LEGO Ideas 21338 A-Frame Cabin Detailed Building Review

Hello unbreakme here with a detailed Build and review of The LEGO Ideas A-frame cabin set number 21338 this set Kept my brain activated more than some Of the recent Technic sets mainly due to The amount of clever building techniques Used throughout first let's start with The box which contains 2082 pieces and It shows some cool aspects of the model Let's open it up and see what's inside We get 15 numbered bags as well as the Following white envelope which contains The two instructions booklets it's Interesting that they were split in two Parts and they have an absolutely Gorgeous acrylic design fortunately this Set contains absolutely no stickers the Building process starts with the Following module which actually contains The flag of Italy which is a reference To the fan designer Andrea being Italian Next the following two L-shaped sections Are built up and they are connected onto The initial module following that a Small platform component is added which Ends up making the square Foundation Next we we just add some system bricks Expanding our creation we secure things Further with some 2×8 flat bricks and Some even more flat bricks on top on the Other side of the foundation we secure Some fence elements now we add system Bricks in the middle to reinforce the Structure and the foundation is finished

With some system plates the first bag is Complete the next stage involves Building the following pillars which Utilize a ton of the Thor's hammer Pieces both of them are securely Connected onto the fence pieces then These two plates are built up and They're connected on top of those Hammer Pillars some cheese slopes as well as Long tiles are added on top of the Foundation following that we add the Following module on the left and now Some system bricks are added forming the Beginning of the walls next some jumper Plates and other small pieces are added On the floor and on the other side we Add more system bricks which have studs On the side next a stove is added as Well as a sink then a dishwasher is Added as well as the bottom steps of the Staircase some firewood is added with The Milk Carton and a pan on the other Side we had some more decorations like Cupboards as well as a shelf containing A bunch of music discs on top of that Shelf a record player is placed and we Also add a Lego entrance mat onto the Floor we build up the following wall Module and it is connected onto the rear Of the house we also add some windows on Either side of that module following That a faucet is added to the kitchen Sink now we need to build up the front Which involves adding some decorations

Windows as well as a door following that We add four long flat modules and we Build up the front and back walls a bit More after that a chimney module is Added on the inside as well as a few More decorations now we just reinforced The two Walls by adding some long system Bricks we add some tiles and leave a few Visible studs here so that the top half Of the cabin will have the ability of Easy removal now we just add a staircase As well as a few finishing touches the Following modules are built up which are Secured onto the back side of the house We also add some black triangle in Trapezoid pieces here as well as some Light brown elements the black pieces Are covered completely by the following Light brown tiles making the rear look Absolutely gorgeous next we just add Some triangle wall modules to finish up The back and we do the same thing on the Front the front wall utilizes much of The same building techniques as the back We finish off the front wall by simply Adding a few printed wooden plank Elements as well as a butterfly on the Inside of the A-frame cabin we just add A newspaper element as well as two Couches then we build up the following Typewriter module and it is added on the Inside and a lamp is also added here now The following staircase module is built Up which looks absolutely gorgeous it

Simply connects to the front then we add Some details to the front like a bench As well as a rocking chair of course we Also need to add a fence and a butterfly Is also connected to the front now the Following three module is built up and We just add some leaves onto the Branches it simply connects onto the Foundation of the house now we have to Build the second floor which starts with The following flat module and we just Need to decorate the floor a little by Adding a map as well as some other Things next we need to build the bed Which just utilizes some basic building Techniques we need to add some smooth Pieces to make the bed look nice and Soft we just add a window to the back And we build up the front wall a little Bit as well a bookshelf is added which Appears to have a toy car as well as a Trophy above the bed we have a nice Painting and finally on top some system Bricks are added to reinforce everything And now we just need to tile off the Walls by simply adding some black system Pieces followed by a bunch of light Brown panels then a chimney is connected Here would do pretty much the same thing On the other side minus adding the Chimney of course we finished this Section with some black roof pieces and Now we can just take this module and add It directly on top of the house I love

