I tested Smart-Home Gadgets…that are ACTUALLY Smart.

This is a robot cleaner for your windows It uses vacuum sealing technology to Defy gravity sticking to Vertical Windows and staying stuck even while It's navigating its way around the Windows while spraying them with water Look at the difference that is actually Really impressive I feel like it has to Be said I am kind of sick of most smart Home gadgets that are basically just Normal gadgets but with some kind of app That half the time makes everything take Longer so welcome to 12 of my favorite Smart home gadgets that are actually Smart so for example whenever you get Wet and you want to Trail so fast so Cold what do you do in this situation Use a towel of course but then that's Just one extra thing that needs to go in The wash and if you have lots of people Who want to dry themselves then you're Going to need a lot of towels so this Company decided to use a different Method creating a platform that Effectively fires negatively charged Ions at the water molecules all over Your body breaking the actual H2O up on A molecular level oh yeah and it's also A set of scales so you can weigh Yourself I do like how they've made These touchscreen controls usable with Your feet this feels so much nicer than Toweling but also because it's not Relying solely on evaporation you can

Also switch to a cold air setting for That blue me away Some dry humor for you we just got hot Now let's get steamy with the portable Automatic ironing machine which starts Off as this not so little box when you Want to use it extends into I guess what Looks like some sort of alien life pod There is a T-Fal version of the same Thing if you prefer the brand but we saw This one on Tick Tock and it's my soul Mate so we've got one of the most Horrendously crumpled shirts here so you Hook up an item on the inside attach the Clips to stretch it out zip up the door And then it uses six high pressure steam Vents at the bottom to blast your item Of clothing smoothing out the wrinkles a UV lamp to sterilize it aromatherapy Capsules to make it smell how you like And then also a dryer so let's turn it On and see what the shirt looks like When it's done okay so we all own a Table right and I imagine most of us Also have a decent ish selection of Board games so why not combine the two This is the Infinity game table and it's Such a perfect concert because it's the Dinner table or the coffee table in most Houses is where the socializing happens And so I think there isn't a single Better place to have games accessible at Your fingertips Probably get rid of this one much better

So we've got a fairly solid set of metal Legs I'd say this is about an average Looking table but hey it's all about This 32 inch impact and water resistant Capacitive touchscreen display and then Under the hood it's basically a custom Designed games console designed to play A hell of a lot of board games there's Around 40 games pre-installed there's Some quick ones like Tic-tac-toe and Table football which naturally works Pretty well on a table but then you can Also just whack on a full-on game and Monopoly if you're planning to stick Around for a while and I would say They've pulled it off kind of well some Of the games do lack a bit of Polish and They don't run at the absolute best Frame rate but it is just so convenient The zero setup it's on in an instant and The fact that the games are all digital Has allowed the company to really Creatively bring them to life like the Table actually has Rumble when you're Rolling dice for example plus because This is basically a full-on computer you Can also save games and carry them on Another day and I think this is so funny You can even connect over the Internet To play online versus your other smart Table buddies but let's be very honest That is about as niche as features get Still this is an 8 out of 10. now if I Wasn't already warmed up enough by the

Dryer this next product is going to Properly sort me out this is the highest Rated Smart toilet seat on Amazon And by smart I don't mean like you can Control this with Alexa this is just Actually clever so for starters it's Heated which when you first try it does Kind of feel like you're sitting on a Seat that someone else has just got off Which is not the best mental picture but Once you push past that it's actually Really freeing because it keeps you as Warm as you would be with clothes but Just without Mr Beast was not wrong when He recommended I get one of these but There's more it detects when you're done And uses Ultraviolet to disinfect it's Got a baked in soft close mechanism and Then there's the bidet which I mean There is no nice way to describe this Uses a powerful jet of water to clean Your posterior more thoroughly than Tissue paper alone so we've got Posterior mode we've got feminine mode Turbo wash oh [Laughter] Oh no when is it gonna stop well then Following your turbo wash you can also Use the heating unit on the inside to Dry your butt the only two downsides I Would say is that a you've got to make Sure it fits the style of your existing Toilet which I would not say this does And B it does also need to be connected

