LEGO Ideas Tales of the Space Age Reviewed! 21340

LEGO Ideas is back with another exciting addition to their collection – Tales of the Space Age! The highly anticipated 21340 set is finally here, and we’re eager to share our review with you. As fans of all things space-related, we had high expectations for this LEGO Ideas set. From the packaging to the intricate details of each piece, we can confidently say that this set did not disappoint. Join us as we explore the Tales of the Space Age and dive into the features that make this set a must-have for any LEGO enthusiast or space lover.


LEGO enthusiasts are always on the lookout for new sets to add to their collection. This time around, we are reviewing LEGO set number 21340, Tales of the Space Age. This set is based on the LEGO Ideas project by AlienCat and focuses on space exploration. The theme is a retro-futuristic vision of space travel, complete with rockets, planets and unique figures.

In this review, we’ll delve deeper into the building process, the set’s features, and whether it’s worth its $50 price tag. So, let’s put on our helmets, strap in our seat belts and launch ourselves into the world of the Tales of the Space Age LEGO set.

Building Process:

The LEGO set comes with eight numbered bags and five instruction booklets. The building process is fun and straightforward, requiring no advanced skills other than stacking bricks, forming stripes, and adding pillars with Technic pins. Each bag contains specific parts that are used to build a specific section of the set, so there is no confusion.

The building process is smooth, and the instructions are clear, allowing builders to enjoy the journey of putting the set together. It’s a great experience for both beginners and experienced builders.


The Tales of the Space Age set comes with four customizable postcards that can be attached to walls using a new Technic piece. The green postcard with the Polish flag, the pink postcard with an articulated main comment and a black hole, and two more customizable postcards with stars and smoke trails make the set more exciting and personal.

The set can also be connected using Technic pins, which means builders can combine multiple sets and create their space station. It’s an excellent feature as it allows for more creativity and flexibility in building, making it a fun activity for kids and adults alike.


The LEGO set retails for fifty dollars, making it an affordable purchase for most LEGO enthusiasts. Considering the intricate details, unique features, and multiple customizable components, the price tag is well worth it.

The set also includes five instruction booklets, making it a great value for money, as the booklets can stand alone as guides for other LEGO creations.


Overall, the Tales of the Space Age LEGO set is an excellent purchase for space and LEGO enthusiasts alike. It’s easy to build, comes with exciting features, and is affordable. Connecting it to other sets using Technic pins makes it even more exciting as you can build your space station. In conclusion, I would highly recommend the Tales of the Space Age LEGO set to anyone who enjoys building unique and exciting LEGO sets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Does this LEGO set come with lighting kits?
    No, the set doesn’t come with lighting kits. However, you can add them separately.

  2. Can you combine this set with other LEGO sets?
    Yes, the set can be connected using Technic pins, and it’s compatible with other sets.

  3. What’s the age requirement for building this set?
    The recommended age for building this set is 12 years and up.

  4. How many pieces are in this set?
    The set comes with 689 pieces.

  5. Is the set worth its price tag?
    Yes, the set is worth its price tag, as it’s a unique set with many features and components.

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