LEGO Technic Summer 2023 Sets Unveiled! NASA Perseverance 42158 & John Deere 948L-II Skidder 42157

The Lego Technic NASA Mars Rover Perseverance as well as the John Deere 948 L2 skidder have finally been Officially revealed I am here to tell You all about these new sets and there Is also a third secret set I haven't Told you about so make sure to watch to The end to find out what it is let's Start with the most exciting one which Is the perseverance Rover set number 42158 the major upside of this set is That we're getting some brand new white Turntable elements this is absolutely Incredible furthermore there does appear To be quite a complex steering setup With these four tooth gears perhaps Turning the main camera ahead will Result in the wheel steering this will Be a mechanism that truly takes your Breath away of course we also do have The drill here which has a ton of Gears I'm also curious about the brand new Wheel pieces and what kind of custom Mocks will be possible to make out of Them I really hope that we get a Distribution gearbox in this set perhaps Just using one input we could control Both their camera as well as the drill However realistically that's highly Unlikely this set reminds me a lot of The Technic space shuttle we got back in 1996 and that's actually the only other Space that we have received in the Technic lineup and I certainly hope that

We get a lot more in the future also Back in 2021 I said this exact thing Just imagine if we got a Lego Technic Version of the Mars perseverance Rover That would be epic so perhaps Lego Actually saw my video thought it was a Good idea and decided to proceed with it We are getting this at two years after My video which lines up with their Normal development cycle this set Contains the 1132 pieces and it'll Retail for 95 which is actually a great Price especially considering that we are Getting those brand new wheels and it Even works together with the Lego Technic augmented reality app this will Allow you to actually feel as if you're The one commanding the smartest Mission That's absolutely awesome and I also Loved the augmented reality the app that We got last year in the pullbacks so It's awesome to see it once again and if You would like to be the first one to Know about brand new Technic news then Make sure to subscribe and turn on Notifications no pressure though no Pressure here we have the John Deere 948 L2 skidder set number 42157 this Forest Machine looks like an absolute beast and It actually comes with pneumatics this Is an awesome successor to the 2018 Version and it comes with that new Ferrari Daytona differential which is Incredible that differential really

Makes the set feel like a heavy duty Machine the claw pieces will provide you With a lot of possibilities for Custom Creations and you can make monstrous Looking things with those pieces Hopefully unlike all of the previous Pneumatic sets that we got in the Powered up ERA this will actually be Motor upgradable most of the pneumatic Sets we got in the power functions era Could be upgraded to have an electric Motor with a Pneumatic compressor it's a Real shame that most likely the this set Will not come with motor upgradeability It is absolutely essential for Lego to Release a powered up accessory box so That pneumatic sets like this will have The possibility to be upgraded with a Motor it appears that there is no Suspension in the set although from the Limited amount of images that we have Available it is very hard to tell of Course this set does have hand of God Steering but that is not surprising Since it's a standard function of Technic it comes with 1492 pieces and It'll retail for 190 dollars which to be Honest seems quite overpriced I hope That this set has some great Functionality to make up for that high Price tag finally I can tell you about The third set but first I just have to Ask you one question Well what color is your Bugatti that's

Right we are actually getting a blue Version of the Bugatti valid that was Released on January 1st this is set Number 42162 and it comes with the same Amount of pieces as the Yellow Version Same price everything you just have Color options and I think that is Absolutely incredible we should Definitely get more color options Perhaps we could get a golden version of That 2018 Bugatti Supercar which set are You most excited for please let me know In the comments all of these sets will Release on August 1st this is the Lego Technic summer 2023 wave of sets this is Your Unbreak me here and I'll see you in The next one

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