To the mains which is not something Everyone has in their bathroom but to be Fair it's not something that a sneaky Extension cable can't fix nothing bibe To me I guess even with UV sterilization Though you are still going to have to Properly clean your toilet every now and Again which is where this next Gadget Comes in this is the gidel toilet Cleaning robot and honestly I think I Speak for everyone when I say toilet Cleaning is one job none of us would Hate to automate so the robot is Completely waterproof it's made of Antimicrobial plastic and it's Apparently designed to intelligently Navigate its way around obstacles but Essentially the idea is let's just say You've eaten some really bad street food Over the last few days you just plug This robot into your toilet seat click The on button And hit go Where are you going it automatically Adapts to the shape of your toilet bowl And scrubs every part of the inside of The toilet including the rim which you Probably struggle to or forget to do With your hands and if you're enjoying This video then a sub to the channel Would be A treat I would say this is a six out of Ten Gadget it's very extra and it's not Really even a Time Saver because

Cleaning the toilet yourself is a pretty Quick process but it's more the fact That it's extremely thorough with its Cleaning and also great for older people Who might struggle to bend down all the Time and once you're done with it you Just whack it into a stop over here Cute not gonna lie okay time for a Couple of quick simple gadgets before The big hitters first up being the Telescopic magnetic torch in this gadget Single-handedly solves the problem of Finding your lost items and for starters It's an extremely bright torch to be Able to see into the dark depths of your Home and ReDiscover all that junk you Lost 10 years ago and it's got a little Bendy neck at the top which also means You can make it face whatever Direction You want and then it's also a magnet so Any screws Keys pens you've got left Under there it'll suck them right up and Then if that magnet's not enough there Is a much stronger one on the other side And then just as simple when it's Practical this thing right here is an Automatic Pan stirrer so you know me you Know I love to optimize my time right Well when you're cooking a complex dish And you just want one less thing to Worry about all you do is you stick this Stirrer into one of your patterns push This button to turn it on and it starts Vibrating the legs are shaped in such a

Way that this vibration then causes it To spin and bounce around the pan mixing Everything and there's even three power Settings depending on how thick your Dish is it's very thoroughly mixed that Entire thing and about 30 seconds it's Definitely better at soups and curries Than it is at like dense risotto but When it works it really does work okay Quick check in on the ironing it's still In progress but it looks very promising By how inflated this bag is tell you What though it has warmed the entire Room up all right time for the top five Now one of my favorite Vibes of all time Is just to be sitting next to a fire I Did a bonfire last year with my team and I can't tell you how much I love the Warmth the crackle and just the way it Looks it's so interesting well the spin 90 is basically all the best bits of Fire with all the caveats taken away so You can probably imagine I've been Pretty excited to tell you about it so For starters I think it's the perfect Size it's small enough that it can Easily fit onto one of your tables but It's big enough that it still feels like A communal fire that people can gather Around and then the fire itself has a Bit of a Twist there's no electronics Here it's a very simple case of you Light the fluid at the bottom and we put The glass tube back on the spin 90 takes

In air from the bottom and then channels It to move in this corkscrew-like path As it's drawn upwards through the glass Cylinder making the flame itself This Magnificent spiral ah Simba okay I love it and you might have also Noticed we're using this indoors and That's because it runs on bioethanol That's completely odorless and smokeless And then when you're done Slip the lid on and it extinguishes this Is at least an 8 out of ten now from the Burning hot straight to the icy cold the Cooper cooler is advertised as the Fastest way to cool your drink on a hot Day okay so two identical cans of Diet Coke they've both been resting in a warm Room all day so they're sitting at Around 22 degrees Celsius each the way It works is you put some ice and water Into the main chamber you just put your Can on top close the lid and just before I start that we'll stick the other can In the fridge just to see the difference Start Wow it's spinning is so fast while Spraying it with this ice cold water Which basically means that the water is At its coldest as it touches the cannon And then as it draws out the heat from The can and gets warmer as a result it Then passes through the ice to cool Itself down again before being recycled Repeatedly and then after two minutes it

