LEGO Technic Ford GT 42154 Detailed Build & Review

Is the Lego Technic Ford GT set number 4154 really worth 120 dollars let's find Out this car is absolutely beautiful and Actually has a surprising amount of Functionality but first let's start with The box I managed to buy the set from Walmart so this time it is not a set Provided by Lego let's open it up and See what's inside we get five numbered Bags the following wheel discs and tires The following frames two of which are The relatively new 3×19 ones this set Brings back the clear engine pieces once Again which were also seen in the Batmobile and we do get the black shock Absorbers which are simply recolored Versions and are not different in their Stiffness we also have the sticker sheet As well as the awesome instruction Booklet here is the complete parts list For this set the building process starts With the following differential module Which will be used to connect the rear Wheels to the engine speaking of the Engine we do build up the clear V6 Beauty next and it simply attaches into The previous module we add a small beam Structure to reinforce it some more Beams are added to the sides as well as The front another beam structure is Secured and now we build up the Following 90 degree gear setup which Will be used for the steering the shock Absorbers are attached giving us fully

Independent suspension the large frame Secures everything on the bottom Reinforcing the reader structure next we Attach this little movable part which Will be later connected to the spoiler And then an axle is put through the Chassis so you can control the spoiler From the cabin the following cylindrical Piece is attached which is actually a Glow-in-the-dark element the first stage Is complete the next bag Begins by Building up the front section using a Small frame and some beams then this Little H module with the gear is Connected onto the structure and then Some shock absorber modules are built up Which are attached to the structure here We have the small axle units and they Are attached to the sides we add a gear Rack on top and the gear rack is Connected with some Technic linkers to The axles so that they can steer a gear Is added on top of the rack and now you Can clearly see how this mechanism works The following beam structures are built Up and they simply attach onto the sides And now a sort of marriage happens Between the front and rear sections of The chassis next this shrimpy little Module is built up and it is connected To the chassis it becomes the lever for The spoiler some beams are attached to The front as well as things that allow The door connections this section uses a

Flexible axle piece and it attaches to The dashboard of the car and then we add Some more decorative things to make it Really beautiful and the steering wheel Is connected with a pin two seats are Built up which are secured onto the car Finally the chassis is reinforced with The 3×19 frames the second stage is Complete we start with some tiny ones on Either side the following panel roof Module is constructed and it's simply Connected right over here some tiny Panels are added to the front of it and We add a beam to the back some sticks Are attached on either side to build up The frame of the car the rear panel Module is constructed and it attaches Just like so we need to add something to The bottom so this part is attached to The rear next we take a system brick Part and it's connected to the back then These beautiful panel sections are Connected to the sides some more Beautiful panel modules are constructed And first the big ones attach to the Sides then the small ones go on top of The side modules creating absolutely Gorgeous and incredible shaping then we Build up the spoiler and we simply Attach it to the moving mechanism some Tiny modules are connected to the front Of the car followed by some fenders then The headlights module is built up and it Is connected to the car another curved

Panel is connected to the bottom of the Front and then we attach an openable Section to the hood some more modules Are added to finish off the sides and Then the following section is connected On top of the engine then some small L-shaped have beams are added on either Side following that the doors are built Up which are attached right over here And they are also secured with some Technic linkers to the L have beams we Can connected earlier the wheels are Added and before we look at the Functions of the car make sure to Subscribe to get my reviews of all of The March Technic sets no pressure Though no pressure my favorite function Of this car is easily the clear V6 Engine it looks absolutely incredible And in my opinion clear engine pieces Should be used in every single Lego Technic set that would normally use the Gray engine blocks it is so satisfying To watch and I could look at it all day Next we have hand of God steering the Turning angle of the front wheels is Pretty decent and of course the 12th Tooth steering gear is removable and I Do wish that instead we had a 22th gear Since that one is larger and much more Comfortable to use in order to access The interior of the car we need to open These beautiful doors this is easily one Of the best mechanisms of opening doors

In modern Technic cars of this scale the Setup is not connected to the actual Steering wheel inside of the cabin Speaking of things inside the cabin on The other side we will find the lever Which is connected to the rear spoiler The way employees is absolutely Phenomenal and I greatly appreciate that Such a function was implemented in a Pretty compact car the way it works is That on the bottom of the chassis there Is a long axle that connects the lever To the rear wing by the way that glow in The dark piece that we saw in the Building process is barely visible and It doesn't represent anything meaningful In the car however it's still always Nice to get such pieces even if they're Useless in the actual build furthermore This car does actually feature a fully Independent suspension on all four Wheels which is very nice and I do Believe that the rear wheels have Slightly More Travel than the front ones Also the front hood is openable Revealing the steering mechanism I love Being able to see the internal Mechanisms so I greatly appreciate this Functionality in terms of the Aesthetics I think that this car is absolutely Beautiful it captures all the details Nearly perfectly of its real-life Counterpart the shaping from all the Angles is pretty much perfect it's

Important to note that the shape of this Car is actually much smaller than either The Porsche rsr or the Ferrar 488 GTE Honestly this is actually a good thing Since it reduces the price while at the Same time this car actually got more Functionality so what are the pros and Cons of this car for the pros we have The phenomenal Aesthetics the good Functionality and also the great value For 120 dollars you get a great blend of Looks and features and the Deployable Spoiler is just an amazing thing does This car have any cons first of all it Does not have a gearbox the real car Uses a 7-speed dual clutch automatic Transmission I'm not saying we need to Get anything crazy like that but I would Have liked to see a very basic two-speed Transmission it would not take up much Space in the car I still wish that Lego Attacking cars were more like the 2011 Supercar not focusing so much on the Aesthetics but bringing impeccable Functionality the 8070 Supercar had a Four function distribution gearbox as Well as power functions I think that in The future we should get more cars like That with more functionality at the Expense of the Aesthetics will you be Buying the Lego Technic 4GT please let Me know in the comments make sure to Stay tuned for my reviews of the March Sets this is your unbricking here and

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