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Nitro Powered Remote Control Helicopters

Nitro engines are the number one choice among the many types of remote control helicopters. This is due to the fact that, for their size and weight, they produce a relatively high amount of power compared to the electric ones. A nitro engine is pretty tough and is also the cheapest cost choice for a toy bird that runs on fuel.

Wild Dinos Ceratosaurus Dinosaur Model Reviewed

A lithe and graceful looking model of the Late Jurassic dinosaur known as Ceratosaurus has been added to the Wild Dinos, not-to-scale model range made by Safari Ltd of the United States. This is the second Theropod dinosaur model to be added to this series in 2012, the first being a model of the much larger and later dinosaur known as Acrocanthosaurus. It is exciting to see a model of Ceratosaurus introduced into a mainstream, dinosaur model range.

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