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Imagine ruined buildings in a war zone Each of which could conceal a Potential Threat a swarm of small drones Autonomously and systematically surveys Building after building the devices are Equipped with cameras to scan the Terrain and processors with artificial Intelligence capable of distinguishing Friend from foe in real time also aboard The drones is a charge capable of Destroying the enemy fantastic no these Are drones by the Israeli company elmit Systems but they have not yet been put Into practice unlike the following in 2020 the UN documented the use of Autonomous killer drones during the Libyan Civil War according to the Organization the drones tracked down and Destroyed fleeing Libyan National army Soldiers General Khalifa hotwar with a Blast government drones crash into Trucks and dive bombed single soldiers This was the first ever U.N recorded Instance of machines destroying people Without a direct human order and this is Just one example of the use of Autonomous weapons and smart algorithms On the battlefield in this issue we will Tell you how Ai and robots are used in The armies of the world and what concept Of military forces 2030 was presented by The United States watch this to the end And subscribe to the pro robots channel To stay informed about the development

Of Advanced Technologies [Music] High tech is being actively used by the Israeli Army in 2020 Israeli Specialists Mounted an autonomous machine gun on a Pickup truck and positioned it on the Side of the road near Tehran where a Leading Iranian nuclear scientist was About to drive by as the physicist Approached Israeli Special Services Presumably using facial recognition Technology remotely ordered the machine Gun to Fire and artificial intelligence Technology helped compensate for the Satellite signal delay and recoil In the spring of 2021 the Israeli Defense Forces used Ai and Supercomputers to find Targets and Attack Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip With a swarm of autonomous drones the Israeli military is also known to use Machine learning based algorithms to Warn the military of possible enemy Attacks in addition the Israeli military Has installed an autonomous turret with Target tracking functions and remotely Piloted guns firing sponge bullets tear Gas and stun grenades on the Watchtower On the side of a refugee camp at the Hebron checkpoint Israeli company elbit systems recently Unveiled Thelonious autonomous Kamikaze Drone which is controlled by artificial Intelligence the Drone with a maximum

Takeoff weight of 1 250 grams including A payload of 150 grams arrives at its Destination on the parent drone as its Own autonomy time is only seven minutes The maneuverable and Speedy drone is Equipped with numerous sensors cameras As well as an Nvidia Jetson artificial Intelligence system designed Specifically for fast low power Interpretation of data streams the Drone Also comes with Albert's Legion X warm Control software allowing lanius to Perform autonomous missions in groups Laniest is designed to Scout Map and Mark things like open and closed windows And doors but most interestingly the Drone is trained to find people and Classify them as dangerous or not having Identified a person as an armed threat The Drone is ready to destroy it but so Far it is asking for permission from the Operator Foreign The Israeli defense Ministry plans to Begin testing the mrcv unmanned tank From the same elbit systems it's Equipped with 30 millimeter artillery Systems on an autonomous turret elbit Iron Fist active protection system Fire Control and drone flight control system That comes with it the vehicle also Carries a host of active and passive Sensors for situational awareness According to elbit the robot can operate

Autonomously in all weathers and can Integrate with unmanned Battlefield Systems Another Israeli company plazan saza Recently unveiled the Wilder ground Vehicle at the Euro story 2022 defense Show in Paris designed for military Patrols and Special Forces capable of Carrying four passengers and a payload Of 800 kilograms the Wilder is an Ultralight enclosed vehicle with a Patented suspension system an 8-speed Transmission according to their Developers the Wilder behaves off-road Like a racing buggy but the Wilder's Main feature is its electronic control System which allows the crew to leave The vehicle and control it and its Weapons remotely using the remote Control and onboard cameras it can also Operate autonomously allowing the crew To remain safe as possible But the most unusual Israeli development To date is the encapsulated autonomous Quadcopter ninox 103 UW sub to air which The company claims is the first barrage Drone that can be launched from a Submarine developed by sphere UAV the 9 Ox 103 is stored in a capsule that can Be deployed from a submarine this Capsule floats to the surface and can Wait up to 24 hours before launching the Rugged sea hardened drone the quadcopter Has a range of 10 kilometers and an

Autonomy time of 45 minutes with a Payload of one kilogram the Drone has Low acoustic thermal and visual Signatures and is it and is equipped With Electro Optical infrared sensors For reconnaissance and automatic Target Acquisition using artificial Intelligence China has a lot of developments in Autonomous vehicles and artificial Intelligence and yet we talked about the Newest of them in a detailed review of The last Chinese military exhibition Which you can see here at the link in The tip Another country actively developing Autonomous vehicles endowed with Artificial intelligence is the United States DARPA is actively testing and Preparing Blackhawk unmanned combat Helicopters for deployment modernized by Sikorsky and DARPA the helicopters Equipped with darpa's flight crew Automation systems abbreviated as Alias Which in turn includes sikorski's Matrix Autonomy technology this turns a Conventional Blackhawk helicopter into a Fully automated aircraft that performs The necessary pre-flight procedures Itself including win checks and can also Autonomously control adaptive flight Elements such as takeoff and landing in Addition the helicopter can adequately Respond to emergencies without human

