LEGO Technic Forklift 2023 Detailed Build & Review

Hello unbreakme here with a look at the Lego Technic forklift with palette set Number 30655 although it is an Absolutely tiny set it is extremely fun To play with but first let's start with The poly bag itself the back of the poly Bag just contains some words in Different languages and nothing special Let's open it up and see what's inside We get 78 amazing pieces as well as the Building instructions which are printed On a single sheet of paper the building Process begins with the following curved Triangle piece as well as an a tooth Gear connected to some half beams next We build up the following worm gear Module with a system cone then the worm Gear setup is connected onto the initial Build and then we secure things further With another modified lift arm the Mechanism looks great so far next we Need to build the following beam Structure with a pair of wheels and it Simply connects onto the rest of the Build in order to secure it further we Need to put an axle through the build With some two stud long have beams on Either side next two nine hole beams are Added which will act as the masts for The fork itself the following front Wheel module is built up and it is Connected onto the forklift after we do The same thing on the other side it can Finally roll on all four wheels next we

Need to build the fork module which Simply slides on top of the two masts The fork is connected to the eight tooth Mechanism using a small two-stud axle we Put the pallet on top of the fork and we Can finally take a look at all of its Functions before that though I'd like You to enter my giveaway to win this Exact forklift set signed by me you need To click on the link in the pinned Comment or the description of this video Then simply enter a good joke about Lego Technic the funniest one will win as you Can see I put classic Spaceman onto the Platform these Minifigures are not Included in this set and I put them There just for fun the lifting function Itself Works beautifully and seamlessly Let's take a closer look at the Mechanism itself as you can see the worm Gear simply rotates the A2 gear which Turns the have been modules these are Connected to a three-stud beam which Then connects to the fork it is a very Simple mechanism but it works very well And I'm quite impressed how effective it Is at such a small scale I really enjoy Small sets that pack a lot of moving Functions into them honestly this is Probably the most complex Technic Polybag that we have gotten so far I Love how despite being so small it is Exceptionally fun to play with in my Opinion it is certainly much better than

Any of the Technic pullback sets is the Set really worth the money well it's not Sold in the official Lego store so we Must look at the price on places like EBay you can get it for anywhere between Five and ten dollars which makes its Polybag a pretty good deal aesthetically It looks great and I appreciate SAS that Don't use any panels for detailing it Makes them look more truly Technic in my Opinion unfortunately I have never seen It sold in any large retail stores like Walmart or Target so you'll have to buy It from resellers located outside of the USA make sure to subscribe in order to Get more reviews of the 2023 Lego Technic sets this is your Unbreak me Here and I'll see you in the next one

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