That you can split up the floors then The following two roof modules are built Up which just Loosely go on top of the Edges of the house they don't use any Studs for attachment so you can easily Take them off now the following three Modules built up which it just connects Onto the side of the house and before we Take a closer look at this set please Make sure to subscribe and turn on Notifications for more exciting Lego Content also make sure to enter my Giveaway to win this Lego Technic Forklift by clicking the link in the Pinned comment as well as the Description of this video no pressure Though no pressure I'd like to take a Closer look at the interior which we can Do by simply entering through the front Door you will be welcome to buy a Lego Floor mat and if you turn immediately to The left you will be greeted by a Typewriter which is most likely a Reference to the ideas set the newspaper Near the typewriter talks about a donut Thief under the direct opposite side of The typewriter there is a gorgeous Kitchen with plenty of decorations that You saw in the building process there is Also a music room here with a crystal From Lego Power Miners which is one of My favorite themes ever on the right Side of the staircase there is a candle As well as a clock and a plant let's go

Up the staircase the second floor has a Bed Why did I play this sound effect right After I mentioned the bed if you know Let me know in the comments the painting Above the bed is actually a reference to The rejected Lego idea Santa's Cottage There are also binoculars on the bed and To the side of the bed there is a camera Which looks a lot like the one I'm Currently using to film this video Directly across the bed there is a Beautiful plant as well as a wooden Shelf which is very cool above the Reinforcing system brick beam there is Actually a spider which goes to show That the level of detailing in this set Is absolutely impeccable let's take a Look at the exterior of the house there Is a rocking chair here which actually Uses some whip pieces it is a very Creative building technique on the other Side we also get a bench with a lantern As well as a cup I absolutely love this Birdhouse here since it uses a one by One Technic brick as a massive Technic Fan I greatly appreciate this the Detailing at the front is pretty spot on Featuring a nice combination of tiles And studded elements as well as actual Depth between the planks it may makes This A-frame cabin look old and rustic Which is awesome the sides of the house Are essentially just angled roof panels

And they are pretty basic there isn't Much going on here and the windows are Pretty nice the back of the house is Actually pretty interesting it features A long chimney as well as some Necessities I'm not entirely sure what These are but I believe that the Cylindrical piece is an air conditioner While the white green and red module is Possibly a water heater however I am Just taking a wild guess here as to what These are there is also a shovel here And I'm not sure what the rest of these Things are now let's take a look at the Front left section of the house which Features some firewood storage as well As a barrel storing some tools this Section also features a gorgeous tree And there is actually a very cute little Bluebird on top which adds some extra Life now let's take a look at the other Tree module which actually has two of Them the first one is a yellow tree While the other one is a green tree the Autumn color scheme is beautiful and was Thought out quite well though Unfortunately these trees are much Simpler than the ones in the original Fan submission the tree platform itself Is gorgeous and it's full of life I love The Little River here with a beaver in Fact it almost looks like a water spring Which is amazing the tree platform has a Boat which you can take off under the

Boat there are some life jackets and on The side there is a barrel with some Oars the boat itself is just a single Plastic piece but it looks pretty good Here's the assortment of Minifigures Provided in this set they don't have Much special about them but I do like That two of them have dual molded legs Each of them comes with an alternate Face which is pretty cool this brings me To the final question should you buy This set I'm a technic fan Above All Else system sets usually don't excite me However this cabin proved to me that System sets have plenty of value in Aesthetics it's impossible to make a Technic set as detailed as this cabin And even though this set lacks any Moving functions or mechanisms my brain Was still very active during the Building process it is not a bore said By any means and from the perspective of A technic fan I think that you should Absolutely buy this set it's so Different from what I normally build and It's an amazing display piece it retails For 180 which seems expensive but it Does have well over 2 000 pieces and the Set itself is pretty big which means That it has a reasonable price in my Opinion making this video brought me Back a lot of memories it's as if I was Back in 2019 again making nothing but Lego system reviews this is your

Unbricked me here and I'll see you in The next one

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