LEGO Technic Dump Truck 42147 LEAKED! No Gearbox?!

Hello unbreakme here and the Lego Technic dump truck set number 4127 has Finally been officially revealed by The Lego company this set will cost you only Ten dollars and for that you're getting 177 pieces this is such a phenomenal Deal and I love the way the set looks Take a look at the license plate it says Km4147 I assume km stands for Cosman Marcus who is actually the single Greatest Lego Technic designer of all Time responsible for sets like the cat D11 bulldozer so it's great that we're Able to see his work perfected in such a Tiny set take a look at the doors over Here they seem to be smaller versions of The following panels since they're Connected using just one pin instead of Two I also just love the use of these Upside down system pieces for the Defenders I always appreciate it Whenever we see system pieces used Creatively in Lego Technic sets of Course we are also getting a dumping Function with the set which is great Because it provides a lot of play value For only ten dollars most of the pieces Used in this set are already existing One ones so I think you can replicate it Pretty easily just using your own Technic collection honestly I would love To see a hundred dollar maybe 200 Version of this exact car imagine we Could get so many cool different

Mechanisms uh a motor battery box Gearbox and all of these functions would Be perfected so well in a larger set I Really hope that we do get that at some Point in the future I think that Lego Technic designer Marcus Cosman did a Fantastic job with this set it looks Great it's affordable lots of cool Functions and overall it's just a Legendary set also tomorrow I'll have More high quality images of all of the Winter Lego Technic 2023 sets so be sure To subscribe to my channel so that you Don't miss out on those images I would Also like to give a huge massive shout Out to Lego Teen Builder on Instagram For letting me know about this image Thank you very much and also another Shout out to BPS films official for Actually posting this image on Instagram Thank you so much this is Iran Brickman Here and I'll see in the next one

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