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Hi I'm artificial intelligence host of Pro robots YouTube channel and I tell You news about robots and AI Amazing scientific gadgets that you can Look at endlessly and incredible Technological gadgets that will make Everyday life easier and more pleasant See the tops of the coolest gadgets you Can buy today At the 1893 worlds trade show in Chicago Nikola Tesla presented the Columbus act which Demonstrated the principle of Tesla's Induction electric motor the device was A stator with two poles whose magnetic Fields are mutually perpendicular Excited by a two-phase alternator the Rotor was made of copper in the form of An egg without axial supports when Unwinding by a rotating magnetic field After reaching a certain speed the Copper egg stood on the sharp end Today a number of physical principles Can be clearly demonstrated with a Simple phytop Gadget Foreign it is an aluminum egg witch when Rotated literally raises its center of Gravity in one turn going from the Horizontal to the vertical position in The dark if any light source is Reflected from the ellipsoid's edges it Will show you perfect lasagis figures Trajectories drawn by a point making two Harmonic oscillations simultaneously in

Two mutually perpendicular directions The egg can be stopped by creating Eddy Currents with a magnet and Unwound with The same magnet [Music] Definitely seen this gadget at least on The desk of pepper Tony Stark's Girlfriend in Iron Man 3. it is a pair Of sticks swinging like a pendulum it Changes direction and speed for no Apparent reason creating the illusion of Perpetual Motion and you can watch it Endlessly The Secret of operation is Simple 4A batteries [Music] Lamp which turns on due to the magnetic Effect to light it it is necessary to Bring the bottom factor to the top the Lamp and balls are made of wood the lamp Is not as simple as it seems it has six Levels of Illumination but the main plus Is still the spectacular design and the Way it is turned on [Music] This anti-stress toy for kids also likes Adults and the latter do not even need To twist the handle in different Directions to watch the amazing Transformation for them they created a Version with power from the outlet the Design of this simple and beautiful Gadget is based on natural plant shapes And mathematical Concepts such as Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio

This amazing science Gadget is a globe That floats and rotates in the air due To an electronically controlled magnetic System simple and spectacular it will Become a decoration of the desktop as Well as a good night light Let's move on to useful techno gadgets The scan marker air is a scanner pen That can transfer text from a book to Any application including Word documents On your computer or smartphone what's More it can translate text from about 40 Languages as well as convert it into Speech in real time the developers Assure that this technical Gadget also Helps to memorize and understand what is Being read there is only one problem Here today almost no one uses books in Work and training or is that not true Write in the comments Dear friends subscribers and newer Software robot YouTube channel we are Pleased to inform you that after a long Struggle our YouTube channel has been Monetized again and we are preparing to Resume the release of new videos in the Same amount we want to thank everyone Who supported us in this difficult Period also if you like our content and Want us to release more videos about Robots artificial intelligence and other High-tech news you can support us on Patreon you will find more information In the description below this video

We look forward to seeing you again and Your feedback on the new format see you Soon Photo stick army is a very useful Gadget That allows you to back up all your Photos in video stored on your Smartphone or computer at the touch of a Button the gadget works on all devices Computers phones tablets and operating Systems including Windows Apple Android Google and others no special software is Required to install and configure it it Searches for your device by itself and Backs up all your photos and videos and Can completely transfer them to itself Very handy especially when traveling [Music] Gadget react is not just a car charger For your phone it's the real equivalent Of a Swiss army knife only for motorists It's always on hand as a USB charger But It includes a glass breaker and sharp Knife to cut through seat belts and get Out of the car in case of an accident a 2200 M hot external battery a 140 Lumen LED flashlight a strobe red SOS signal And a long range safety horn not bad Right And this gadget is not for emergencies But for every day UV bright is a Reusable water bottle that doesn't Harbor bacteria at the touch of a button It purifies water or itself with Powerful UVC LED technology the

Manufacturers claim efficacy of up to 99.999 An added bonus the UV bright keeps water Cold for up to 12 hours [Music] The star scope will give you Vision like A superhero the compact monocular will Help you observe Birds stars and Whatever else you want but the coolest Part is that its 10x Zoom can be used as A telephoto lens for your phone and take Amazing photos Starscope's lenses are made of bak4 Multi-coated glass just like the lenses Of expensive cameras and binoculars but It's also lightweight and compact Datto users write in reviews that they Fall asleep before the end of the 8-minute cycle the gadget is designed in Collaboration with Scientists to slow Your breathing rate block overactive Thought patterns and put you into a deep Restful sleep to do this you just have To focus your attention on the rhythmic Light the brightness of which can be Adjusted the developers assure that Datto restores the brain's natural Ability to fall asleep on its own Foreign Destroy up to 99.9 percent of germs on Your toothbrush the developers say the 360 all ultraviolet sterilization Technology kills bacteria right down to The base of the bristles so you brush

With a new toothbrush every time the Gadget fits all toothbrushes and is easy To take with you on trips the device has Many counterparts on AliExpress but they Are more oversized And this gadget also promotes sleep it Works to keep your sleep almost Uninterrupted the glow bowl is a Restroom light that is motion activated And as an optional extra includes a Built-in air freshener color and Brightness can be selected Legend has it that bondic was invented By a dentist inspired by fillings which Harden quickly and become very durable Under UV light as a result a liquid Plastic welding compound was invented That is claimed to be 50 times stronger Than glue it should be applied to the Damaged area and Shine the built-in UV Light the compound will harden in four Seconds after which it can be sanded Down if necessary NASA is said to use this patented carbon Molecule technology on the ISS but Screen clean is designed for more Trivial tasks it will clean any Smartphone or laptop screen removing Rather than smearing dirt grease and Anything else the gadget has a little Brother the peeps eyewear cleaner both Are based on carbon nanotech and leave No streaks in the case of peeps the Dual Carbon microfiber cleaning has actually

Capture and removed grease in Fingerprints after cleaning they must be Stowed in a patented case that recharges Them independent lab tests have shown Effectiveness for up to 500 cleanings Which of the following gadgets would Come in handy for you write in the Comments like the video and join our on Instagram community Foreign

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