LEGO Technic 1:16 Scale Supercar Comparison

Let's compare these three fifty dollar Supercars which are all part of the same Series the first one was released in 2019 which is the Chevrolet Corvette the Next one is the McLaren Sena GTR of 2021 And finally you have the Bugatti bow Lead of 2023. in this comparison we will Be looking at the functionality Aesthetics as well as the value of each Of these cars first let's start with the Functionality of each set here we have The Lego Technic Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Set number 40093 functionally this is Easily the most underrated car out of The three it is the only one that has a Differential which means that it has the Most advanced drivetrain furthermore the Motion of the differential actually Passes through the blue 20 tooth clutch Gear and the blue gear is responsible For the steering mechanism the steering Knob is located at the back which means That it doesn't take away from the Aesthetics it truly contains some of the Most fascinating mechanisms out of the Three cars speaking of the mechanisms Let's take a look at V8 engine it is Located at the front and it works Absolutely beautifully although the Pistons are quite short the Chevrolet Corvette also lacks any openable doors But its mechanisms certainly make up for That the McLaren Sena GTR is largely a Downgrade in terms of functionality

Although it does have these beautifully Opening butterfly doors it got rid of The differential which means that only One of these wheels is actually Connected to the V8 engine instead of Both the V8 engine itself is more hidden Than in the Chevrolet Corvette but it Does have more travel for each piston Which makes it much more satisfying to Look at of course this car does have Hand of God steering and it has a Removable steering knob which is great For displaying the model unlike the Corvette this car is much more densely Built so there is almost no empty space Inside now let's talk about the Functionality of the Bugatti bow lead The single greatest aspect of the scar Is easily the w16 engine I didn't even Know that it was possible to fit a w16 Engine in such a tiny space it looks so Satisfying and it even sounds like a Real engine take a listen While it does have the best engine of All the cars it did come with several Key compromises for example in terms of The drivetrain this car was downgraded From the already differential lacking McLaren having a single solid rear axle Connected to the engine when a car turns The inner and outer Wheels rotate at Different speeds therefore it is Essential that the wheels don't have Locked speeds a solid axle like in this

Set keeps the outer and inner Wheels Rotating at the same speed which means That as you are playing with the set the Rear wheels don't maintain consistent Traction and you can hear them slipping It's not a major issue given that it's a Fully manual model but it's definitely Something a bit unpleasant of course This car does have hand of God steering And much like under the McLaren the Steering knob is also removable it also Does have similar butterfly doors so Which car gets the point for Functionality since the McLaren lacks a Differential and it only has a V8 engine As opposed to a w16 I think that we can Safely eliminate the blue car so now It's a toss-up between either the Chevrolet Corvette or the Bugatti bow Lead we can choose between either the Differential and the compact gears or The amazing w16 engine it's a really Hard decision but I will go with the Bugatti bow lead I cannot stop staring At that beauty the engine is so Satisfying and it's certainly way more Fun to look at the functioning engine Rather than a differential of course the Chevrolet Corvette does have a more Accurate drivetrain so perhaps I chose The wrong car for functionality let me Know in the comments if you are enjoying Comparisons like this and you would like To get my comparison of the Porsche rsr

The Ferrari 488 GTE as well as the new Ford GT then make sure to subscribe and Turn on notifications as always there is No pressure for you to subscribe and There is no pressure in the pneumatic Cylinders now let's focus on the Aesthetics of course I think we can all Agree that the Chevrolet Corvette is the Worst looking one so let's toss it out For the comparison now it's between the Bugatti Bowl lead as well as the McLaren Sena GTR I think that both cars look Absolutely beautiful but first let's Start with the McLaren it's got a lot of Amazing shaping and I especially love These printed panels at the front I Think that the McLaren looks better from The front than the Bugatti but at the Same time the bullied looks a billion Times better from the back than the McLaren so it's a toss-up I do think That from the sides the Bugatti looks a Lot better than the McLaren it just has A more powerful feeling of course the Bugatti Bowl lead actually got a ton of Brand new panels for the shaping these Can be used to build larger supercars With greater detail the McLaren did not Get many new pieces specifically Developed for it I think that the bolid Wins the Aesthetics category and the Black and yellow color scheme is my Favorite which is another reason why I Chose this car but what about the value

Of these three cars all of them retailed For 50 dollars and the Chevrolet McLaren And Bugatti contained 579 830 and 905 Pieces respectively purely based on the Price departure you you might say that The Bugatti Bowl lead has the best value But I would like to think of it Differently here's how I look at these Cars you're getting the best mechanisms At the cost of a lot of pieces with the Corvette you're getting more pieces and Better Aesthetics with the McLaren at The cost of the mechanisms and finally With the Bugatti bow lead you're getting The most amount of pieces and the best Engine at the cost of the drivetrain now The decision to pick the car with the Best value becomes a lot more difficult Personally in Technic stats I value Mechanisms above all else to me the Extra amount of pieces is meaningless Especially since it doesn't actually Increase the size of the model but just Makes it denser it's just a bunch of Small panels and tiny pieces that I'll Never end up using in my own Creations Anyway what I need are things like Differentials gears and more so even Though it's an unpopular opinion and one You have probably never expected I will Put the Chevrolet Corvette as the set With the best value the overall ranking For all of the cars is as follows the Bugatti bully is on the top followed by

The Chevrolet Corvette and in the last Place we have the McLaren Santa GTR Although this ranking is probably not What you expected I think that it is a Good representation of the best to the Worst remember Lego Technic is all about The mechanisms not the Aesthetics where The Chevrolet Corvette lags in Aesthetics is made up for by its Mechanisms if you don't have the Chevrolet Corvette I strongly recommend Getting it furthermore if you still Don't have the Bugatti bow lead then Make sure to buy it using my special Link in the pinned comment as well as The description of this video this set Will not disappoint you this is your Unbricking here and I'll see you in the Next one

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