LEGO Technic Monster Jam Mutt Dalmation 42150 & Dragon 42149 Combo Review! These are INDESTRUCTIBLE!

Hello unbreakme here with a look at the Lego Technic Monster Jam mud Dalmatian As well as the dragon in this review we Will cover the building process of both Cars as well as the functions and Aesthetics of both of these sets first Let's start with the Monster Jam mod Dalmatian the box shows the B model of This set let's open up the box and see What's inside we get three unnumbered Bags the awesome instructions as well as The sticker sheet the tires are Unfortunately not the new Jeep Wrangler Ones but rather the older classic ones The building process begins with the Following lift arm structure and we just Need to connect the pullback motor here We secure it with a few more beams next We need to flip the chassis and on the Back of the mower we just add the dog Tail following that we expand the Chassis forward and secure a few beams Here we reinforce the structure further And we can begin building up the top Portion the stickers on the panels here Look very nice and now we can add the Monster mod logo here on the back which Is just a circular piece now we can add The doors as well as the muzzle follow Doing that we just add two axles the top Part is built up with more panels and we Can finally add the wheels as you can See it works beautifully now let's build The Lego Technic Monster Jam Dragon the

Box looks beautiful and the back shows The B model by the way my reviews of the B models of the pullback sets are coming As soon as possible so make sure to Subscribe so that you can be the first One to experience those reviews of Course what's included in this set is Very similar to the dog one the building Process is not that much different we Start in pretty much the same way with a Small lift arm structure as well as a Motor next we have to elongate the Chassis add a reinforcement in the Middle and secure it on the other side Following that we add the axles which is Surprising since they are usually added Towards the end on the motor we attach a Few beams going up and on the front we Secure the bumper after that we can work On the top half of the chassis by Securing it with some more beams now Some green stuff is finally added we Take the following panels with stickers And they are Simply Connected To rep Present the doors here comes the fun Part look at these flexible tubes they Are added as fake shock absorbers this Car does not actually have suspension And they are there purely for decoration We just add a few more panel decorations Here and now we can add the spikes they Use the newer red friction pins rather Than the older frictionless ones which Means that unlike the Monster Jam XD

This will not look like an electrocuted Hedgehog finally we add the red spines a Few more panels on the back attach the Wheels and it's finally ready to be Played with erasing these two pullbacks Together is always a blast if you buy Both of these it's only forty dollars Which is less than the Bugatti Bowl lead While providing you with a better Playing experience since you can race With a friend I am also glad that this Car is extremely durable I can drop it From around 5 feet or even higher and This side will not lose a single piece It's unbelievable and the tires do a Great job of absorbing the shock Furthermore even if the scar goes off The edge and tumbles it'll flip around But still not lose even a single piece I'm very impressed with the durability Of this car I also love the ability to Ram these cars into each other it's Always fun testing the limits of their Durability I also like how you're able To adjust these red spines here at the Back you can make the car look pretty Weird if you wanted to also here's a Quick demonstration of the pullback Feature all you gotta do is just wind up These cars and then when you release Them the rear pair of Wheels spins Honestly this car looks beautiful from All sides it captures all of the details Impeccably my main complaint with the

Set is that it does not use the Jeep Wrangler tires and neither does the Monster Jam mud Dalmatian speaking of The mud Dalmatian let's look at that one More closely much like the dragon it is Also very durable and is able to do many Of the same things I love how the ears Can flap since it makes the car much Cuter on top of that because the tail is Made of a flexible piece it can wag a Little now I would like to do something Fun I want to measure the distance that The Monster Jam can travel on a flat Surface the distance is roughly 266 Inches or 676 centimeters which is Pretty good the Aesthetics of the Lego Technic Monster Jam mud Dalmatian set Number 42150 are Beyond incredible I Feel that this car captures its real Life counterpart perfectly and is just The ideal combination of a car and a dog I feel that these Monster Jam sets will Not disappoint you if you have already Been satisfied with the previous ones However these cars do not provide any Real upgrades over the previous ones I Just wish that we got at least something Special with these cars perhaps the Augmented reality app which was made for The pullback Ford Mustang as well as the Pullback Porsche could be made to work With the dragon or the mud Dalmatian I Feel like that would greatly expand the Playing experience of these pullback

Cars and the app is not even required to Use for the cars rather it's just a Bonus so it'll never face the same Controversy that control plus did which Of these pullback cards do you prefer Please let me know in the comments this Is your unbreakme here and I'll see you In the next one

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