this Pin on top Super premium and then the Insert has a black custom Sim ejector Manuals and a case which is actually Made of metal in the middle to allow Heat to be conducted out through it Which is kind of incredible got a secret Hidden draw at the top which has a Massive charger the bottom drawer has a Cooling attachment and then the phone This look is right up my alley this has Got such a cool finish and the fact that The entire middle is metal is a Practical thing too because it just Helps to get heat out of the phone got a Very over sharpened looking Transformers

Wallpaper kind of futuristic font on the Clock oh and there is the fan this phone Actually has a fan on the inside which Is cool but surely not needed for me to Be on the home screen God these icons Are so heavily customized I can't even Tell what's what this is another one of Those phones that's using an invisible Front-facing camera and while I do Definitely hate the hit the quality that It has right now it does make the screen Look a lot better so you've got a whole Load of different customer wallpapers Pre-installed but I think the fact that These wallpapers are so over sharpened And the fact that it's just kind of Cluttered it just makes it feel a bit Cheap even though it's absolutely not Cheap like I know I'm nitpicking but Given that this is the default wallpaper Of the phone it shouldn't be shipping With a widget sitting right on top of Optimus Prime's face and to complete the Look let's have a look at Optimus Prime Himself This is not a toy this is a piece of Equipment it comes in a proper suitcase And damn what an insane thing to Actually exist this would have been like A dream birthday present for me like 15 Years ago so if I open up the app for The robot This Is Us uh remote control oh my god Oh no

No [Music] I think I just had a nerd Castle I think We've actually got weapons in this box There you go there's so many different Movements you can make them do I kind of Feel like it'd be so perfect to make This dance the hand recoils up to every Single shot it fires Keep popping away from me look you can Make your own actions to get full Control over every single one of its Joints left wrist right wrist waist is Really intricately done do you think He'd beat Milo in a fight now if you've Been watching Tech YouTube for years now I'd be very surprised if you haven't Heard of Genji impact it's kind of Become the game to test out how powerful A new phone is and so having again Shin Impact branded phone is a pretty big Deal I think this is another one of Those Double Trouble kind of situations So the slightly smaller box is a pair of Earbuds these should actually be higher End than the Harry Potter ones from Earlier considering the price gap Between the two phones and I love the Presentation I believe this is the Backpack from CLE one of the playable Characters and the earphones themselves Wow they're so smooth it's like an egg That's kind of pretty I mean the Attention to detail is supreme got a

Little sliver of gold around the USBC Board and also this really fine Corrugated texture within the earphones Very bouncy and upbeat sound the biggest Thing actually is just how crisp it is Still a little bit lacking on the base End but I would rate these a solid 8 out Of ten for the price I've actually also Realized this little pull tab on this Whoa an ejector tool it's absolutely Massive this is so cool Wait a sec we might actually need to Censor this Time for the phone I mean I've actually Covered a limited edition genshing Impact phone before but that one was Pretty Harvest but this is most Definitely the real deal I mean this is So dense and premium it's packaged like Some sort of Holy Scripture whoa this is Unexpected 3D pre-framed artwork I mean This is how you do it there's a mouse Map underneath that I mean that's way Better than some limited editions that Just Chuck a poster in there this is Something you can actually use okay so What else there's a case again this is By no means vanilla it's got the Character okay three more boxes in here The first one is a Coin oh okay it's a stand for this ghost Which is just I guess a nice dense Little statue there's a pretty standard OnePlus charging cable because this is a

OnePlus collab now the charger is also Slightly customized wait what 160 Watts All right let's look at this Smartphone Oh wow I mean that's a proper animated Lock screen oh it kind of dies a little Bit on the inside I mean the theme looks Somewhat cohesive but more importantly I Guess not messy which is more that I can Say for some of these ones it's also got A special edition genshin impact themed Always on clock see what the charging Animation is like Oh cool it's like anime fire and when You unplug the fire slowly Fades away I Wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of this Whole design here kind of looks like Someone's half peeled off a protector That was meant to be on the back but This mock color is something that I want To see more of it has a really nice Texture it is smooth but it's also very Very slightly gritty right so just Before we get to what I would call the Ultra Luxury price range we have a 3 000 Phone here this is the s23 ultra BMW Edition why is it three thousand dollars Well on top you got a sub box which is Apparently a cup holder and a wireless Charger but I guess the concept is that Lots of BMWs out there don't have Wireless chargers or cup holders so Let's add one to them thank you And then the main box Car

Believe this is real this is a proper Metal car Bonnet they're calling it The Ultimate G23 so the first thing you see On top is a box with not one but two Little posters inside of it we've got The phone case which is quite Interesting this is actually the shape Of BMW's new grilles that they started Using which not everyone loves we've got The box with the phone itself and fridge Magnet we are BMW Motorsport I guess all Right so if we take off this layer oh my Goodness this is thing else I guess this Is every BMW logo Through the Ages Crystallized into coins and then if we Take that layer off it just keeps giving I mean at least no BMW fan is going to Be disappointed here so okay some papers That tell you about BMW on the phone the Collector's case for every single one of These coins some BMW branded wait what Is this can someone please tell me what This is you've got what I think is a Magnetic sunglasses holder this is all Very unexpected for a phone a keychain Which can fit whatever your favorite Coin in the collection was and then well Apparently an actual air compressor I Thought it was a power bank first then I Thought it was an iPod but no this will Inflate your 10 year old football and Then the phone Of course I screwed it up some things Never change but if I try hard enough