Supervision the machine was recently Tested on a cargo and rescue mission Which it performed completely unattended Under the control of the Matrix system After the test the director of Sikorsky Stated that Matrix technology is ready For real implementation DARPA is also actively testing Ground-based robotic Vehicles capable of Keeping up with human drivers the racer Or robotic autonomy in complex Environments with resiliency program Involves the development of unmanned Vehicles that are about to move through Difficult rough terrain at a decent Speed and without a map there are also More interesting projects for example Project Maven was launched by the U.S Department of Defense in the spring of 2017. its goal is to use artificial Intelligence and machine learning Technologies to process the vast amount Of visual information coming from the Department's drones operating in Different parts of the world the Algorithms being developed as part of The project must decipher vast amounts Of intelligence and surveillance data According to Media reports the method is Now used by many intelligence and Operational agencies it's often referred To as algorithmic Warfare the DARPA Squad X experimentation program is aimed At designing developing and testing

Prototypes of autonomous systems Equipped with new sensors and artificial Intelligence Technologies we are talking About hardware and software systems with The required capabilities unmanned Machines will have to act on human Orders as well as independently and in All cases they will need the ability to Analyze the situation and act together Both independently and together with Live soldiers A protracted project for the U.S army With unclear prospects was an attempt to Introduce augmented reality headsets for Soldiers the project is being Implemented by Microsoft which promised The military to create an integrated Visual augmentation system based on the Hololens AR headset the company signed a Contract in 2021 under which it would Deliver 120 000 of these devices to the Military over a 10-year period costing Nearly 22 billion dollars Microsoft Provided the military with the glasses But they were disappointed in them and Shelved the project in the spring of This year the contract amount was Reduced but the first batch of 5 000 Units was still delivered to the Military however it soon became known That the soldiers were dissatisfied with The performance of the device the Problems were related to the technical Components and to the negative effects

That occur after wearing his glasses and Soldiers But if you had to choose the most Important technology in today's military Arsenal it would definitely be Communication it is communication or the Lack thereof that can very quickly turn The tide in a battle and hear an Interesting counter-interference Technology was recently presented by Boeing the event took the form of a Series of simulated exercises using the Protected tactical satcom prototype the Goal of the tech was to provide the US Military with a Jammer resistant Protected tactical waveform radio signal Details have not been disclosed but the Basic idea is that the system is able to Identify and geolocate the source of Interference transmission and then form A counter beam to suppress the Interference signal in real time by Analyzing thousands of data points per Second now as promised let's talk about The new US Army 2030 concept its key Points are first easy integration Between the different branches of the Military so they can act as one organism Second the use of advanced sensors and Long-range weapons supported by Increasingly sophisticated cyber Warfare Systems from wildly dispersed locations To combat threats the idea behind this Is to provide the potential adversary

With as vague and stealthy a Target as Possible while being able to focus Firepower at a time and place of the Field Commander's choosing this will Involve not only ground assets but also Assets based in the air at sea in orbit And in cyberspace all working together The US Army sees 2030 as a time when Virtual reality and simulations will Give soldiers experience in a variety of Environments and scenarios without any Physical risk the military the military Will rely more heavily on Smart vehicles With and without Crews for surveillance As well as robotic vehicles with more Firepower than current equivalent Systems the new weapons will include Hypersonic missiles as well as powerful Laser and microwave weapons for Short-range mobile air defenses all of This will be supported by a new Logistical Supply and support chain that Will also give preference to autonomous Vehicles It's interesting that the concept says Little about the use of artificial Intelligence although as we have seen Before there are many programs to use it And a lot of money is being poured into The development as of now so what are The prospects for artificial Intelligence on the battlefield and can It be given a complete freedom to fight On one hand artificial intelligence is

Good at decision making it greatly Improves self-regulation self-control And self-activation of combat systems AI Can be used to process big data for Threat detection making unbiased Strategic decisions based on accurate And fast analysis moreover neural Networks are already actively used in The selection of recruitment candidates As well as military training smart Algorithms customize individual training Parameters add more realism to Simulations and produce fairy valuations On the battlefield artificial Intelligence AIDS in the efficient Processing of data from various sources Helps organize proactive Logistics and Reduces danger through the use of Autonomous robots on the other hand Humans May overestimate the conclusions Drawn by artificial intelligence both About the situation on the battlefield And about military Recruitment and Training algorithms are not well adapted To changing conditions and may also be Biased in nature in doing so Prioritizing their conclusions can Introduce Discord into the ranks of the Professional military we must also Consider fact that robots cannot Understand the concept of Ethics or laws So they are not always able to Distinguish between right and wrong in Addition creativity is alien to machines

And standard Solutions do not always fit All situations However progress is Unstoppable and AI Technologies will definitely be Intensively developed in the military And there's only one fundamental Question here will machines be given the Freedom to choose when they strike what Do you think who's capable of making Better and more balanced decisions let Us know in the comments and while you're Here subscribe to the pro robots Channel And join us over on Instagram there's Plenty more coming your way Foreign

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