Stops so the one we've been keeping in The fridge is at about 19 degrees Celsius this one's at eight that's Actually colder than a fridge would be Even if you left it in overnight and Probably the most surprising part of This is that even straight after that You can actually just open it and drink It fine it's not going to explode so I'd Probably give this a seven it's really Good at what it does it can do cans it Can do bottles but for the vast majority Of you a fridge is still the most Sensible way to cool your drink right Picture frame time and this was actually A collab that you never saw coming Between Furniture Company Ikea and Audio Company Sonos so you stick it on a wall Just like you would have picked a frame It's got interchangeable artwork so you Can hop over to Etsy and get basically Anything you want to put onto it but it Does only come with this one out the box Which is not what I call a showstopper But it achieves its purpose because it's Also a full-on Sonos wi-fi speaker with All the app control that comes with that Which is quite special because it's one Thing to have great sounding music Coming out of a giant speaker tower There's a very different thing to have That speaker just blending in and being A natural part of the room itself and It's better sounding than you'd think

For such a thin frame I describe the Sound as crisp and bouncy and light and Maybe my favorite part of this is that You can actually daisy chain two of These next to each other and only need One power supply this is an eight so That's your relaxing coverage time to Upgrade your work life with the mole Skin smart rating set it's something my Team and I have started doing recently Is putting a lot of time into our video Thumbnails we very often sketch them out On a Samsung phone before taking the Photos for them for the sole reason that It means we can quickly share those Drawings but there is just something Undeniably satisfying about making notes With real pen on paper and the people at Moleskin knew this I mean fundamentally This is a paper notebook and a pen and a Proposal expensive one at that but this Pen connected to an app can actually Send fully accurate Recreations of each Page straight to your phone how well This notebook is not the simple paper That it seems every single page is Coated with an extremely fine mesh of Dots across it the dots allow the pen to Understand where exactly it's writing And then send that information via Bluetooth to your smartphone and this Has more benefits than you think the app Can convert your written handwriting to Digital to X you can search through your

Notes based on what's in them the pen Always knows exactly which page it's Writing on so everything is always going To be in order and then when you're done You can literally email your entire page As a PDF in two clicks and I was also Quite surprised to see that the Notebooks are not that expensive usually With products like this that kind of Lock you into a closed ecosystem and you End up paying a hefty premium to stay in It but once you've got the pen Replacement notebooks are like twenty Dollars for two so how do I top that Well with probably the strangest Gadget Of this entire video so so far we've Replaced your ironing boards your Picture frames your table your toilet Seats well How about your windows too this is the Atmos 4K virtual window 2. it's a framed Smart display that can show you any of Over 1500 Loops surround sound views all Taken by this company at mall and that Even includes fictional locations like From one piece and Star Wars but you Don't need to do that probably my Favorite thing about it is putting my Own photos and videos onto it and that's Free you're either gonna love it or hate It because yes this is not dissimilar to Just sticking a TV onto your wall but What makes this just a really nice Vibe Is all the little things the specific

Matte coating on the screen the window Like frame around the edges the fact That with each scene you also get an Entire soundscape that you can adjust to Your liking okay just before we check on The shirt then I've got one bonus Gadget Here from insta360 it's called the link And it's basically built to be the Solution to video calls that look like This it's full 4K resolution and because The camera sensor is multiple times the Size of most laptop webcams it lets in Way more light for clarity I mean the Video right now is being recorded on This webcam and the other benefit of it Being separate to your inbuilt camera is That it could move you just raise your Hand the camera will blink three times To let you know it's in AI tracking mode And it's actually wild seeing it in Action you would have to try really hard If you actually wanted to lose it and Even if I step away it's just gonna Automatically zoom in on me it's got Overhead mode that lets you show what's Happening on your desk portrait mode That lets it record full-on vertical Video for social media the movement even Means that the camera can turn to look Away from you when it's inactive so that You can be 100 sure that no program or Website is spying on you and then the Cherry on top is Phase detection Autofocus so even if I bring a really

Intricate object in front of me the Focus just snaps right to it check out The insta360 link at the link in the Description so this has taken a total Time of 30 minutes which is not quite I Am super impressed by how well it works Though and the shirt is bone dry and it Smells great

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