Get through That is a cool boot screen Oh and then we've got a fancy moving Lock screen as well oh the home button Is a BMW logo to be fair to them they've Even made a custom icon pack for all the Samsung apps at least it is also the BMW Vantage app which used to control your BMW car if you have one but I actually Don't own a car I'm really torment how I Feel about this phone because on one Hand you know the software is great the Packaging and presentation is thorough To a level that I don't think I've ever Seen before they made the phone itself Just plain black it's not even a new Color I mean yeah it does come with a Special case but if you decide not to Use that no one would even know that You're using the BMW Edition and it's Three thousand dollars plus and this one Phone right here took me about two Months to get hold of I actually needed To employ the help of another YouTuber Danny winget who knows another guy who Helped me to actually get it if you Thought my last few phones are expensive Just one item within this box is worth Over ten thousand dollars Oh god it feels so good I missed Russia So oh that's cool four little magnetic Tabs inside that Another suitcase this is classic caviar Wow this is such a slick finale

It says caviar Desperado so this has not Been opened before I really really hope This is the unlock code otherwise we've Got some trouble Yes it is [Music] Okay let's take that top layer off no Way they've actually given me gloves is This like a hint Okay so we've got a USBC cable we've got a pair of Apple Earpods you'd like to think genuine Hello Yes all good thank you oh What do you think would you use it [Music] Probably one of the stranger things Happened in this wall There's two more inserts over here That's a case How much do you reckon this phone case Is worth Really premium this is what looks like Crocodile leather this is what I assume Will be 24 karat gold and it's ribbed All on the inside to make sure your Phone stays in place I will say a lot of Things that come out of this company's Doors are quite garish this I actually Don't mind so this is twelve hundred Dollars it's a twelve hundred dollar Case and they've used electroplating to Get the gold on there which basically Uses a current to allow them to apply a Really really thin layer of metal and in

The other envelope it's a load of papers And certificates and signatures it's not Important right this is Ow this is the true centerpiece I feel Like some sort of jewelry dealer to the Far left we've got some sort of chain That they've secured down by using pins Just seems unnecessarily dangerous this Is the heaviest chain I think I've ever Held an independent to attach to it That's just a full-on bullet it says Silence is gold as much as this goes Against all of my natural fashion urges Oh wow but look I'm slowly being turned Into a gangster a gangster who speaks Queen's English so these are the airpods Pro second generation but again leather All the way around the outside and a Skull with the LED right in between the Eyes that feels slightly morbid and it's Kind of crazy because these airpods on Their own without the phone without the Case are three thousand dollars and I Imagine a big part of why is that they Come with these so this is some sort of Attachment that's apparently inspired by Dubai but the concept according to Caviar is that Dubai is just this place That embodies luxury everything about The buildings what people wear the Culture and so this is designed to Reflect that by having elements of the Private Palm Jumeirah Island I mean they Still just sound like airpods which is

To say good but you know not three Thousand dollars and to take that to the Next level It's properly wedged in there how do you Get this out oh God I hate to do this This doesn't feel right Oh sugar I have just cracked the screen I use the Charger to try and get it out please Tell me that's the screen protector Just the screen protector this is Absolutely crazy and I'm going through Airport security with one of these or Even just like taking a phone call on The train if you use this for a year What do you think's the likelihood that Someone doesn't call Security on you on At least one occasion okay so the black Stuff is Aviation titanium which we've Actually tried shooting with a gun Before it's very very strong these Patterns are all gold electroplated and The handle of the gun is actual wood Limited edition 199. these are the materials they've Used in it this is almost definitely the Most textured detailed frightening phone I've ever held in my hands all right Let's record this on the ten thousand Dollar phone so about three months ago I Started using Opera's internet browser Every single day for a very simple Reason it can use Lucid mode to make Everything that you watch on this

Browser sharper reduce the blur and Increase the contrast but just recently It has gone to a whole new level thanks To the AI tools it's the first browser That has chat GPT and chat Sonic baked Into the sidebar so you can talk to it Without even changing tabs when browsing Plus let's just say that you come across An article that you're really interested In but it's like 5 000 words with this Browser you just click shorten and Opera Will use the natural language processing Of chat gbt to summarize it if you're Applying for a job you can just ask it To write your cover letter you can tell It what you have left in your fridge and It'll tell you what you can make with it And you can enable all this stuff via The easy setup button in the top right Corner Opera says this is just the start Like not only do they have the built-in Ad blocker and the free VPN they've Actually announced a collaboration with Openai the company behind chat GPT but I Won't spoil the details Link in the Description to get it now for free

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